Carnival Breeze Review Ch 25

Day 5 of my Carnival breeze review in Cozumel

I woke up that morning and relaxed for a little while. I had ordered room service the night before, and was I up just before the set delivery time. Little did I know that she was right on time with my food, great service again the Carnival Breeze shines. She was also really nice and asked me if I needed anything else. As asked me how the cruise was going? Very friendly. As always I had her tip set aside since the night before.

One thing that I had never done before, she asked me to sign my order to ensure that delivery was done. I was not familiar with this procedure on any other line. Not a problem, just pointing out.

carnival breeze room service

The bagel was hard as a rock, I think if I threw it overboard I could of killed a dolphin! lol, Other than that everything was pretty good.

Carnival Breeze Breakfast

Smoked salmon. Now that I think about it, I never saw salmon on the breakfast station in the buffet. Maybe they had it on the back stations? Not sure. I know they had it in the MDR for breakfast.

untitled-3 untitled-4

While I was eating my breakfast I turned on the TV and noticed that the pool cam was showing all the towel animals on deck. I had to get pictures of that, so I got ready and headed out.


Something kind of funny happened that morning. My routine when I leave the room is that I always grab my camera and the key card. Well did time I grabbed the camera, but instead of grabbing the key card I grabbed a memory card instead. lol. So I had to go to guest services to get a temp card to open my room.

Carnival Breeze Guest Services


Please don’t ask me how the hell could I confuse the room card with a memory card… I guess it was early in the morning, you know… The brain is not fully functional yet. lol.


Getting the new card was a Breezeeee  and again a pleasure to go to guest services. I headed up to the beach pool to get the pictures of the towel animal display. This must a major under taking, great props for the staff that does this for us to enjoy.

untitled-8 untitled-9

At this point I Like to say that the Carnival Breeze is ONE AMAZING SHIP!!!

untitled-10 untitled-11 untitled-12

This guy was missing an eye, lol. Mayby he needs a patch arrrrrrrrr . ( please no offense to anyone, just a silly joke).


I wonder at what time they start making these displays.

untitled-14 untitled-15

Carnival Breeze Towel animals

Carnival Breeze towel animals untitled-19

I decided to go to the DJ Booth area to get a better picture.

Carnival Breeze Towel Animals untitled-21

I headed back to the room to relax before we docked, only to find this on my tv.


I retreated to the balcony while the Carnival Breeze docked in Cozumel.

untitled-24 untitled-25 untitled-26 untitled-27

Then I went to the front balcony to see if we were docked next to another ship. Indeed we were right next to the Carnival triumph.

untitled-28 untitled-30

Like I said not crazy about the tall whale tails.

untitled-31 untitled-32

Never seen this before in Cozumel. Maybe the RCCL and X pier is shorter? Not sure, I think about the same. Maybe it has to do with contracts…

untitled-35 untitled-36 untitled-37

I think the Carnival Triumph mini golf is larger than the one on the carnival breeze.


The Triumph also had their towel animals in display.


I noticed the flow rider was already open

untitled-40 untitled-41

I think if I ever sail on the Carnival Triumph or similar class ship, that will be the jacuzzi that I would frequent the most. I am sure you know why by now 

untitled-42 untitled-43

The Carnival Triumph looked very worn out for a ship that just went through a remodel. I will simply let the pictures do the talking. I did however talked to some cruisers that were traveling in her and they said that she looked nice inside. However, the outside had much more rust than I like seeing on ships.

She looked rough to say the least…. :-/

untitled-46 untitled-47 untitled-48 untitled-53

It was pretty much spread out throughout the entire ship. But then again the people sailing inside her would have a hard time seeing what we saw. Either way just seems to me like Carnival should be keeping her a little cleaner on the outside. As much as we like to say to never judge a book by its cover, the cover no the less has something to say. Just saying…

Anyway, I took a few more pictures before heading down.

untitled-60 untitled-61 untitled-62

Then I took the elevator down to get off the Carnival Breeze, and getting off the ship was quick and painless.


Carnival tends to over do it with the photographers, very annoying. But then again I just said no and walked pass them. I never purchase pictures.


Think twice before brining illegal substances, I saw a lot of these on all 3 ports.


untitled-69 untitled-70

Carnival please clean her. She deserves it as an amazing ship that she is!

untitled-74 untitled-76 untitled-77 untitled-80 untitled-83

You can see all the excursions signs there, you can either ask a carnival employee to direct you, or you can look around for yours. Mine was one of the front ones and I found it pretty quickly. I gave him my ticket and then went for a walk.

untitled-91 untitled-94 untitled-95 untitled-98 untitled-99


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