Carnival Breeze Review Ch 14

Continuing with the Carnival Breeze review, I kept on walking around just enjoying the sights.


They even have a viewing area for cheering!

untitled-502 untitled-503

Then there are these, needless to say that I rarely saw anyone there on our Carnival Breeze voyage. One thing to note is there is no resistance to these machines. I think it mostly for cardio under the 90 degree florida weather…. I never came around here at night, but I think most of the people who use it must come around night time.

Carnival Breeze Sky Fitness Gym untitled-505 untitled-506 untitled-507

Seems like a great place to get a heat stroke , then again that comments comes from someone who has not worked out in over a year . Well never mind I got my workout on Cozumel, more on that later.

untitled-508 untitled-509 untitled-510

And then I ended up in the back pool of the Carnival Breeze, I really loved this area and they always had great light music playing there. This would totally have been my pool if they just had some kind of cover over the jacuzzis. I guess another reason why I did not frequent it that often was because I was in the other opposite end of the ship. It was a long walk to get there, and I could access the Lanai jacuzzis much faster. It would be really neat if the music that played in the aft pool also played in the lanai area. But I usually brought my cell with some headphones, the music in my phone was very similar.

Anyway here is a short video of the Carnival Breeze aft pool.


As you can see it gets quite some action, plus it is right next to a bar and great food!

I love reds on pictures, and that Olympus really puts the R on red! Just noticed that. 

untitled-511 untitled-512 untitled-513 untitled-516 untitled-517

Gambee feeling creative, or maybe too many drinks, who knows… Your guess.


Happy cruisers in the pool. I have been looking into getting some bright orange glasses similar to the ones he is wearing. But maybe a little brighter and louder 


I am one of those people who never uses outdoor showers … Don’t Judge!  

untitled-520 untitled-521

Nice view of what folks are doing on the balconies below 

untitled-522 untitled-523 untitled-524 untitled-525

The pizza on the Carnival Breeze was pretty good, but I only ate it 2 times. There are simply too manny good venues for lunch to choose from, and I must rather a great taco or burger than a pizza. But either was options for everyone.


This is the bar where all the LGTB meetings happen.


A few of our group got the Cheers package on the Carnival Breeze, this is not for me as I really can’t drink that much. Well I could, I did it on the X cruise, but my wallet did not have room for that this cruise. So i opted for a lighter cruise. Plus lately I’ve been noticing that as I age I have more and more complications when I drink, as would prove the next day… :/

You should know if this package is for you either on my blog or at the beginning of this review. When I cruise I do it with one goal in mind! Well two goals. #1 is to provide the best source of information for everyone to plan their upcoming vacations so they can have a blast. #2 While I am having a blast!

But make no mistake, I cruise as a journalist! My brain is at work 100% of the time trying to gather as much information as possible . My mom can attest to that.

untitled-531 untitled-532 untitled-533

I am not a pepperoni fan, but it was the only available at the moment and I did not feel like waiting to get a different one. So I just grabbed that one, it was really nice and thin just the way I like them.

untitled-534 untitled-535 untitled-536 untitled-537 untitled-538 untitled-539

I also decided to get some ice cream and took both to the room to enjoy them there on my balcony. The ice cream on the Carnival Breeze was not bad at all, I think it was my most often dessert throughout the week. I forgot who, but somewhat said that it was nothing like Carvel ice cream. Carvel is AMAZING!!!!! But this was truly good satisfying ice cream =)

untitled-540 untitled-541

I am not really sure why the Carnival Breeze has so much information in Kilometers and Calvin, when most of their travelers are Americans. Now don’t get me wrong they have both, but over has of the time it displays the other ones. Add to that a technical glitch that they seem to have in the TV system and it takes quite some time to get to the Miles and Fahrenheit units. Not a biggie, but an inconvenience. I enjoy looking at those channels quite often.

untitled-543 untitled-544 untitled-545 untitled-546

I pretty much relaxed on the balcony while listening to some tunes until it was time meet in the main dining room with some fellow CC members. I will admit that one of my main concerns when booking this trip solo was what would I do when it came to the MDR situation. I was not going to sit alone and dine alone, I am pretty impatient as it is and I saw no reason to waiting for food alone. I enjoy eating with mom or Sarah, it is a nice way of ending a great day in the caribbean. Again family is everything we have! That is why the solo idea did not click with me very well. But so far, so good.

