Carnival Breeze Review Ch 18

Continuing with my Carnival Breeze Review.

He told them he had electrical equipment in his hands, they could care less.

untitled-201 untitled-202 untitled-203 untitled-204 untitled-205 untitled-206

Right near the pool area with a bunch of drunk people, ummmmm yeahhhhhh, not sure who thought of this one… Maybe they were drunk themselves, because I nearly pocked myself with it by accident. I guess they are easy to take care off, and bring some spanish flare to the Carnival Breeze?


Long story short at the end of the contest they were supposed to put on a bunch of sunscreen and spread it evenly throughout their teammate body. The guys ended up winning.

untitled-208 untitled-209

I think they need help 

untitled-210 untitled-211 untitled-212

It was actually really funny, because when they told them about the last event they were all looking at each other with that face “this is really gay” lol. And I guess it had that kind of feel to it, you have guys touching this other guy all over. It was to die for, I loved it. The girls did not do as good, but in my opinion the guys had the upper hand as he had more surface to cover than the girl. Not too fair….

So one thing I loved about the Carnival Breeze was that even the looser team always gets a price, I think the other cruise lines do it as well. But I have never seen it done as much or as often. Pretty neat, I mean these folks go out there to have fun. But a lot of times it involves making a fool of yourself, it is nice to know that it goes rewarded no matter what.

Thumbs up Carnival!

I was also just talking with a friend about this topic. So here is the thing, I rarely participate in events like these, and by rarely I mean never. But these activities really bring some awesome energy to the overall cruise. Even if you’re just an spectator enjoying people making a fool of themselves, it really adds to your vacation. But also keep in mind if you’re more of a chill person there are many other areas for you like the lanai or the aft pool. I really think that Carnival has nailed a medium with this. Unlike with Celebrity were mom and I found ourselves bored at times, this never happened on the Carnival Breeze, and I was going Solo!

Which brings me to think why do people criticize Carnival so much? They are by no means perfect, but they have one amazing product!

Haters will be haters?


It was about time for the Carnival Breeze Live Hasbro game show, and as you I know by now am not a show kind of person. However, this was different, I have never been in a televised game show and that was something that I needed to check out.

The Hasbro game show had a very good turnout, and the host was Butch. He really did one amazing job with this, he really knows how to keep things rolling even when they stall for some reason. He was fantastic at his job, I have nothing but good things to say about him. Well he did push a lot of Carnival products through the speakers, but I guess that comes with the territory.

Anyway the show was fun, but the prices are kind of lousy. They are mostly a bunch of Hasbro  table games, so as you imagine the winner has to be child. I almost certain that this game is 100% fixed, I have read a few other reviews and they all had children as winners and about 70% of the contestants are adults. Sooooooooo Ummmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you do the math, that’s all ill say 

None the less if you have a kid bring him to the Carnival Breeze Hasbro Show and if he/she gets picked the odds are high that he/she they will win a bunch of games. And even if they loose they get a small price.

I actually stayed there for the entire show AWAKE!! , no other cruise line can claim that till today! The Carnival Breeze managed that, it is actually kind of incredible. My mom could not believe it. Well done Carnival. 

Carnival Breeze Hasbro show untitled-215

Carnival Breeze Hasbro Show.

untitled-216 untitled-217

I guess it is the large version of the Hasbro games? Not sure, never a fan.


since it is a televised show, they showed us this really old hasbro commercial during intermission (is that how its called?) it was really neat!

untitled-219 untitled-220 untitled-221 untitled-222 untitled-223 untitled-224

Ummmm yeah, fixed . Don’t tell anyone I told you . But you know what, I like that, a kid should always win this type of game.

untitled-225 untitled-226

By then my stomach was really bloated, I am not sure why.  Either way I decided to retreat to the balcony and try to see if relaxing a little could help me relieve it a little.

untitled-227 And what better way to feel better than to drink a bottle of wine… Not my brightest move , actually pretty dumb…

How cool is this picture? opening my bottle of wine an NCL wine opener on a Carnival Breeze cruise. lol. Traitor! Like I said in the past, I don’t play favorites. The funny thing is that I had completely forgotten to bring a wine opener and I found this one while going through my bad. But either way you can ask for one from guest/room service.



The Carnival Breeze was experiencing some light movement, I have to say that this is overall a very stable ship.  I think I downed that bottle of wine, and while I was feeling overall relaxed, my tummy was pretty pissed off at me. 

Carnival Breeze Lanai untitled-236

I somehow manage to take a long nap and woke up slightly hungry, but still sore. And what better way to that to go get a guys burger…. I was not thinking very clearly that day :/

No regrets though, those burgers are fantastic! The fries? Not so much.

carnival breeze guy’s burger joint

carnival breeze guy's burger joint

Since they had a movie on the big screen I decided to head out an watch it. I found the pool side theater to be a lot of fun on the Carnival Breeze.

Carnival Breeze pool side theater untitled-239

I remember getting some jacuzzi time after that, but for some reason I did not take pictures. The way I write these reviews is based on visual memory from the photographs.


I wish I could say that I did a lot more that day on the Carnival Breeze, but that was about it. After the movie I retreated to the room and found this guy.


And the fun times for Grand Cayman. He was very generous and gave extra chocolates.



I logged into the internet to send mom a quick email, it took me on average 2 minutes to send emails. It was later on during the cruise that I could simply log in and send a text message via iMessage much faster under one minute. From then on I did that and managed considerable savings. But then again you should just do what works for you.

But either way I am thinking about changing to T-mobile, since a CC cruiser told me that they have unlimited data internationally. That could really work to my benefit my cruising, granted it is only while you’re in port. I am planning on buying the iPhone 6 I think i will ditch AT&T and buy it under T-Mobile, I will have to go inquire.

So that was about it, I watched some TV. Oh, I don’t think I have discussed the TV yet. This one of the Carnival Breeze weak points, just not enough channels and the movie channels spend to much time showing promos for movies and they repeat movies quite often. Also, for some reason they were showing very sad movies, like the notebook… I mean really Carnival, what are you thinking? They did have a few new ones like frozen and the lego movie, but you have no control over the free movies, they start when they start. And half of the time there is nothing to watch on TV, but news. Who in their wild mind want to watch the news 24/7 while on their cruise?!?!?!. I understand catching up is a good thing, but a lot of the time there was just nothing. I ended up putting the Carnival Breeze stats channel a lot. This is a total miss for Carnival, I think NCL is also weak this aspect. Disney nails it with the most amazing TV system ever, all the Disney movies are free anytime!!!

Anyway, that’s it for day 3 guys.

Day 3, End.


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