Chapter 15 will focus on the Bermuda Caves and the Bermuda Aquarium.

Then mom went into a little store and bought our Bermuda souvenir plate. It is not that one, I failed to take a pic of it. By the way, we over paid for it, I think she says it by the dockyard for a few bucks cheaper. On top of that she almost left it on the ship before disembarking.


They kept making reference that Bermuda has the oldest working church in the Western hemisphere. I am not sure if it was this one or not.

Then we boarded a bus and started heading towards the Bermuda Caves. The bus drivers are maniacs , lol. I think it was about a 30 minute bus ride.

I took a few pics on the way.

Just look at that water, I mean come on REALLY, look at it!!!!

By the way from the bus I saw a blue fish (I think it was a parrot fish).

Bermuda Photos

Bermuda Bermuda DSC07928_zpsd5072e12 DSC07926_zps287b18af DSC07925_zps0a803d28 DSC07924_zps6ff8ae7e DSC07922_zps34e0f3b1 DSC07918_zpsecb682e4 DSC07917_zps94eed36a DSC07915_zpsf104b309

Once you get to the Bermuda Caves you have to walk a little to get to the entrance. About 5 minutes or so. The property is just breathtaking!
DSC07932_zps36b1b448 DSC07943_zps348c21dc DSC07941_zpsb0c6f2c4 DSC07940_zps168dc419 DSC07939_zpsa59eb0e1 DSC07935_zps57342f01 DSC07934_zps0c79fe34

We only bought the Bermuda Crystal Cave one, I wish I had done both of them.

I believe they say that it is 88 steps down, but I am not sure about that.

DSC07944_zps703e5257 DSC07946_zpsd6bcb7ea DSC07947_zps2fb681be

I think the tour lasts about 30-45 minutes, the guide gives a very informed tour, and she also made some funny references. At on point in time they ask you to turn of all cameras and stay quiet. Then they turn all the lights off for about a minute, it is very freaky! But neat at the same time.

They also tell you the story of the Bermuda caves. I wont go into details. But basically two young boys found the cave and went down there alone with a rope and candle light. They stayed there from an hour or so and then went to tell the owner of the property. Eventually the owner opened the caves as an attraction, but the entrance was a very tight one and you had to go down by rope. Then a few years later they blasted the way down to the caves they have now.

All these pictures are handheld, I managed to forget to bring my gorilla-pod and my extra battery. You want know the crazy part, when I entered the caves I noticed my camera was at 25% battery. At least I noticed and could set my camera to Econo-mode so I could make it last longer.

DSC07950_zps27c523ab bermuda caves DSC07971_zps72ac26ce DSC07968_zps5ea9a0c1 DSC07965_zps2f8bacbf DSC07964_zps2b310672 DSC07962_zpsf12b19d8 DSC07961_zps1513e10f DSC07954_zps14300564 DSC07952_zpsafec00a3

Overall the Bermuda caves were neat, we did then, but will most likely never go back. Personally I think they are a bit over priced, but shore excursions are always expensive. When we left we gave our guide a little tip (I think we were the only ones in our group to do so). Then I asked her a way out, and she told us a little short cut through the path to the other cave. It was a very nice walk through that path, unfortunately I did not get any pictures because of the battery running low. I had to be very careful so I had enough battery for the Bermuda aquarium.

Actually my bad, I actually took two.

See the rooster?


So our plans were to go to the ice cream place that we saw when we got off the bus and then catch a bus to go to the Bermuda aquarium. By the way that ice-cream place comes highly recommended and apparently they are famous, we never made it there.

Little did we know that the exit of the shortcut ended up in the Bermuda Swizzle inn. I had read from numerous reviews that this place is also famous. So we decided to stop by and eat something. We were both hungry by then.


The Menu was really neat, it was a newspaper.

DSC07985_zpsc151db23 DSC07990_zps91e98c18 DSC07989_zpsbfb8dada DSC07987_zps3cead3f1

DSC07993_zpse7a6e919 DSC07992_zps388d09c4 DSC07991_zpsefe4d6cf

The Bermuda swizzle inn was just ok, our server was super nice, but the food took for ever to come out, maybe about 45 minutes. The place was also rather expensive.

They have live music, loved it!


I ordered a swizzle. It was ok, rather weak. But tasty!


My fish sandwich was fantastic, the problem you ask. I don’t like sweet potatoes, and I did not know they offered the regular fries. The server never told me. So the fries went untouched.
Mom got the same but with a salad. I think she was planning to steal my fries.

DSC07998_zps0e461b87 DSC07999_zpsbeaf6af6

The place is not cheap. We as always tipped appropriately, she was happy 

DSC08000_zps060bcd78DSC08001_zps0c2e912f DSC08004_zps903d361f DSC08003_zps7743561c

That’s the ice cream place.


The bus came soon enough and on our way we were. I think it took us about 30 minutes to get there.

They have there turtle outside of the Bermuda aquarium, you can view them for free.




A tour of the Aquarium, it was kept nice and clean, and with a good variety of fish.

DSC08011_zps03276883 DSC08018_zpsb179bb63 DSC08017_zpsa79aee06 DSC08016_zps57ca6150 DSC08015_zpse2d8248c DSC08014_zps876d8473

Bermuda Aquarium


You have to go through the store to get to the Zoo area.


Well aren’t you the cutest thing ever!
DSC08027_zps19950c90 DSC08029_zps05baed85

There is a Lemur cage, and you can go inside the cage and even touch them. Too bad they never came close to me so I could touch them. They are just adorable! There was also a little turtle. DSC08032_zpsf5df8971 DSC08054_zps3c54a802 DSC08046_zpsf77075b0 DSC08044_zps94b474bd DSC08042_zpsedee6ab3 DSC08040_zpsc00f8a29 DSC08038_zpsdda6e1c0 DSC08033_zps8a5d0b1f

next up the flamingos. That area smelled horrible!

DSC08055_zps1572b44b DSC08065_zpsc92641e9 DSC08063_zps772c5ba4 DSC08059_zpsdbce257e DSC08058_zps8b40b8bc

This little guy had no fear, I tried to touch him, and he tried bitting me.

DSC08067_zps61e3fb2a DSC08098_zps2543d166 DSC08097_zps44a3fc7e DSC08093_zpsdf4bc7a9 DSC08091_zpsd27db8df DSC08090_zpsa90c8ba2 DSC08085_zps0d030fa9 DSC08082_zps62714d04 DSC08077_zps8f5d4f8d DSC08075_zps3425215b DSC08074_zps322fd0ec DSC08072_zpsba777459

Then we stopped back in the store before leaving the aquarium. Overall a nice place and we had a great time there, I highly recommend it.

DSC08108_zps09ee15cb DSC08111_zps8c0fd4f4

Bermuda aquarium

More on Bermuda on the Chapters to come 🙂

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