The Idea of seating with strangers was one that I was not keen with, just not my thing. I am little introverted at times and it is kind of hard to get me out of my shell. Fortunately throughout the anticipation and buildup of the cruise, I got to know a lot of my fellow travelers and we had a great group. I ended up having a fantastic time every time I dinned with them. It was the table that everyone looks at with dirty looks and complains about. The funny thing is that eventually we got sat in a corner table to minimize the impact that we had on the tables around us . lol. Great times! Great Times!

Anyway, so I got ready and headed towards our meeting point on the Carnival Breeze. I was actually running a tad late, this is really not my style I am always on time, but while on vacation I just don’t look that much at my watch and tend to relax more than usual .

I have no idea what was going on in the Atrium…. Someone?

untitled-547 untitled-548 untitled-549

Up until I boarded the Carnival Breeze I had to realized how cute these lamps really are. I mean lets face it, this is the first thing that we see when we read a Carnival Breeze review. But they really do look really nice, and they help the atrium flow accordingly =)

untitled-550 untitled-551

It was about 8 of us I think maybe 10, can’t recall correctly. We got sat towards the back with a nice view of the dinning room. I really liked the decor in the MDR on the Carnival Breeze, although I have to say that the one in the aft of the ship is nicer than this one. Like I said I will refrain from using names, but here is a story that caught my ear. One of our CC members (which by the way was super nice and so was his wife) was happy to be seated in the corner table. Why you ask? well, he likes having a view of whats going on, so that if something goes wrong he can act fast at take a preemptive measure to the situation at hand. I wont get into details, but that got me thinking. He really did have a point there, we live our lives pretty simply and expect nothing to go wrong. But what if something does? Anyway, lol, lets keep this party moving 


It is my understanding that these are still the old menus? not sure. ohhhh, this was formal night, and a fellow CC member who dressed fully, noticed people with shorts in the MDR. I was actually in a really nice shirt that I had purchased for the cruise and white pants. But not tie or anything, I thought I was looking fly either way  and in the end that is all that matters.

I was just in a really good mood, and with a fantastic group or folks to go with it. I can only wish that all my roll calls are like this one in the future. Just such an amazing group of people. I specially loved the ethnic variety in it. Not sure I have mentioned this in the past, but I enjoy studying cultures and religions. I don’t talk about them often, because some people make a big deal out of (religion and politics). But I truly do enjoy groups with a lot of variety in them, this was a great dinner setting.


So those who know me, I am not out to damage cruise lines reputations. I simply report an honest opinion, be it good or bad. Just keep that in mind.

Ok so I am going to come and say it, please don’t bash me, it is simply my opinion. The Carnival Breeze had the weakest MDR I have experienced. Before that was Norwegian, but I have to admit that Carnival MDR Dinner food was not that great at all. Please note that this is pretty much one of the only places in the Breeze that I was dissatisfied with.

Alligator fritters. Just blahhhh…. Living in Ft. Lauderdale I know alligator fritters, granted they were not horrible. But there was just a lot of filling to be called alligator fritter, I swear I could not tell where the alligator part was at…


Stuffed mushrooms, again not bad but not great. What too much starch… And don;t ask me what that yellow brick was, because I could not tell. Just not tasty…


And the lobster and shrimp on the Carnival Breeze. The shrimp were actually pretty good, but the lobster…. Oh my,,,, it was just horrible, maybe I was spoiled with the one the night before. I was not the only one in the group to note this. It was dry and very rubbery. Let it be said that I only ate about 1 bite out of it… Like I said, I very lenient with criticism, this was just not good.


