Carnival Breeze Review Ch 13

This is boarding the Carnival Breeze.


The pool was getting some action.

untitled-368 untitled-369

I headed to my room to get changed. It was a bittersweet moment while I sat in my balcony, I knew I was in a great vacation, and I had just enjoyed a great day with mom. However as I sat there and contemplated and I realized that this was the true origin of my SOLO cruise, and I was already missing my mom.

I decided to fix myself a drink to help ease the moment and get into the cruise mood. I did so and chillaxed  on the balcony for a little while.

Bugsy this is a good example of a fisheye picture. Notice the distortion? And it also grabs a lot of scenery. A normal lens would not be able to do this, well unless its a super wide, but I am not crazy about them. There is a curvature to the earth that created by the lens.

untitled-372 untitled-373 untitled-374

Not safe I know, but it was just for a brief second for the picture. I figured since the Carnival Breeze was not moving it was ok. Anyway love the way the picture came up. Look at the stem of the glass, 1/2 shows the sky and the other half reflects some Key West scenery. You can also tell how cold the drink was vs the heat of that day. Love this Picture!


This one came out really neat!

untitled-377  untitled-382

Then I headed out to the pool bar to get a long Island Ice tea, before heading down to the lanai jacuzzi.


Here is a short video of the Beach Pool that day.

So I guess I can stop here and talk about the Carnival Breeze mixed drinks. I am not a fan of their system, Carnival just like NCL counts their liquor and by that I mean and all drinks are made by exact amounts. I noticed that the few times that I asked for the drink to be made stronger they gave a strange look. I know that look, it is almost like i am going to get in trouble kind of look. RCCL, X and Disney are the only lines that I have dealt with that do not care about this at all. While NCL and CCL do. Now that I know this, I know to always buy 2 bottles of in stateroom setups instead of one. I like my drinks strong, and if I am paying over $10 for a long island ice tea, I want that tea to hit me from the back . The ones I drank in CCL were just bland and weak. I would say about 1/3 booze and then the rest fillers. Anyway just saying, not a big problem since there are ways around this problem.


What is even worse is that I spilled the weak drink in the elevator… tsk tsk tsk. It is not a true Gambee review unless me or mom spills a drink or 2 or 3 


And here I am enjoying a sunny day in Key West in one of my favorite areas of the Carnival Breeze!


Like it?

untitled-390 untitled-391 untitled-392 untitled-394 untitled-396 untitled-397

I am not a fan of these balconies and I am very glad that I got an upgrade to the lido balcony, because there is just no privacy on those 2 decks near the lanai. I also noticed that a few of the suites are there as well, I could not imagine paying that much for that type of balcony on that location. I think next time I am going for a cove balcony, they are to die for!!!! But more on that later on.


After an hour or two I headed to the room to get my setup ready for sail away. I also took advantage called my mom for one last time before I lost connection for the rest of the week. One thing that I noticed is that our captain never blew the horn for sail away… I am not entirely sure why, I think he did once when leaving Miami. The horn is one of the my favorite things when leaving port, it just adds so much more to the experience. I can’t wait to sail Royal/Regal Princess to experience the love boat song horn!

It was a very nice and peaceful sail away, I loved my starboard balcony. Starboard all the way for me, it has really payed off on all my voyages.

untitled-399 untitled-400 untitled-401

Until next time Key West, and thank you for one amazing day! I can only imagine how neat the Carnival Breeze looks from down there.

untitled-402 untitled-403 untitled-404 untitled-405 untitled-406 untitled-407 untitled-408 untitled-409

She is one mammoth of a ship! Large ships all the way for me!

untitled-410 untitled-411

Back in Colombia we had a summer house in a huge lake, it took us about 40 minutes by boat to get to the house after we parked the car. I have some of my best childhood memories in that summer house. No… THE BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORIES! Anyway, I was very fortunate, it was actually my uncle’s house, but we spend all our vacations there. There is a lot that owe to my uncles, and as matter of fact I am in the USA because of them. Family is everything to me, well my mom’s side ;-). The house was actually in an stand alone island, it is now sold. But the memories stay with you for a life time!


