Norwegian Breakaway Review

When she got back we decided to go back up to the Norwegian Breakaway rope course. The lines had disappeared by then, I basically walked in right in. This time around the plank was open, and I was dying to try it. I have to say it is very nerve wracking to be up there when the ship is in monition. But a lot of fun.

After that we decided to and try to catch the comedy show since we had missed the night before.

Lines starting to build up at the MDR. It was around 7pm

norwegian breakaway manhattan room DSC07613_zps3d16af7e


The comedy had some good moments, it is basically an improv comedy show. They interact with the audience and overall we had fun. Please note that we just walked into this show without having any reservations. I was pretty happy that we got to see it.

We left before the show was over because we had reservations at Teppa

For teppa, unfortunately we were sat with a big group that had zero interest in talking to us. And they spoke in their language the entire time, as suggested by Sarah, from now on I will ask to be sat with couples. I had nothing against them, as a matter of fact they were very polite, but the tables next to us just seemed to be having so much more fun than we were.

Norwegian Breakaway Teppanyaki Photos


Those windows are great! Avery neat view, shame that Bistro does not have the same windows.


They give you some edamame. Nothing much to type here, it was hot I guess.


That is me starting my origami


After that came a miso soup, very nice.


End result, what do you think?


Since I was dressed all in white, we tried this. Let it be said that I was not successful. lol. Plus my table mates looked at me like I was crazy.


A little salad, it was good. I think it had a miso dressing. I am not one for salads, but I still ate it all.


That table was having a blast!


And the show gets started.


Then they came with some sauces.


So you might see that two of our table mates are getting up. One of the ladies got sick and she could not get to the bathroom and had to do her business right there, I think on the ice bucket. I really did not think much of it, I mean she got sick, and that’s it. I would hate to be in her place, after that the ladies left, but the rest of the group stayed there. The funny thing is that that group was next to us in bistro the day after.

Spinning the eggs.DSC07645_zps51fee5bc

DSC07660_zps25da5476 DSC07663_zps7f167310

The fried rice was great!

DSC07667_zpsa16b4a13 DSC07668_zps06208ab2

You can see the sanitation staff cleaning back there.


The veggies are very tasty.


OMG so much meat and soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!


The chef had to remove the lobster shells because the old fellow complained about it. I think it was because of the smell. He did a lot of complaining and a lot of frowning. But in the end tipped the chef really good, I guess he was happy.

norwegian breakaway teppanyaki DSC07675_zps61f27d06

By the way, note that I have nothing against Asian people, my boyfriend is Asian and my coworkers are mostly Thai. But this group was just very boring, the only two yelling and laughing were mom and I .

We also had the seafood platter, again very tasty and an incredible amount of food.

DSC07676_zpse2a85caf DSC07678_zps3399a502

The server came around like 2 times and so did the metro d (spelling), they kept asking if we were ok. I guess the fact that she got sick bothered me none, I was more upset about being in such a boring table. They ended up offering us a round of free drinks, mom got a glass of wine, and I took a pass. I had way too much by then already, I was actually trying to come down a little.

Mom’s free wine.


Mom got fruit for dessert.
norwegian breakaway dessert

And I got the green tea cake and ice cream. The ice cream was great, the cake not so much… Actually it was pretty bad.


Overall Teppa was great, I think this could be possibly my favorite restaurant. Yes the group was not ideal, but I can only imagine how much fun this would be with better table mates!

I took several videos of the dinner for those interested.

You can see some of the drama in the videos.

So yeah, I fully recommend Teppa, it was a great experience. I think this is the only restaurant (other than the food bars) that I will for certain try again in NCL. But next time I will make the reservation on board and be very clear that I want to be seated with couples and not in a large group.

We left the restaurant and walked a little.

The karaoke at full blast?!?!? That venue is not good for it…DSC07682_zps2cd33097

The casino with the noodle bar behind it.

norwegian breakaway casino DSC07686_zpsa1da95fcFire and Ice

We then went to Rock of Ages, what can I say. We walked out at about 30 minutes into the show. From what I heard the show is similar to the Broadway one, but with a weaker cast. But overall there were mix reviews about the show, some hated it, some said it was ok and some loved it. I guess you will know if it is for you or not. Let one thing be said, this show is not for children! There are sexual acts in the show.

This picture was taken before the show started. (no photography allowed)

norwegian breakaway rock of ages

After we left the show we stepped outside and I took a few pictures. Not the best pictures, but I still want to share them.

DSC07708_zpsf47f54f9 DSC07715_zps67f66edd DSC07714_zps4bb0023f DSC07708_zpsf47f54f9

We then went up to the room and waited a little for the Fabba party to start.

Norwegian Breakaway towel animals

norwegian breakaway towel animal

We are almost there =)


After sometime relaxing we heard the music starting upstairs, so we headed that way.

norwegian breakaway white party DSC07729_zpsafc8b88c DSC07728_zpsa6e39b5b

I guess she changes colors.

DSC07730_zps39cb12fd DSC07731_zps8ea5619e

The party was just ok. The good thing was that we met Shaun and his wife up there and then went back down to our room. I wanted them to compare the noise difference from deck 12 to deck 10. They said deck 10 is noticeable quieter. I had tried to contacting them earlier in the cruise, but I dialed the wrong room number.

I took a few pictures from our balcony.

DSC07751_zps6b6965eb DSC07754_zps014800d9

We spoke with them for some time and then they left to head back to their room.

It was overall a very nice relaxing day, other than the incident with Peter Max everything went pretty good. Good food, good times at the Jacuzzi, slides, rope course etc. This is what Norwegian Breakaway should be all about, just good old times .

Day 3, Ending.


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