Carnival Breeze Review Ch 3

Continuing with the Carnival Breeze Spa tour and Review.

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The entire time there was no one here, I actually did wanted to inquire about the scrub in the front as I do use them from time to time.


This area is absolutely fantastic to sit and relax. It had a very nice vibe, just mellow and relaxed.

untitled-69 untitled-70 untitled-71

And now this is a couples room! It reminds me of the one in the Disney Dream.

untitled-72 untitled-73

It was really nice, I wonder how much it goes for? Maybe in the price list, will be honest and say that I have not checked.


How cool is that? notice the 2 separate seats? I could totally chill in there =)

untitled-75 untitled-76 untitled-77 untitled-78

This pool was much larger than I thought it would be. But I guess in the end it depends on how many access passes they sell.


This is something that I struggled to understand when I was reading reviews. How it works is that the people in Serenity can see towards this area. Although the glass is quite dark and its a little rough to get a clear view. Personally I would had liked that had side windows, but a dark roof cover the sun. It was really hot in there, almost like a sauna and jacuzzi all in one .

untitled-80 untitled-81 untitled-82

You can see the Carnival Breeze hydrotherapy pool from serenity.

untitled-83 untitled-84

This area is really really nice, but again it felt small for a vessel of this size.

untitled-85 untitled-86 untitled-87 untitled-88 untitled-89 untitled-90 untitled-91 untitled-92 untitled-93 untitled-94

After I was done with the spa tour I decided to head upstairs to serenity and check it out. Overall a very nice area, with comfy padded lounges. However, I rarely used this area… why you ask? well, it is a real shame that Carnival does not cover their jacuzzis with some kind of roof. It is simply too much sun exposure for me, I actually only made here 3 times and most of them were at night when the sun was fully gone. 


Although now that think about it a roof here would not work because of the wind. But something like the solarium of Oasis would be amazing, that was my favorite area of that ship.

untitled-97 untitled-98 untitled-99

One thing I will never understand is why does Carnival covers their jacuzzis with glass around them. I am not a fan of that, I like when you can get the ocean breeze while I am in the jacuzzi. For those who don’t know me, I am jacuzzi fanatic, so I guess that is why I criticize this area so much.

I will say that there are plenty of jacuzzis aboard this vessel, I never encountered a problem when trying to find a spot in one to relax.


untitled-101 untitled-102

Once you exit Serenity on the Carnival Breeze,  you immediately encounter waterworks. Some people complain that the noise from waterworks damages the serenity environment, personally it was not an issue for me.

untitled-103 untitled-104 untitled-105 untitled-106

Carnival Breeze Waterworks.


This slide was my personal favorite, I actually did not care for the bowl one.

Carnival Breeze Water slides untitled-109 untitled-110

I kept on walking heading towards the kids club, these pictures are on the way there.

untitled-112 untitled-113 untitled-114 untitled-115

Notice no lines in Tandoor?


Carnival Breeze Tandoor

I ended up in the aft pool by accident.

untitled-117 untitled-118 untitled-119 untitled-120 untitled-121 carnival breeze aft back pool

Then I figured out where my mistake was done and I headed to right way towards the Carnival Breeze  kids club.


This is the first of many pictures of the Carnival Breeze Whale Tail.

Carnival Breeze whale tail


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