Cozumel cruise port

Chapter 20, Cozumel cruise port

Day 6 🙂

We had been looking forward for Cozumel for a long time, it was the first time for both of us there, and we had heard wonderful things about it. Let me tell you one thing, it did not disappoint. As a matter of fact you know how Disney has claimed that the term “The Happiest Place Earth”, well I think Cozumel has a good chance at stealing that term. I have never met so many happy people in a single place like that, and they are not directly getting paid to be happy (although I guess indirectly they are), unlike Disney pays their employees to smile at me . Now don’t get me wrong, I love Disney more than any 7 year old does , but Cozumel had the happiest locals we had ever seen. I guess I can be more specific by explaining all the different details here and there. I will try to do so as the day in Cozumel cruise port progresses.

Another reason why I loved Cozumel so much was because I re-lived some of my childhood that day and that was something that I was purposely looking for. When I used to live in Colombia we used to visit a very small island in the Caribbean called San Andres, I have some my best childhood memories in that island. Although San Andres had nothing on Cozumel, it did however provided me with a very similar feeling. Maybe it had to do with all the rock formations around the western side of the side island, which by the way did not used to be like that, I will explain later on for those who are not aware. And also by the overall feeling of the island. I have to thank my uncles for all those childhood memories, without their help and support my childhood would of been much different. Mom was pretty much a single mom struggling to give me everything that I needed and wanted and trust me I WANTED everything and GOT everything, spoiled I know . Thanks mom.

It also helped that mom could communicate with ease with all the locals and she enjoys asking them about their lives and such. She is soooo nosy  and the apple does not fall far from the tree , lol. I could easily see us coming back to Cozumel cruise port in the future many many times.

All in all, I learned that Cozumel is now our FAVORITE PORT, not that we have experienced that many, so that really doesn’t say much, but still, we loved it . Oh I forgot and I have to bring much more money next time, that was a slight miscalculation from my part, ooopppsss. Sorry mom, “you were right”, ouch that just hurt, lol, I am always supposed to be right ;-).

We woke up to this beauty that day.

The weather was a little on the chilly side, but we thought it was going to be perfect, after those two sauna weather days in Labadee and Jamaica we were ready for a cooler day. This time we immediately walked out to the balcony before turning the tv on, we were that excited, as we walked outside this was our view.

DSC08107-Edit_zpsf1de69d6 Cozumel cruise port DSC08119_zps89fce208

So my thought was that we were coming in from the south side and we were looking at Cozumel, “it was beautiful” I thought. Mom went to check the tv really fast to verify our position, that is when she noticed that we were not looking at Cozumel. The ship entered the canal through the north side so we were actually looking at Playa Del Carmen, it was a nice view non the less and we sat there and enjoyed it for a little while.

My throat was a little scratchy from all that yelling the night before at the karaoke contest, but that was a very small price to pay for the excellent time I had. Once again I checked over my pictures and video and made notice that everything was there, a quick smile confirmed that.

Mom as usual was looking around for other people in balconies and made a comment “I think we are among the group of people that uses their balconies the most”. We did indeed use that balcony a lot, I mean every morning and night at least. And if we were in the stateroom other than sleeping, we were outside, well at least mom and I. My bf got good use out of the room, I think he stayed in the stateroom more than any other passenger in the ship , I am not sure if you noticed that by now.

But anyway back to the story, as she browsed around for people, I checked her email and replied it for her. That became normal, I just replied all her email as I could do much faster than she could. Anyway so yeah she looked at me and says “you are always in your underwear, what if someone looks?” what do you mean someone looks? they better not be looking into my balcony, who is going to look? The people from Playa Del Carmen? they better have some superman kind of eyesight for that… some of that was thought and other said, I just rolled my eyes and kept on working on the computer. moms… lol.

No worries, it is not like I am an exhibitionist, I am actually a very reserved guy, but we were all the way out in the middle of the ocean, who would be able to see?

It was just a funny episode and a quick laugh now that I remember.

As we got closer to the international pier, that is where these large ladies dock by the way, I took a few more pictures. Mom was already getting ready to leave, I told her to get ready first and I would follow after she was done. I can get fully ready in about 4 minutes  and no worries I am squeaky clean, lets just say that I am great at multitasking. Mom is pretty fast too, but not as fast as I am. My bf on the other hand, dear lordy lord, well… um… lets see… he likes to pamper himself, maybe on average one hour. Remember at the very beginning of the review that I said that sometimes we don’t travel well together? (I am sure most of you skipped through all that ) Well this is one of the reasons, you have a time control freak like me and someone that likes to take his time, so yeah, not a good equation to have, lol.

The night before he decided he was not going to come with us because we wanted to go Chankanaab and he did not, I believe he wanted to go to the shopping district and nothing more. If I remember correctly by the time we were leaving the room he just getting out of bed. Mom and I wasted no time and headed to the windjammer for a nice breakfast. Like I said on day 5, we had yet to try the windjammer for breakfast and that is something that I was really looking forward for. So we said goodbye to the bf and headed upstairs.

I took these pictures before we left, the ship was just starting to dock.

DSC08141_zpsd9e5203c DSC08142_zps9931e1c9 DSC08143_zpsa68c45d5 DSC08144_zpsc7ff7cda DSC08146_zpsdb09863b DSC08155_zpsefd15b59

Cozumel cruise port

DSC08160_zps41fb5fc0 Cozumel cruise port DSC08168_zpsf852c0e1 DSC08174_zps76a5de64


This was straight down, fellow CC member balcony4u asked if the life boats block the view directly down? He likes to look straight down, that is something that I also take pleasure on. Unfortunately for the Allure the lifeboats stick out and prevent you from seeing the direct wake on the ship contact. You can however get rooms that have gaps in between and still have complete view. I guess it just takes a little more research.



Look how clear the water is.


Cozumel cruise port DSC08185_zpsc493c76d

Once we got to the buffet I was very impressed with the display, to the point I regretted not visitting it earlier during our cruise. The food was great and there was such an impressive variety of it, I just wanted to eat it all. I grabbed a table while mom got her plate, soon after she came back and I left to get my food.

DSC08188_zps19523e50 DSC08193_zpsa6cc1e61 DSC08194_zps98bdc385 DSC08195_zpsfaa8f273 DSC08196_zps22ef1d31 DSC08197_zps623fa39d DSC08198_zpsb772e382 DSC08199_zps19f0f512

Those are just some of the displays, I failed to get them all because I was starving and ready to hit Cozumel.

This is what I got. Mom got a fruit plate.

DSC08201_zpse61c4d56 DSC08202_zps8df4621b

After we finished eating a delicious breakfast we went outside to get a picture of the NCL Star that was coming into port. We had 4 ships in port that day, 2 NCL ships, 1 carnival ship and lady Allure. I got pictures of all of them but for now it is just the star.


 Cozumel cruise port

Cozumel cruise port

Then we rushed downstairs to the gangway to exit the ship, there was rarely anyone leaving that early. I think we were the only lunatics that were in such a rush to get off the ship. The pier walk felt considerable shorter than the one in Labadee, there were a few different factors in play there, shorter pier and the ship was backed in favoring our aft cabin.

On my way out I took a picture of this boat, he was just leaving.

Cozumel cruise port

There is a small market in the pier and you find several items for sale, this area is gated. I got a few pictures and mom window shopped a little.

DSC08235_zps751c9ac5 DSC08236_zps1efd0d24

Cozumel cruise port

DSC08239_zpsbf45966d Cozumel cruise port

Cozumel cruise port



More on Cozumel cruise port in the upcoming chapters 🙂


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