So growing up there was amazing we had a parasail just like this one and we would go on it when ever we wanted to. I guess I got it out of my blood, because this is actually one shore excursion that does not attract my attention.

untitled-412 untitled-413 untitled-414 untitled-417 untitled-418 untitled-419

I think that’s the most action I’ve saw on the lanai Jacuzzis on the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-420 untitled-421 untitled-422  untitled-424 untitled-425  untitled-427  untitled-429 untitled-430

This picture came out kind of blahhh, why did I left it here? ehhhh, what the hell, lol

and now just relaxing on my balcony

untitled-436 untitled-437

Then I went for a walk on the front secret balcony.

untitled-438 untitled-439

Here is a short video of the area.



Then back in the room I took some pictures and video of what can be done in the computer on the Carnival Breeze without paying for wifi. Have I talked about the internet yet? Anyway, it was very fast and they offered the most free sites that I have seen out of any cruise line. Not that much can be done, but still there is some entertainment factor there. 

untitled-441 untitled-442

Here is the cost for internet in our voyage, just about average. I went with the minute by minute one.


This video really lets you see what you can do without paying for wifi.

And here is the video,




I got a few pictures of the pilot leaving the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-445 untitled-446 untitled-447 untitled-448 untitled-449 untitled-450 untitled-451

And a naval ship? I love all type of vessels, so spotting them out in the ocean is always a blast. I wish I had my zoom lens at that time, but that is what I get for taking my NEX with me.

untitled-452 untitled-453 untitled-454 untitled-455 untitled-456  untitled-458 untitled-459 untitled-460 untitled-461 untitled-462

And then I decided that it was time to try out the Carnival Breeze water slides. Personally I did not care much for the bowl one, it actually scratched my back pretty badly (yes, bled). I am not sure why, because in the other one that was not an issue. The twister is a lot of fun, just make sure that you’re not drunk before going on it . Ummmm yeah, that could of been pretty bad, but thankfully I came out ok out of it. I was pretty “Happy” by then, so I only rode it once, lol.


These pictures are all with the Olympus, I LOVE THAT CAMERA!!! Although I got some water in her in Grand Cayman :-/, not my fault. More on that later.


Here is a short video about WaterWorks from the Top of the slides!!!



Ok so let me try to help you get a feel here. There you can see serenity, right? Do you see that black glass at the far end? That is where the spa hydrotherapy pool is located. Hopefully I made myself clear.

untitled-465 untitled-466 untitled-467 untitled-468 untitled-469

You actually walk out there, I thought that it dump you into a pool like the one in Wet&Wild.

untitled-473 untitled-474 carnival breeze water slides

You can get some great pictures of the Carnival Breeze from up there.

untitled-476 untitled-477 untitled-478

The line for the orange one moves much faster, maybe its because its lousy…

untitled-479 untitled-480

Unlike NCL, Carnival allows you to carry the camera in your pocket. Thank you Carnival. That really irritated me in NCL. As a journalist I have a camera with me at all times, and its a pain to go and unload her somewhere, while I enjoy activities like this. Carnival just a very relaxed cruise line, I absolutely love that. Do you guys see Carnival gaining points over Norwegian 😉

untitled-481 untitled-482 untitled-483 untitled-484 untitled-485 untitled-486 untitled-487 Carnival Breeze swimming pool untitled-489 untitled-490

After that I went for a little walk and enjoy the beautiful view as we left the coast of Florida aboard the Carnival Breeze.

I absolutely loved her hair! Saw her several times during the cruise.


This area is really nice, and should keep most people entertained if you’re into those ind of activities.


Till today I regret not playing one pool game on the Carnival Breeze… Next time 😉

untitled-493 untitled-494 carnival breeze mini golf

It was a busy day in the rope course. I never tried it… Quite honestly it looked pretty lousy when compared to Breakaway/Getaway one. I wanted to give it a try on the last day, but it was closed due to high winds.

untitled-496 carnival breeze rope course untitled-498

The Carnival fun times advertise several games throughout the week.

Carnival Breeze basketball court


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