Allure of the Seas Review Ch 12

The Allure of the Seas arrives to  Falmouth Jamaica Day 4

Ok friends, lets see Jamaica. I need to mention some background here so you know why we decided not to do any excursions there. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but Jamaica is on of the most homophobic countries in the western hemisphere. There is a large amount of violence against homosexuals, that ranges from verbal to even homicide. Feel free do to a google search if you want more information on this.

I did not experience any aggression towards me at all, inside or outside the complex, I am pretty straight acting. On the other hand my bf said he was called a few homophobic terms more than once within the boundaries of the RCCL compound and followed around by some of the locals. I don’t want to say he is feminine, but I guess he is more noticeably gay than I am. I actually did not wanted him to get off on that port, but he had other plans.

The second reason we decide to stay near port was because I had zero intentions on being inside a bus for over an hour to get to the desired destination. Falmouth is located far away from the most interesting things to do in Jamaica.

It puzzles me why RCCL decided to build a port for their two flagships in Falmouth, Jamaica. The town is poor beyond your imagination and well for us in particular you could say it is dangerous. So we decided to play it safe and just stay near port. Like I said I did however exit the compound and ventured into town, I will post on that later.

Ironically we woke up that day to the news that Obama had won the elections, and two more states had passed gay marriage  life is funny sometimes.

This is probably the only time during my review that I will mention anything about this topic, but I just felt the need to share this with other fellow gay travelers thinking of visiting Jamaica. That’s all and nothing more, please don’t think too much of it. I hope I did not offend anyone with anything said in this post.

All that said Mom and I were ready to have a BLAST. Hey, we where in the Caribbean, on vacation, in the WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE (yes, by two inches over the Oasis  lol) and with near perfect weather . I also found out that some of my best pictures were taken that day, you are in for a treat!. Jamaica has some of the most amazing wood carvers in the WORLD.

We woke up a little late that day, I think around 9:00am we were in no rush to nothing in particular so we decided to sleep a little more than usual. As soon as we woke up I placed the order for breakfast on the TV and received the call confirming the order. As you should know by now, mom and I headed to the balcony to check her email, update my Facebook and listen to some music. You could already see land ahead, but somewhat far away. So we just sat there and enjoy the view of the land coming closer to us by the minute as the Allure of the Seas sailed to shore.

One of my plans today was do some rock climbing and ice skating, unfortunately I woke up with very limited neck movement. I guess that last fall on the flow rider the day before really did more damage than I thought. I thought it was a good thing that I had my appointment in the spa that morning, maybe it would help my neck mussels relax a little. In the end I never got to try those two activities, I guess it is something to add to my to do list for next Allure of the Seas cruise.

While we were there talking I mentioned to my mom how nice and convenient that night light in the bathroom is for me. I tend to wake up at night to go to the bathroom and being able to see with out waking up that much was a big plus for me, I love it. It was almost like the little window I have at home in my bathroom, a very nice touch.

Mom also noticed something very interesting, the ocean was quite dirty, and by dirty I don’t mean dark. It just had a lot of debris here and there. I am not sure if it was from Hurricane sandy, but that had been over a week and a half before. But it could of been, in any case the ocean was not precisely that nice.

By then we had used $50 of our $150 of internet allowance, they keep track by $$$ and not by minutes. We were doing good with our daily internet allowance. And the overall speed of the internet was not as bad as some people described it in the past. It is between dialup and a slow DSL, not bad.

These pictures are of the pilot being dropped off on the Allure of the Seas.

falmouth jamaica falmouth jamaica falmouth jamaica falmouth jamaica

There was a lot of construction going on right in front of the balcony, it was very loud and made our morning somewhat hectic. The construction went on until the Allure of the Seas left late at night. You can see it all the way to the right.
falmouth jamaica

Then our breakfast arrived, let me stop here for a minute and talk about the eggs. You can see to the right the real eggs and to the left some kind of synthetic eggs (healthy I guess), those things were absolutely horrible, I don’t even know how to described them. My bf ordered them more than once, but to eat them he mixed a bunch of stuff in them, I tried them once and never again.

