Carnival Breeze Review Ch 15

Day 3, 

I woke up about at my average time on the Carnival Breeze, which is really early by the way. I wish I could sleep till later, but my biological alarm always goes off…


Remember that TV glitch that I talked about, here is a picture of it. Every time the image changed, it would hold part of the previous image and mix them. Some times they would morph into an image and you would have to wait for the system to go around to get to the one you wanted to see.


Just sailing along the coast Cuba


Talking about outlets, there are two in the dresser and one more in the bathroom. I managed with just using those 2 outlets, but there was a lot of cable swapping. Keep in mind that I have two batteries for each of the 3 cameras, plus the cell and laptop. So I have to stay on top of it just to make it work.

untitled-4 untitled-6 So anyway I wanted to try something different for breakfast since the day before was a little disappointing, I decided to shower and head to the MDR and check it out.

One thing that I would like to point out that absolutely love about carnival, is that they have dailies all over the Carnival Breeze. I really don’t understand why other lines are so cheap with this. On breakaway I went to guest services and asked for one and they told me they had none at 1pm. In Carnival you could find one at 11pm without a problem.

I grabbed an extra one to carry around since it was a sea day.


I took advantage and took pictures of the drink list in the atrium

untitled-24 untitled-25

The facts are pretty silly, but fun to read. I was just actually reading them now.

untitled-26 untitled-27

It was early in the morning and my guess is that everyone was enjoying sleeping late at our first day at sea.

untitled-31 untitled-32

Here is a short video of the Carnival Breeze video that morning


untitled-33 untitled-34 untitled-35 untitled-36 untitled-37


Here is a short video of the Main dining room by the Atrium, mid ship


Then I started heading towards the aft of the Carnival Breeze to the back MDR, that is the one that they had open for breakfast.

On the way there I went through Deck 4 which is one that I have yet to visit.

I never went there, but noticed in the fun times that several events are held here. Also keep in mind that there is a second part to the library and it is across the hall. They had an event early that morning and a couple was puzzled were to go, it was later that I realized about the second part of the library that they did not notice.

Carnival Breeze library untitled-40 untitled-41 untitled-42 untitled-44 untitled-45 The ironic part of the library bar is where they have the alcoholics anonymous meetings.


Someone in our roll call made comment how you can look at the people eating if you’re walking through this corridor. I have to agree with him, I am not a fan of that at all. You’re out like in exhibition, thankfully I was never sat there.


Computer areas are abundant on the Carnival Breeze, definitely the most i’ve seen o any ship. If you’re thinking of wether to bring your computer or not, and you have no need to download pictures and such. I would suggest leaving it at home. I saw plenty of people making use of them, throughout the cruise.

untitled-49 untitled-50

I visited the thrill theater once, it was a lot of fun. The cost for one admission is $7.95 and the show lasts about 25 minutes. Plan on getting very wet because you will, I had 3 cameras with me and I was having a hard time time finding cover for all of them. The one I saw was the 3 short films that once of logs, the other one is a river one and my favorite one is the last one with happy feet. It is definitely worth a try. Although I will say people with back problems should avoid it, the ride can get very rough at some points. And considering that there is no harness you find yourself all over the place.

I had a blast, I think most will do so as well. I would buy the unlimited pass if its a longer 8 day voyage. Carnival also offers the unlimited pass as one of the presents for many of their contests, so you might get lucky and win one.

untitled-51 Carnival Breeze Thrill Theater untitled-53

I kept on walking and noticed two more camp carnival areas. I must say they both had a musty smell to them. It was a first for the Carnival Breeze. Oh I forgot, I am not sure what Carnival is doing with this ship, but the smoke smell in the casino was none existent. I am not sure how they pull that one off, very impressive. I had people smoking next to me and the smell was undetectable. They must have an excellent filtration system deployed on that part of the Carnival Breeze.

Anyway here are the pictures for the two kid areas. One area is for one age group while the other one is for another. Keep in mind that on top of the lido deck is the area for the youngest ones.

untitled-54 untitled-55 Carnival Breeze kids camp untitled-57 untitled-58 Kids camp carnival breeze

Camp Carnival on the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-60 untitled-61 untitled-62

Our voyage had very few kids, it was made on an announcement by Butch and you could totally feel it on the Carnival Breeze. I am aware of just person on or roll call that had two young daughters. We met with them once, well I did. And they seemed to having a great time aboard with a smiling face.

untitled-63 untitled-64 untitled-65 untitled-66 untitled-67 untitled-68


Here are two videos of camp Carnival, one for each of the age groups.


The Arcade in the Carnival Breeze is kind of hidden behind a Camp carnival area. I must say it was really big, the biggest that I have seen aboard any ship. Carnival certainly offers nice areas for kids to have fun and stay occupied. But that is as far as my knowledge goes in this area.

Here are the pictures for the arcade area.

untitled-69 untitled-70 untitled-71 untitled-72 untitled-73 untitled-74 untitled-75 untitled-76 untitled-77

Here is a short video of the Arcade area.

Once I got to the Blush dinning room I asked to be sat in a table for one. I must admit that early in the morning I am not the most talkative person, it is usually after some coffee that I wake up and start becoming functional.

The Aft restaurant on the Carnival Breeze  is beautiful with very long chandeliers at the entrance.



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