Another issue that I noticed was that our server was having a hard time with the gluten allergy of our table mate. She really can’t have any gluten at all, and her options for that night were pretty much just 1, and when her food came out it was just a piece of meat. She had to request sides, it was very inconsistent.

As far as the service on the Carnival Breeze goes, well how do I put this….. I understand that taking care of large tables takes time, but this dinner took quite more than I am used to. Thank God for some amazing table mates, because otherwise this would have not fly by me if it was just me and my mom. Service in the MDR was overall very inconsistent, some nights great and other times very slow. 

For dessert I was not going to take a “Gambee” gamble , since all of the reviews praise this dessert.

Guess what I got ?


How was it?


This was the highlight of my dinner, no question about it. I knew then that would be the dessert that I would get each night. I usually don’t gamble much with food, well actually I don’t gamble much with anything.

We finished and then some of us parted ways. Personally I wanted to go check out the stores and buy the Carnival Breeze model ship. Which by the way looks great with my collection, I need to buy something to put them on. So far I have 6 of them, and hopefully 7 by the end of the year .

Here are some pictures of the shops,

untitled-568 untitled-569 untitled-570 untitled-571 untitled-572 untitled-573

Neat Huh?


I found the Funnel Gear store to be competitively priced, well,,, for what that’s worth, lol =)

untitled-575 untitled-576 untitled-577 untitled-578 untitled-579

I regret not getting mom something, but my wallet was hurting a bit… Ill make it up to her, no worries =)

untitled-580 untitled-581 untitled-582 untitled-583 untitled-584 untitled-585

If you bought 2 or more bottles booze was a great deal! I bought none :-/ lol.

untitled-586 untitled-587 untitled-588 untitled-589 untitled-590

Everything was priced reasonably on the Carnival Breeze, my model ship cost $31.95, not the cheapest one but definitely in the lower end of the spectrum. The Disney Dream leads with $30, go figure that one out. Well maybe its because you pre-pay for it with the cruise fare ;-), lol.

Notice my fancy new Express blue shirt, lol 


Thats the entrance to the Carnival Breeze Ovation theater.

untitled-592 Carnival Breeze theater untitled-594

I headed up to the room to drop of the model ship and the NEX camera.

I found this little guy, like I said he made me one every day. So far only Disney and Carnival has done this for me. I love them! Not sure what it was? longlegs turtle? lol. None the less, I was very grateful. It’s little things like this that make a B cruise an A cruise!

untitled-596 untitled-597

As you can see I never unpacked on my Carnival Breeze cruise. (Fisheye). Not proud of it, but not exactly embarrassed of it. It’s my style, you can’t be ashamed of who you’re. PLEASE, don’t blame mom, this is all me! Well maybe, dad  


I left the room and walked by a show, I happened to see the end of it. I noticed that they had songs that I loved so I made mental note to go back to at least one show. For those who don’t know me, I really dislike shows. And the Carnival Breeze manage to do the impossible, but more on that later .

I kept on walking and heading towards the Carnival Breeze Piano bar, we were supposed to meet there. This is the first time I go to a piano bar, and I soon found out that I am not a fan. I guess it is not for me, the entertainment looked great and everyone was having a great time, but it was just not my cup of tea. Different folks, different stroke you know the saying. 

Carnival Breeze Casino untitled-604 untitled-605 untitled-607

So I took a few pics and then took off.


Fisheye lens is horrible with people, but then again that is why I rarely use it then . Wayyyy to much distortion, but I still love it!

Carnival Breeze Piano Bar

I decided to call it a night, it was a really long day I had not even napped. It is really hard for me to take naps…

And thats about it for day 2 folks. I was worn out and ready to get some sleep on that amazing bed…

Day 2, End.


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