They look as bad as they taste. Everything else was tasty 

Allure of the Seas breakfast

After breakfast I went to get ready for my spa treatment, I was a nervous wreck. Like I stated before this was my first time and I don’t feel comfortable in spas. I actually felt like canceling, but then went back to my initial thought. It is FREE, just do it you big wuzz.

Before I left the room mom noticed all the balcony doors were opened, we wondered why. If you are asking yourself why did mom left the balcony in the first place while I got ready, well the construction noise drove her our of there.

She was going to wait for me in the room, she said she might visit the aft balcony for a little while and people watch. I believe that is exactly what she did.

Well it was time, I left the room, it was the first time that I roamed the Allure of the Seas for more than a minute alone. It felt a little odd, maybe it was because I was so nervous. Once I got there I told the staff my room number and presented my coupon, they directed me downstairs. The spa was very nice and relaxing, but it lacked the view of the ocean and I really missed it. They should really consider this for their sunshine project, I think NCL is doing a great ocean view spa in the Breakaway/getaway ships.

Once downstairs I met my facial specialist, his name was Hammad Khan he was very passionate about skin. I had a few barriers up so it took me sometime to relax, he then directed me to a waiting room, it was very nice. He gave me a form to fill and told me he would be back in a minute. I filled the form and took a few pictures with my phone. These are the only pictures that I took of the Allure of the Seas spa, I did not have my main camera with me.

Allure of the Seas Spa

Allure of the Seas Spa Allure of the Seas Spa Allure of the Seas Spa Allure of the Seas Spa

He quickly returned to the waiting room and asked me if I was ready. I said yes and followed him into his working area. Once there I noticed that he was a very nice guy and I started to relax a little while we talked. He asked questions and gave me some recommendations, had I not been a nervous wreck I probably would of remembered one of the many things he said. Like I said before, he was very passionate about this, Oh I forgot, I am almost sure he was from Pakistan, nice guy.

Anyway, he offered me water and asked me to take my shirt and necklace off, he offers to help, but my with stubbornness I said “no, thank you, I got it”. Then I laid in the bed and he covered my chest with a blanket, he also put a roller pillow under my legs so I would be more comfortable. By then I was really starting to relax. He then proceeded to analyze my skin, his comments were that a few lines, not much, some blackheads around the nose and well my black bags under the eyes… He then offered me a better suited package for males, I said not thank you. he nicely said ok.

Then he got started, oh my my my, I WAS IN HEAVEN. The exact nature of the process is unclear in my mind, I was sooooooo relaxed and enjoying it that for once in the trip I was not taking mental notes of it. He applied many products, rubbed my face many time and in many different manners and he also rubbed my neck and necklace area. He stepped out for a minute during some time of the facial, to let a cream sit on my face, that product did have a small stinging/burning sensation on my skin. But it was fairly fast, the entire process lasted about 45 minutes I think, can’t recall. Oh during the process, he also offered an additional bag correcting process, but I politely declined.

Once he was done, we talked a little and he asked me how it was. I told him that my first experience had been absolutely AMAZING. I asked him for his name, wrote it down and tipped him. I gave him much more than you should, because I figured I did not pay for it anyway, so I can splurge a little there. He was great and he deserved every dollar of it. He asked me if I wanted some advice on what products to buy, I told him “no thank you” and then he walked me upstairs, thank God he walked me out, because I was in a state of relaxation that I can only relate to being in a deep sleep. On my way to the room I actually got off on the wrong floor, that was funny and silly of me, gigidy, giggly gu.

Overall it was amazing!!!!!!! What were the results? I don’t know, I mean someone at work told me I looked I refreshed. I think I looked better, my bf is a little bit of a pessimist and his opinion was that all they did was dry out my skin. I actually think they did the opposite, but who knows, all that matters is that I enjoyed it very much.

On the way to my room I notice the film crew taking all the cameras out of the stateroom and that stateroom looked packed with equipment, I hope no one was sleeping there. There was barely any space to walk in and out.

Once I got to the room mom told me that the reason they opened all the balcony door was so Gilbert could clean them. She got PICTURES of it, she managed to turn on the camera and capture everything. YAYYYYY MOM!!!!!!

Say “Hi, Gilbert!!!” Come on just say it, you know you want to 

allure of the seas balconies allure



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