Bimini SuperFast Chapter 3 Review

Continuing with my Bimini SuperFast review.

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

We were definitely not the first, but still enough to be in the first group. The funny thing is that until then I thought that we had to take a tender. Tenders together with muster are my least favorite part of a cruise. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out that they had built a dock. I was like a kid in a candy store!

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

Clearance took only a few minutes, like I said Bimini SuperFast really lives up to the name!

We boarded the first tram and we were soon on our way.


There you can see that they are filling in the dock, maybe to build immigration or a mini mall. Like I said, they really are investing a ton of money on the island. They are actually even expanding the dock to an even larger dock. I could be wrong here, but to me it seems like they want to dock larger ships. Maybe even rent it out to other cruise lines. I will tell you one thing, I would love to stop in Bimini rather than Nassau! By like million times!!!! I really hope I am correct in that assumption!


It was really windy that day.

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

The resort is scattered on 750 acres. I was really confused at first, mainly because I was expecting to see one very large building. But the way the resort works, is that it’s spread out in different sectors. That’s why it is crucial that you rent a golf cart. If not you’re tied to their tram system, which is not bad, but it does not have the freedom that the golf cart provides.

When we boarded the tram I had no clue where I was going, I simply joined the masses and followed them. There were two options in the dock, but I mainly went where everyone went to.

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

One thing I have to say is that Bimini reminds me of Bermuda. I told that to my mom, and she agreed. I say this because of the color of the house, and the color of the ocean.

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

There are a lot of private vacation homes here.

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast Review

Here is the casino, I get a clear picture later on.

Like I said, it’s still a work in progress. Oh, lol, I almost forgot. My mom dropped her hat on that puddle while on the golf cart. We got it back and she cleaned it pretty well.

Like I said we had no idea what we were doing. All I knew was that we had arrived at the beach area. The beach area was really nice with a restaurant and whatnot. We saw a bunch of golf carts parked there and I asked mom what do we do. She looked at me with the same question I had myself. Once the tram stopped, we saw the masses running to grad a golf cart. It was then that we knew that golf carts were a commodity that Gambee should have. So of course I ran and sat one, of course I sat on a broken one so they gave us another one. I want to say that most of the carts were gone with that first tram, if not, almost all of them. The way this works is that you sit down and then someone approaches you and asks for $40 for a small one, or $60 for a big one. No one asks for anything else, no license, no name, no documents, no nothing. They simply want $$$ and you’re free to go. I LOVED IT!!! ONCE AGAIN SUPERFAST!!!!

With cart in hand we decided to once again follow the masses. I drove behind two other carts.

Drove by a pool.

Then by a marina.

Here is when you leave the resort itself and enter the town.

We were having a great time! I really loved the freedom to move around as you like and enjoy the most of the day with mom.

We drove by this place, but I knew we had to come back. I love local shacks.

But for the time being I was simply following the 2 carts in front of us, and I did not feel like getting lost.

We crossed the entirety of the town and got to the end of the island. I don’t have any pics of the town, but as you can expect it is a poor town and the buildings are likewise. I did feel some sort of insecurity at one point. We stopped at a little market for my mom to get some Bimini trinket for our wall of travels and while I was parked waiting for my mom, 2 guys walked separately spotting what I had with me. It was clear that they were looking at the bag and camera, coming from Colombia I know when someone is spotting something to steal it. He did not stand a chance, the bag was tied to my leg and I grab that camera like it was my heart. There was a cop nearby, and a few drove while we were there.

I am not saying that it is unsafe, but all I am saying is to keep an eye on your stuff, if anything just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, at the end of the island is an amazing place to take pictures. The setting is unreal, very rustic. It actually reminded me a remote area in San Andres, Colombia. You have to go there!!!

I will let the pictures to the talking.

Oh, I forgot!!!! This was the first time in my life that I drove on the left side of the road!!! It takes a little getting used to it. At times I would switch back and then realize it, lol. NOT SAFE





This place would be really nice if they cleaned it at least once a year.



This land would be great to build a nice house.

Rolls Royce anyone?


It was a good thing we got there before everyone, when we were leaving it was packed!

We drove back into town and stopped at the market. Like I said here is where the 2 guys were trying to spot my belongings.

Mom bought a magnet that had the word Bimini written with black marker. I am not entire sure why she bought it, I could have done one prettier than that, lol. She wanted to buy a shirt, but no one was there to help her, so we left.

We also stopped in another good viewing area, you could see the ship from there.


We were pretty hungry by then so we decided to go and try that place that I had spotted earlier. It is mainly a conch salad, lobster salad, and conch fritters place. It is supposed to be famous and he told us that people wait 3 hours for one of his famous salads. Well, here is the thing, we were #3 in line and we waited 45 minutes for a lobster salad $15. The problem you ask? Like my professor says “He works on island time”, LoL, Plain and simple. He does not have anything prepared and he talks his lungs out, to just about anyone who walks by his shack.

We had no problem waiting, I really wanted to try out the lobster salad. So we parked our car and waited.

I really wanted grilled fish, but they didn’t have any that day.

In the back of the shack are the conchs, it is actually kind of sad to see. So many shells of dead, digested conchs. They get them out of the shell in front of you. As fresh as it gets!

Just look at that . Hypocrite, I know, but still.

Here is one of the old tenders they used to use.

Nearly everyone aboard the ship had a conch on the way back.


Mom still waiting, together with the other people. He was really nice though, he was trying to bribe the kid into eating tomato in exchange for free lobster. The kid licked the tomato, that’s as far as he got. He still got free lobster though, nice guy.

More people arrived.

More people arriving.

While I waited this truck came by, it was ridiculous. You see the guy there, he would just bend over whenever he approached an electric line. That has to qualify as one of the most dangerous jobs!

By the way, due to the construction, the island is a bit dusty.


Ok, so how was the lobster salad? It was good, but dear lord, I think he squeezed 100 lemons in that salad!


We got 2 of them, now that I think about it, I should have gotten more.

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