Carnival Breeze Review Ch 22

I went for a little walk to see what other offerings they had in other areas of the buffet in the Carnival Breeze.

I try Mongolian Wok later on so I will comment on it then, but it is essentially an asian pasta bar. Everything is made to order.

carnival breeze mongolian wok untitled-369

Carnival Breeze Buffet


untitled-371 untitled-372 untitled-373 untitled-374

untitled-375 untitled-376

Please keep in mind that this changes on a daily basis, while I was not crazy about the fried chicken. The next day (I think) they had fish and chips, and absolutely adore fish and chips. Unfortunately I was so full that I did not even tried them.

One thing I never did was check the Carnival Breeze buffet for dinner, but I will tell you something. I wont make that mistake again! Next time you will see me there for lunch and dinner, I just wish you could get the chocolate melting cake at the buffet. I can honestly say that is the only reason I would find to go back to the MDR. I wonder if I can go just for dessert…

Carnival Breeze buffet

I noticed an arugula salad that looked pretty good and some seafood skewers that I wanted to try. So I got in line and got a small plate.

Both were very tasty. I did not finish the skewers as I was pretty full, but I ate the calamari, mushrooms and the cherry tomatoes.


My view from the Carnival Breeze that Day.


And last but not least, some ice cream. I kid you not, that is how much I served myself. I just needed a little sweet taste in my palate, after all that food. It was kind of funny, the people behind me were like “What the ….”. They just had that look on their face. But hey, it hit the spot!

carnival breeze ice cream

By then I just wanted to relax a little in the jacuzzi, the problem you ask? Well the sun was dead on top of the ship creating no shade in either side of the Carnival Breeze.


But I was determined to get some jacuzzi time, my solution you ask?

carnival Breeze Jacuzzi

Well I had to get creative,

here you go , lol



It managed to cover myself quite well, I did get a lot of sun exposure that day with the shore excursion and such. But I kept reapplying the sunscreen and it was pretty good for the most part. I never got burned, just tanned at a very slow rate, which is the way I like it.

Have I talked about the Carnival Breeze Lanai? If I did my apologies, it is really hard to keep track of everything. Well here is just my thought. Do you know how Norwegian claims that they have the very first waterfront area. Well in reality I think that Carnival kind of beat them to it with this class of ships (side note, OMG have you seen the new class of ships MSC just signed a contract for? Incredible!!!). Anyway, they have dinning with the red frog pub and plenty of areas to sit and relax. The only thing that differs is that NCL offers the area without the glass covering, while carnival has those tall glasses covering the entire area.

So here is the thing, while I hate how the glass obstructs the view, I did noticed that Norwegian Breakaway had tons of wind in that area. And if the ship was sailing at cruise speeds it was nearly impossible to sit outside and have a calm dinner. So the glass comes in handy to block the wind, but it blocks the view. On the other hand the wind would be really nice while you chill in the jacuzzi. I guess you can’t win them all. Maybe if it was clear glass with gaps like the top deck of Breakaway that could be a great middle ground. Some wind and room to have a clear view and stick out the cameras for great pictures.


After the sun wore me out I retreated to my favorite part of the Carnival Breeze, my private balcony. Its actually kind of funny, I was talking about this earlier with my mom. She was saying that we should just travel cheap and get only interiors cabins, then I recalled how much I used my balcony on all my prior cruises and I told her we can’t. Now don’t get me wrong, if there is no other way, I will board in a interior. But if I have a few extra bucks, I will always spend them in the balcony before anything else. I really enjoy the privacy that they offer.


2 things to note about this picture. The first and most important is that Carnival supplies the staterooms with some amazing bathrobes! I absolutely fell in love with them. I think if I was to buy anything else from the Carnival Breeze other than my model ship, it would be this robe. OMG they were fantastic!!! I think they put them in every room, because they know people will buy them. They are just that nice, much more comfy than the NCL ones. I can’t recall how the X ones felt…

The second thing to note, is that I was almost out of my bottle of booze that I have bought with carnival. And have just fixed myself a really strong drink and guess what happened to the entire drink?

Thats right, I knocked down the entire drink before I even had the first sip. Alcohol abuse!!!!!


Now not only was I out of liquor, but the balcony floor was super sticky. I have to get the garbage can fill it with water and rinse it out a couple of times… The worse part was that it was the first drink of the day… :/ How could that happen, ugghhhhhh 

I guess the good thing is that at least the glass did not break.

untitled-392 untitled-393 untitled-394 untitled-395 untitled-396 untitled-397

The officers were getting ready to leave, the Carnival Breeze was running a little behind schedule.

untitled-399 untitled-400

My guess is that we left a family behind that day, they kept calling their names for about 20 minutes after we left. Eventually they called it quits, not sure what happened there. 

Here is the video of the Carnival Breeze leaving Grand cayman.

Time lapse! Neat Video!


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