Bimini SuperFast Chapter 2 Review

Cute funnel.

Plenty of seating area.

And here is where all the events happen, they have a few activities like a normal cruise. They even have a cruise director in charged of all these. Oh, by the way, the crew here is just like the rest of the industry. They work long contracts. My mom spoke to one who used to work for NCL, and now is working here on a 8 month contract. She said that it was about the same, she did not prefer over the other. But my question is since they work for tips mostly and Bimini SuperFast rarely sails full, how are they making money?

Most of the people aboard were really nice, with no big issues. It was a mix of young families and groups of friends. A few older people as well. Everyone was there to have a good time.

These are from the top deck tour.

This is a first for me, having such close access to the bridge of a cruise.

Do you see the main sail of one of the sail Yachts? I have always seen it docked there, but this is the first time that I see the mainsail up. I was hopping that it was going to sail out, but I guess they were just doing maintenance routine. Ironically, last night I dreamt that I finally bought one, but I was going broke just maintaining it, lol.

So that’s about it folks, the entire tour of the Bimini SuperFast in about 30 minutes. That said, the ship is very clean and well kept. It demonstrates the company that Resorts World Bimini aspires to be. I have nothing bad to say about our experience aboard the ship.

We decided to grab a nice place for our cruise to Bimini. I have always loved the aft of the ship, and we thought that one of the aft tables would be a great place to enjoy the quick trip.

Our table.

Mom took her phone out and sent a few pictures to the family, I did the same and update social media status and whatnot. I was feeling a little sleepy, so my mom got me a Cuban coffee.

They only had one drink menu, here it is.

The Bahamas Express leaving port. Might do that one some other day

We just sat there and enjoy the wonderful weather that we had that day. It was truly a great day, we were feeling blessed that everything worked out for us.

Soon enough the Pilot arrived.

I forgot to mention that there was one little detail that was less than ideal. Unfortunately, I had a big test the next day, so while I did get to go on the day cruise. That did mean that I had to try and squeeze as much study time as possible. I figured the best time was while we were sailing, because once we got to the island I expected a busy day. No worries, I Aced that test

Soon enough we were on our way. I will say that this company is always on time! It was truly an incredible thing.

Anyone care for smoke?

The famous flowrider house.

Early fishing.

Some surfers enjoying the break

As soon as we cleared the canal it was full throttle!

It was a busy day in the water.

It wasn’t soon enough until Bimini SuperFast started rocking and rolling. This sailing had the most movement that we have experienced. I pretty much took all the medicine we had x2 to avoid getting nauseous. My mom took it a bit too late and she ended up getting sick. I also heard some people complaining that their crossings had never been this rocky. While I did enjoy it, I saw myself almost getting sick. Good thing I came prepared.

While I studied my mom went for a tour of the ship. The idea was to not leave the table alone.

Once she came back, I noticed that she was not feeling her best. She sat and rested while I went around and check out the ship. I think most of the movement was due to the smaller size of the ship, well that paired up with the large swells.

Plenty of seating available.

They had some sort of contest going on.

Everyone was having a great time!

They had some fruit carving demonstration going on.

They also have a mobile bar, nice little system.

I think this area is my second favorite part of the ship. You can enjoy the sun and the noise of the waves breaking on the bow.

Then I went two decks down to the main deck.

Here is the sit down restaurant.

I really dislike the numbers on the tables.

And the main Lobby.

These are from the aft lounge.

They had popcorn.

Bar food menu.

Shore excursion desk

I rejoined mom, the ship was still moving consistently. We considered getting a few drinks, but thought that it would be a bad idea.

I sat and studied a little more, and soon I noticed some people getting up. Little did I know that we were already there. The trip is really fast!

The crew getting ready to dock.

We decided to head down and get in line to get off the ship. The line is in the casino and goes around it. I highly recommend you’re in the first group of people to get off the ship. This is mainly so that you can rent a golf cart. The golf cart is the key to making the most of your day in Bimini!

On the way to the down to the casino

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