Carnival Breeze Review Ch 17

After the thrill ride on the Carnival Breeze I decided to hit the jacuzzi for a little while before lunch. Our CC roll call was meeting in the Cucina Del Capitano restaurant for lunch. The jacuzzis on the lanai got decent traffic throughout the cruise, but overall they had much less people than the ones in the aft of the Carnival Breeze.

Carnival Breeze Lanai untitled-161 untitled-162 untitled-163

I left to go get ready for lunch with the CC group. Before entering my room I went to check out the view from the wrap around deck on the Carnival Breeze that I had yet to visit. That is when I noticed that I could see the bridge from there.
Carnival breeze bow front untitled-167 untitled-168 untitled-169 Carnival breeze bridge untitled-173 untitled-174 untitled-175

I took a short video, it was really windy that day!


Back in the room I fixed myself a cocktail and headed to the balcony to enjoy view, some nice tunes. All the while having the waves breaking in the bow of the Carnival Breeze as background noise.

I LOVED!!! the location of my balcony on the Carnival Breeze, I think this is one of my favorite new areas to book. You would think that the loud music from the Lido parties would filter into the room, but quite honestly I would rarely feel some base. Then there is the near proximity to all that AMAZING FOOD!


Soon enough it was time to head out for lunch. Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to wear my brand new white penguin shirt to an italian restaurant. I am sure mom is not pleased as she was the one who bought me the shirt. I was waiting for an special occasion to wear, but ummmmmmmm yeahhhhh…. I did not think that very well 

On the way there. People enjoying the warm weather on the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-179 untitled-180

LOVE THIS PICTURE! it is almost like if the story is partially told, so many things that you know, but yet you know nothing about it.


Carnival Breeze Cucina del Capitano

Carnival Breeze cucina del capitano review

The cost for dinner is $12 per person, for lunch its free.

It was a fairly large group, we sat at their largest table and it was a really tight fit. I think this was by far the time that the most of us got together. I also meet a few of CC members that I have not met with yet. This was the absolute best role call ever, no question about it.

I forgot to mention that I had quite a few drinks before this meeting, maybe I was a little nervous. Not sure why, everyone was so chill. Anyway, I guess it was good that I wore a white shirt in a way. Because I was sweating like a pig, but I think I managed to keep it hidden for the most part . It might have been the combination of caribbean weather, alcohol and high nerves.

Service was great very fast and a very handsome staff as pointed out by one of my fellow cruisers. I actually want to comment on that, I had been noticing that. A lot of Carnival Breeze crew is absolutely devine. And I think that goes for both genders! And hey I am single so I am to allowed to look and touch, well not touch . But look at the very least 

Ok lets see, for some dumb reason I ordered red clam sauce, the funny thing is that I never eat tomato sauce, not a fan. I love italian food, but always get alfredo or white wine sauce. I think I wanted to play it safe and decided not to eat cheese that day, ironically I ended getting up getting sick… I am not entirely sure what it was, but I felt bloated the rest of the day. It was pretty much a down day because of that reason. The crazy part is that I had my lactose pills and I even took them, none of my food had cheese in it.

Anyway here is my dish, it was actually very tasty, but not sure what happened.


This is the lasagna from another CC member. From what I can remember no one had anything bad to say about the food or service.

untitled-188 untitled-189

So anyway, as soon as I noticed that I had spilled sauce all over my shirt I tried discretely hiding it. Ummm yeah, there no hiding that on a brand new white shirt. Which reminds me, I am not even sure if the stain came out, gotta check that out. Anyway, thankfully no one noticed, yeah right, I am sure everyone noticed. But in my opinion everyone was nice enough not to call me out on it, thank you 

untitled-190  untitled-192

We finished eating and said our good byes and left. Do you know what the first thing I did after I left the restaurant?

Thats right, I took my shirt off in a femtosecond, lol. Only to expose my fat tummy, not that it helped much . But i guess it made me feel better, plus I was still hot as hell!

At the time I was not feeling sick, so I decided to head to room to make a drink and try to nap.

untitled-195 untitled-196 untitled-197 untitled-198

After some downtime I noticed some activity on the beach pool while changing channels and I decided to go check it out.


This was actually kind of funny in a way, although rude .

So there was some kind of competition on the main pool of the Carnival Breeze, I forgot what it was. But it was between guys VS girls, something about sunscreen. Anyway, some drunk guys kept jumping into the pool and getting the Carnival activities guy soaking wet. He was really getting frustrated, but the guys made a complete joke out of it and just kept pushing it. I give him a lot of credit for maintaining his temper down under the circumstances.



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