Norwegian Breakaway Review

Day 2

Ok, lets see Day 2 aboard the Norwegian Breakaway. First let me start by talking about a few things that I forgot to mention in day one. One of the things we noticed when we entered the room was that our balcony light was broken. On day one we also talked to several people about this problem so it could get fixed, unfortunately by the end of day 1 the problem had not been addressed. It was very frustrating as I really enjoy to sit on the balcony and work on my pictures while I have a drink at night. But in any case I still did it, I just left the curtain open so a little light would reach the balcony.

That morning we woke up at around 6:45, I slept pretty good. But I do recall having some pretty nasty nightmares and all ship emergency related. Ughhhh, what can I tell you, dreams can be very disturbing at times. Mom also mentioned to me that the toilet was broken, as I remember Slice also telling me something similar about hers. But then I noticed that you have to press the bottom really hard in order for it to work. My mom was having trouble with that, they really shouldn’t have made this like that. I imagine it will be almost impossible for young children to flush.

So anyway, the Norwegian Breakaway was traveling at about 11 knots, I started playing with the TV and noticed that they did not have the bridge channel. I am sure many inside and studio rooms really miss that. The TV programing is also very weak, they have a bunch of news channels, a bunch of NCL selling channels, a few Norwegian Breakaway related one and one favorite show channel and a favorite movie channel. I think by the end of the cruise I had seen most of the favorite shows available. And the movies were not that good, ill say that one of the movies was Mary Poppins, really? how old is this movie? Celebrity and RCCL both have much better TV programing. The tv shows were more current, but again not enough of them. Someone doing a TA or B2B, would be in trouble. But then again I think I just watch too much TV for my own good .

So anyway my mom made a call to see if they would come this time and get the light fixed. They said that they would be there very soon. By the way that phone call lasted about 10 seconds, I think they actually hung up on her, little rude she told me. If you’re wondering they never showed up. We had to go to customer service again, more on that later.

So anyway, then the aerobics class started at around 8am and you could hear the music from H2O. Nothing horrible, but you could definitely hear it, I think I was sitting in the balcony enjoying the breeze and working on my pictures.

The water is changing colors. 


For Breakfast we went to Savor, we sat down at 8:45. When we sat down the table next to us was complaining that his french toast were cold. So they brought him another one. We ordered very quickly, but then the waiting game started.


They bring you some coffee.



At 9:15 the manager asked us if everything was ok, I asked if he could check on our food as we had been waiting for over 25 minutes. After that the server came very fast and told us the food would be right out.

At 9:25 the fruit came out… Really only the fruit?!?!?! ughhhh.


About 10 minutes later everything else came out. It was then that I decided to never do MDR for breakfast again. I think it took us almost an hour to eat that morning.


Norwegian Breakaway breakfast food

and mine, very good.


Overall the food was very good, but it just took forever to get it. The server was very nice though.

After that we left and we went walking in the shopping area. Mom wanted to see what they had for sale.

DSC06757_zps7bbb37af Norwegian breakaway stores DSC06753_zps4ef004ea DSC06749_zpsacf7d9f8 DSC06746_zps9832113e DSC06743_zps221683c2 DSC06740_zpsc123b0f8 DSC06739_zps6b5316f0 DSC06738_zps03b7d2f1 DSC06735_zps4b906fb6 DSC06732_zpsb8b34348 DSC06729_zpscbaa264d DSC06728_zps3d5cf952 DSC06727_zpsc0c7afc2 DSC06726_zpsed60b7d0 DSC06724_zps9428682d norwegian breakaway souvenir DSC06722_zps3449ea74 DSC06721_zps43851d40

So after that we decided to go to customer service to see what was going on with the balcony light and to talk about Ocean Blue.

Let me stop here and tell you the background about Ocean Blue. I think tried making reservations for ocean Blue ahead of time every other day. I also tried calling and making the reservations. But NCL, had set up the system that only groups of 4 people could make the reservation ahead of time. Honestly do you want to know what I think, I think they already knew that they were going to raise the price from $35 to $50 and by limiting the groups to tables of 4 it would limit the amount of people that could book it at $35. You can only imagine when I was in the waiting room waiting to board and I saw that Blue had gone up to $50, I was so upset. The ironic part was that one time I was on the phone with a NCL rep and I asked her, “You guys are not doing this to increase the price on board?”. As you can imagine her response was no, she said it might be a glitch on the system or something.

So anyway, I wanted to go and try to explain my situation and see if I could maybe dine in blue for the original $35 cover charge. As you can imagine we ended up with another very dry fellow in the desk who was of no good to us and offered no help what so ever. It was almost as he had no intention to hear out my story at all. I even asked him if there was someone above from him who I could talk to, and he said “you wont get anything like that accomplish, the prices are set and they are what they are”. I was a little frustrated by his response, I kind of new already that they would not honor the price anyway, but once again the way he addressed me made me feel a little bad. Before leaving I told him to check on the call to maintenance for our balcony light and he said there was nothing in the system, so he added it for us and he said that someone would be up there to check it later.

It was then that I decided that I would not go to the customer service desk again. I was just left with a sour taste in your mouth, there are ways of approaching people to make feel like at least he tried to do something. It is not like I wanted something for free, I was going to pay, all I wanted was for them to honor the $35.

By the way there were a few lucky people from our voyage that managed to book the reservations fro $35 and they were honored. I think the system looked itself up after some time, not really sure what happened.

From talking to people I gathered that Blue is very good, if not excellent. But most people were on the fence as to wether the restaurant is worth the actual $50. I might try it next time, but not sure. We did true the raw bar and it was tasty, so I can imagine that Blue should be very good.

I tried to forget about it, and we headed upstairs to the pool deck to check out the weather and take some pictures. The weather was pretty cloudy and there were just a handful of people up there.

Norwegian Breakaway Lido deck

Norwegian Breakaway main Pool

Norwegian Breakaway main Pool

Mom wanted to see what they had for sale in the market place, but they were not open yet. They have some sales there, but of the stuff is New York clothing and not Norwegian Breakaway related.


An one more of the pool, it was pretty empty.


They also have some nice beds there to enjoy in the shade.

Norwegian Breakaway lido beds


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