Carnival Breeze Review Ch 27

Continuing with my Carnival Breeze Review.

Something that I have missed in the past is this direct access to the water from there. There is no cost or anything, you can go in the water and snorkel right there. Remember this is the RCCL and X Dock. The one thing to note is that I is quite dangerous getting out, that girl needed assistance to get out at then end. I have to keep this in mind next time I go to Cozumel, it seems like a good place to snorkel after you’re done with your shore excursion. 


So personally I don’t see the point of getting off the ship just to eat in port, unless it is something very specific. Just my opinion, it seems to be quite popular because those restaurants are always jammed with people having a great time. But I rather save my money for amazing shore excursions like the one I just got off from.

I took a few pictures before heading back on board.

They were remodeling this one.

untitled-256 untitled-270 untitled-271

Here is the menu for another one.

untitled-273 untitled-274

I mean $14 for a burger is not exactly a reasonable price. I don’t mind paying bucks for a good burger, but that thing better be amazing. There is a restaurant here in Ft. Lauderdale and they offer kobe beef burgers. Trust me I have paid a lot more than that for a burger, but it was divine!


And heading back to the Carnival Breeze. Something to note here that if you want to get back on board they make you go through a long shopping plaza. On the bright side this plaza is air conditioned, the negative side is that it gets very crowded and walking through it is a bit of a pain. Well at least for a none shopper like me . I think every 5 seconds I had a product offered to me, just saying… They don’t have this in the RCCL pier.


Back on board Carnival Breeze the pool had some little action.


So when in Mexico, you eat what? Yeah thats right, Blue Iguana 

My usual 1 fish, 1 shrimp and 1 steak. Again AMAZING!!! Why would I pay in port when I have these beauties onboard already payed for?

I decided to eat those in the room and take advantage of the cold AC. I was a very hot day, and I was still overheated from all the action.


After I ate those I was still a bit hungry, so I decided to try Mongolian Wok.


The way Mongolian Wok on the Carnival Breeze works is that you create your own bowl with what you want on it, then you tell them what kind of protein you want on it and then the sauce. I originally had confused this venue with Tandor and I avoided it because I heard it was spicy. But Mongolian Wok can be made 100% mild, so no worries there. Like I said, I can tolerate spicy food, but I don’t particularly enjoy it.

The line was not bad, I think a total of 10 minutes.

untitled-287 untitled-288

They had your basic veggies and whatnot, everything looked nice and fresh.

Carnival Breeze Mongolian Wok

Here is mine, a lot of mushrooms and onions.

untitled-290  untitled-292

They make 3 at a time.

untitled-293 untitled-294

And the sauces, I asked for black bean. I think they can also be made sauceless.


It was actually very good, I really enjoyed it. The problem is that I was pretty full already, I think the tacos had kicked in by then. I think I ended up eating most of it. Wish I had a longer cruise to try out more of these. The Carnival Breeze really does have possibly the best for free lunch selections out of all of cruises. Well Disney still wins with free crab claws and lamb. But Carnival does an amazing job at keeping me very happy for lunch. Ill take this lunch over RCCL, NCL and X anytime!

I think it comes down to the personalization of the items.


I went touring the other food stations of the Carnival Breeze and get some pictures of what was available. Again keep in mind they are all spread throughout the entire buffet area.

untitled-298 untitled-299 Carnival Breeze buffet

untitled-301 The Deli is one of the venues located towards the back of the buffet, near the main dessert selection.

untitled-304 untitled-306

This picture came out horrible, the RX100 struggles with situations like this one at times.


I wanted to try out the carrot cake, but quite honestly I know if I did I would be paying for it later on. I had already pushed it with the Mongolian Wok, so I simply decided to skip it.

untitled-308 untitled-309

I never ate in this area, everything here looked delish! Until next time Carnival Breeze!


That coconut fish was calling my name!

untitled-311 untitled-312 untitled-313 untitled-314 untitled-316

Not crazy about the cheese section on the Carnival Breeze, I have to say they are really lagging behind in this department.

untitled-317 untitled-318 untitled-319

untitled-321 untitled-322

then went to the tides bar to get a long island ice tea, the tides bar is the one in the aft pool. By the way here are were all the LGBT meetings were held on our Carnival Breeze cruise, I think they had one nightly. Never made it to any of them, I usually travel with mom so I am not accustomed to frequenting them. The one time I walked by one on a cruise (I forgot which one), it was dead, maybe 3 people or so. Maybe attendance depends on the cruise line, who knows. I did see quite a few gay couples walking throughout the ship.

Carnival Breeze Bars

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, Carnival has drink servers making rounds by the pool constantly. I know other lines offer it as well, but Carnival differs in that they have them walking with drinks in the specialty souvenir glasses. Now, personally I would not buy them from them. Simply because these drinks have exposed to the sun and are not at their prime by then. I think I rather walk to the bar and have them make me one. You know I regret not buying a coconut fresh water in Grand Cayman, I completely forgot about it.

You can see some of the the glasses there behind my drink.


Again, fun times available everywhere in the Carnival Breeze!  How hard is it to do this NCL? RCCL offers them, but only on specific areas.


I decided to get my drink and head to Lanai and get some jacuzzi time. My muscles were really worn out 

untitled-334 untitled-336


All for myself, and with plenty of shade.

Carnival Breeze Jacuzzi


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