Carnival Breeze Review Ch 24

Continuing with the Carnival Breeze Bonsai sushi restaurant review.

Carnival Breeze Bonsai Sushi restaurant

They gave me complimentary edamame, which by the way was spicy as hell!!


One thing to note is that they do not offer ice tea in this venue, only hot tea, water and whatever drink selections you see on the menu. Also they serve the water on those tinny ceramic cups, so if you drink a lot of water it can be a bit of a pain. Personally I love those ceramic cups, because they kept the water cool for much longer. Very neat!


The service was really good as well.

By the way you can also get take out. Next time Ill get take out and eat it on my balcony =)


I ordered the Tuna and Mango tartare, it was to die for!


And the shrimp tempura roll, really good as well.


The price is not too bad. By the way I love how the Carnival Breeze charges gratuity in these type of venues, that way you know it is not included and the servers don’t get stiffed. Although not sure why they did not charge it on the steak house. Tipping is a topic that is very subjective, and I really don’t want to start a discussion about it. But if you know me, you know that I usually over tip. On this trip I was really strapped for cash, but believe it or not, I set aside a significant (considering circumstances) sum of money just for tips. 


Before heading up to the room I took a picture of the Carnival Breeze Main Dining Room menu for the day. That seafood platter sounds nice.

untitled-570 untitled-571

And I got some self serve ice cream. Tell me that does not look funny 

Carnival Breeze ice cream

I had plans to go to the Diva show that night, but I had some time to burn. I headed to the room and relaxed for a little while.


I don’t think I have talked about this yet. I am not crazy about the balcony doors that the Carnival Breeze had. I much rather the sliding doors from the other ships I have been on.The first thing is that when these doors close they can be very loud, and some times people in the rooms next to you slam them at all hours of the night. The second issue I found with them is that I enjoy sleeping with the door open. It is much easier to slide the other doors and then lock them in whatever position you want. I am not saying its impossible on the Carnival Breeze, all I am saying is that its a little more complicated.

As you can see here I had to use the chair to jam the door open. I tried looking for a looking mechanism on top but saw none. One night my door slammed shut, my guess is that a gust of wind did it. Either way I was wide awake after that.

untitled-579 untitled-582

The thermostat of the room was pretty accurate and easy to use for the most part. I have not found one ship that I have fully understand how they work. The temperature seems to variate widely from one setting to another at different times of the day. But the Carnival Breeze was pretty accurate. I left it very cold during the day and at night I raised the temperature.


Then I got ready and headed down to the Ovation theater to check out Divas. Please note that the pictures that I take of the show are prior the copyright warning and is not actual part of the show. It is pre-show and changes during all shows.

So the Carnival Breeze Divas show starts by selecting a few couples from the audience then they compete in some contests to get to a winner.

Carnival breeze shows Carnival Breeze entertainment

This guy was FABULOUS!!!! He actually won his wife the price!

untitled-587 untitled-588

Once a winner is selected they take the wife away and they promise to reveal her as the top Diva at the end of the show.

One thing I will say is that again, the Carnival Breeze managed to keep in the theater for the entire show. I was not crazy about the stage, very bare, nothing really catches your eyes. However the music that they performed was mostly music I loved, so I enjoyed that part. Most of the performers were very good dancers and singers, with an exception. The show flowed very well and I truly enjoyed myself during this performance.

I ordered a chocolate martini.


At the end of the show they show the Diva and everyone rises and applauds. Overall very entertaining, while I think the Carnival Breeze could use some better decor for the stage.

Back in the room I saw this guy waiting for me. What is that? some kind of dog?

untitled-600 untitled-602

Then I headed to the Limelight lounge to see the comedy show. This was the first time that I found a chair available to sit.

The Carnival Breeze comedy show had very R-rated language, my type of comedy. But it was very hard for him to fully engage the audience with that kind of comedy. At times it was a hand full of us laughing and the rest of people looking like what the hell… From what I gather Carnival has no fear with true no sensor comedians (my type), I will make sure to go to more of these in the future.


After that was over I headed over to the seaside theater, found a spot and enjoyed the movie.


I noticed a few people with popcorn, but I never saw where to get it from…

After the movie I called it a night, they play movies until really late in the seaside theater. You will never notice in the lido deck cabins. I think this is one of the things that I really enjoy about the Carnival Breeze. I think by now you get a feel that I am not much of a party monster. But hey, we do what we like right? And I was doing everything that I absolutely loved. Just having a great time!!!

Overall It had been one of the best days of this cruise.

Day 4, end.


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