Carnival Breeze Review Ch 23

Here is the video of the Carnival Breeze leaving Grand cayman.

Time lapse! Neat Video!


untitled-406 untitled-407 untitled-408 untitled-412 untitled-415

Money Shot? Then again I think most fisheye pictures are Money shots. Damn sensor dust!

untitled-417 untitled-418 untitled-421

I actually forgot to bring these for the sail boat, but I had no problems. I think I have almost fully outgrown getting sea sick. knock on wood.


And here is the proof of my alcohol status level…. By the way I think I am done buying Sky vodka, I just seem to get much more headaches than my normal ones.


After we had set sail I decided to check out the top decks of the Carnival Breeze for a little while. First I went to Waterworks.

Short video of the area so you can get familiarized with it.

untitled-432 untitled-433 Carnival Breeze waterworks untitled-435

There’s always a supervisor there.

untitled-436 untitled-437 untitled-438

untitled-441 untitled-442

Then I headed to the Carnival Breeze Serenity area, it was getting some action that day. But overall I noticed that there is usually plenty of room on none sea days.

Walking video so you get a feel for the area.


Carnival Breeze Serenity untitled-446 untitled-449 untitled-450 untitled-451

The line was never too long for the Carnival Breeze water slides. But as another CC member said that can variate tremendously depending on the amount of kids on the vessel.

untitled-452 untitled-453 untitled-454

Then I went for a little walk around the rope course area.

untitled-462 untitled-468 untitled-470


I manage to get a hotdog on the last sea day.

untitled-472 untitled-474 untitled-475 untitled-476 untitled-478

The Carnival Breeze mini golf is fairly small, nothing like the Disney Dream. But they make up with the outdoor pool tables and rope course. More variety I think.

Carnival Breeze Mini Golf untitled-480 untitled-481 untitled-487

I am not entirely what to think about the whale tail, I like the ones that are low profile, they make the ship look slick. But I am not crazy about the ones that are like the Victory ones. You know really tall. Just a personal thought, in the end it is Carnival trademark. So I am sure most people like them 

untitled-488 untitled-490 untitled-492

It is crazy that I never tried the aft pool. I need a 8 day cruise on the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-494 untitled-496 untitled-498 untitled-500 untitled-502

I was due for some pizza


Every time that I went to the Carnival Breeze pizza place, they had just a few slices available. But there is always someone there working, my guess is that they just make the according to demand.

untitled-504 untitled-505

These tables had a great view.


Oh! I forgot, the fountain drinks in the aft pool have no ice machine. What the Hell!!!, lol I love Ice, and in a hot day it is a must. I guess you can go across to the sunset bar and ask for ice. Just a little inconvenient…

untitled-507 untitled-508 untitled-513

Then I headed to deck 5 and took some pictures of the Carnival Breeze pastry shop.


I am not happy with these pictures, but as they are the only ones I have of these dessert, I have no option but to post them. They give you an idea of prices.

This venue never had a line, but you always saw 1 or 2 people there ordering coffee or pastries.

untitled-521 untitled-524 untitled-525 untitled-526

These were huge!!!!

untitled-527 untitled-528 untitled-529 untitled-530 untitled-531 untitled-532

Then I stepped outside to lanai, I take pictures of the Carnival Breeze BBQ and the food on the last sea day. Keep in mind that they are only open on sea days. I am not big on BBQ, and let me tell you the line here gets long. So try to make it early.

untitled-534 Carnival Breeze BBQ

I will also say that this is the ship that I have seen the least amount of Purell stations out of all the ships that I have sailed on. Not particularly something I like… They should add more, specially for a ship of this capacity. Seems to me like a inexpensive add, and one that would prevent potential problems.

untitled-536 untitled-537 untitled-538


I mean really how cool is that? Oh by the way upon further research, it seems Sony is implementing this feature on most of their cameras. This made me really happy, not to start any camera talk again. But ummm yeah, Gambee is on the look again . I guess I am never satisfied with camera equipment.


Those wide chairs? ( I dont know what to call them) are only available on one side of the ship. Port side? yes I think. Oh boy I need another Breeze cruise! Kevin book Me please!


Here is the red frog pub outside seating.


Just like any other line, I saw staff caring for the ship constantly.

untitled-551 untitled-552

I decided to head towards Bonsai to try out the sushi on the Carnival Breeze. On my way in I noticed the martini tasting, unlike other ships that I have been on. The martini tasting on the Breeze you can get at any time, well X had something similar. Anyway, you get 4 martinis for $17, but they are not the regular size ones. I think they are maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of a martini?

Horrible picture, ugh. Sorry folks, like I said. We live, we learn. But anyway, not sure good of a deal it is, the martini glasses looked rather small. I find a great booze deal later on during the cruise, no worries.

untitled-553 untitled-554

And here is the taste bar and the offerings of the week.

untitled-555 untitled-556

Then I got to the Carnival Breeze Sushi restaurant Bonsai, the place is located in a high traffic area and you’re pretty much on display for anyone going to the piano bar, comedy show and other areas. It is somewhat similar to breakaway style. But I think I much rather be in a semi-private place like the one on the Allure of the seas.

The menu is really limited, you really have very few options to pick from. The good news? The food was incredible! I am extremely picky about my sushi, and let me tell you something this was some really good sushi. The rice was right on the spot and everything just tasted very good and fresh. Of course we all know its frozen fresh because of the simply fact that we are on a ship. But from what I could get, they are using good high quality ingredients for this venue.

Carnival Breeze sushi review

I apologize for how dark the pictures are, but I did not have my NEX camera with me. This is about as good as it gets for the RX100 under poor lighting.


I am not a fan of seating at the bar, so I sat on a high top for two. I figured it was a good way of not taking to much space but while still having space to place all my stuff on.



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