Carnival Breeze Review Ch 28

Continuing with my Carnival Breeze Review. And all my stuff, I usually bring everything with me to cover my cell phone from any accidental splashing. 


Since I was running low on booze I decided to leave. By the way I that drink did nothing to me, while I still believe it was weak. I also think that the fact that my stomach was so full also contributed to that. Either way I needed another drink so I went to look out for one. Usually you see the crew coming around the Lanai offering drinks, but this time none had come since I got there. So I knew unless I got up from my lazy butt, I would not get another drink.


Something funny to note is that till this day I had not noticed the forward jacuzzis for the crew on the Carnival Breeze. They are kind of hidden, and since this area tends to be windy people don’t last there very long.


I headed up to serenity and left all my stuff on a chair, not usually my style, but I did not feel like going to the room to drop off my phone. I wanted to go down the water slide just once, so I figured it would be fine. In the past I had stuff stolen and since then I am very careful about leaving my belongings unattended.

untitled-350 untitled-351 untitled-352

It would be really nice if those partially covered areas in Serenity were actually fully covered.


The couple from the regatta told me that the basketball court on the Triumph was a joke. Now I could see why, quite honestly for me it’s not a problem. But I did see a lot of action on our court, so I can see how this can be a problem for some.

untitled-355 untitled-356 untitled-358

Great picture from the perspective of the Carnival Breeze water slides.

untitled-361 untitled-362

When I got to the top deck I was told that the yellow was malfunctioning and only small children could go on it at the time. Later on that day I spoke to a CC member who told me the she basically almost got stuck in there, my guess is that one of the water pumps was out. Later on in the cruise they fixed it because I saw adults on line.

Anyway, so the only option was to go on the orange one or walk down. I really did not want to use orange one, mainly because the first time I used it, it hurt my back. But then again I did not feel like walking down either, so I decided to wing it and try it again.

I tried lifting my back slightly, but I still managed to scratch my back again. I am not sure if this a common problem or it was just happening to me.

Carnival Breeze water slides untitled-364 untitled-365

I stop at the restroom near serenity. Nice and Clean.

untitled-366 untitled-368

I decided to stop by the Carnival Breeze Serenity bar and test my luck there.

This time around I went for orange vodka straight up, they did not have any martini glasses. So they give you some kind of plastic wine glass. Makes sense, trying avoid broken glass everywhere.

Keep in mind that the only orange vodka they had up there was Grey G, so you will be paying a premium for this martini. But, then again if you’re a martini drinker you know that by now 

Carnival Breeze Serenity bar untitled-371

And for the second time in this cruise I decided to check out the serenity jacuzzi.

Carnival Breeze Drinks

I did not last long there, but it was fun while it lasted. I think once the drink ran out, I was pretty much out of the place.

Anyway, then the Triumph started leaving.

untitled-385 untitled-399

And I retreated to my balcony to relax for a little while. I really think I got my moneys worth with my balcony on the Carnival Breeze. I always make lots of use with my balconies, but this time I really enjoyed a little extra. The location was just perfect for me, I wish I could afford this location all the time.

untitled-402 untitled-404 untitled-407

Something a little funny is that I had no idea I was a Art enthusiast, or even more so that one of my favorite artist was Peter Max, just a little inside joke there 


I noticed that I was charged by mistake on the Serenity bar, so I headed down to take care of it. It was actually for a soda that they had confused my order for.

Again guest services was quick, and really nice to deal with.


Then I headed to the Carnival Breeze Red Frog Pub to try out that place. Everything is priced reasonably.

untitled-414 untitled-417 Carnival Breeze Red Frog pub untitled-420

I am not entirely sure what I was thinking, but I decided to get a pitcher of their specialty beer. I am not much of a beer drinker, but I was still attempting to get my buzz going on and so far I had failed at it . I saw a good deal on the pitcher and decided to go with it. The reason I don’t drink beers often is because they make me feel bloated, and it also makes go to the bathroom very frequent.

Those peanuts are spicy as hell! But very tasty.

Carnival Breeze Red frog Pub


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