Carnival Breeze Review Ch 31

I hope everyone enjoys this last chapter the Carnival Breeze.

Then I decided to try out Tandoor. Keep in mind that everyone that I spoke to said if you do not like spicy food, try to avoid it. However I found two things that I loved!

Carnival breeze tandoor untitled-121 untitled-122 untitled-123 untitled-124 untitled-125 untitled-126 untitled-127 untitled-128 untitled-129 untitled-130 untitled-131 untitled-132 untitled-133 untitled-134

Wonder what it is that I loved?

Hummus, flat bread and the tomatoes with the goat cheese  lol


They were right, the fish was really spicy for my taste, I could not put it down. It was a very popular place, but the line moved very fast. I saw several officers dinning there as well, they were behind me in line.

Then I walked inside the buffet and I noticed the chocolate buffet, so I got in line. The line was very long, and there was only one person cutting cakes. Which meant that it moved very slowwwwwwww. Honestly if they had all the cakes pre-cut it would move very fast or just add one more guy and at least cut the time in half.


I started talking to the lady in front of me about the line and she agreed. It was quite long, but little did I know that she was from our role call. I introduced myself, and she said oh yeah I know you. Very nice gal =)


See only one person for maybe 20 type of cakes… Mind you personally I am not a fan of cakes, but I had to review them, thats pretty much why I waited.


But then I noticed a white chocolate cake, that I HAD TO TRY! I am a fool for white chocolate!


But if you’re a chocolate lover this is your place!

untitled-144 untitled-145 Carnival Breeze chocolate buffet

That’s right, White chocolate cake!

untitled-147 untitled-148

A lot of the items just seemed like simple snacks.

untitled-149 untitled-150

There was no chocolate fountain, or at least I did not see it.

untitled-151 untitled-155

I wish I had some of the Banana ones.

untitled-156 untitled-158 untitled-159

Here is what I got, white chocolate cake, chocolate wonton and chocolate churro. The cake was great, the other 2 were just ok. Maybe they sat for too long. Still I did not want to fill up and ate just a little from each. I asked him for a small piece and that is what I got, lol.


After that I decided to go check out the BBQ.

They were doing Bingo on Beach Pool. That is definitely a great idea, I saw a lot of people playing. I am sure Carnival comes out as a big winner by doing bingo in the beach pool.

Carnival Breeze poolside bingo

The BBQ gets very busy, I went down there with the thought of trying it, but there was no way I was going to make that line for something that I just don’t like that much. A few people have commented that the BBQ is not that good, so just keep that in mind.

untitled-171 untitled-172 untitled-173

Maybe I might had enjoyed the grilled veggies, those are my favorite!

untitled-174 untitled-175 untitled-176

Like I said the line was quite long


After that I headed to the caffee and I got a few pictures of some of the desserts offered. Everything here looked great! Maybe next time ill try one with mom.

untitled-197 untitled-198 untitled-199

Wine packages anyone?


These are really neat, I have never seen them on any other cruise line. Carnival seems to have a lot of products that other cruise lines should be using, but for some odd reason the are not. This computer is there to help you add funds to you kids cards, or controlling pretty much all finical aspects of your sing and sail card. I only used it once just to try out, and it worked great. My only thing here is that they should have more of these throughout the Carnival Breeze.




I retreated to my balcony to chillax a little and enjoy the Sea Day. I noticed a cargo or oil ship in the distance. He was heading right at us, but I think it slowed down to let us pass.


Here is the video.


Just for those who are wondering we had 8ft -10ft waves that day, they most I have experienced is 20-25 ft.

Short video from my balcony.

I remember someone complaining that I show my feet a lot on my Disney review. The thing is that feet photographs give a lot of perspective for the time in place. I think I hit a home run on how to these type of pictures 

You see them, but then again you don’t, lol.

untitled-210 untitled-211 untitled-217

A sad moment here I decided to head out to the front balcony to get some pictures of and video. It was insanely windy out there, I have no idea why in my right mind did I brought my hat with me that time.

To give you an idea of how windy it was I made this video.

So anyway I was all happy taking pictures.

untitled-219 untitled-220 untitled-222 untitled-226

When suddenly my hat just flew out of my head, by the time I realized it was gone it was already way gone. Good bye fedora, at least she served her purposed by serving well during my Breakaway and most of the Carnival Breeze cruise. Need to get a new one now…

I went back to the room and I noticed something my room steward had done. He put a little clean towel under my tooth brush, I haver seen this done ever. This guy was just fantastic! He got a little extra, no worries.


I then decided to grab my main camera with the fish eye lens and I went for a tour around the Carnival Breeze with her. This puts the ship under a different perspective.

Messy huh 

untitled-232 untitled-237

I decided to get some tacos before they closed down, my last chance at eating these AMAZING TACOS!!!!

untitled-239 untitled-241

I guess everyone was aware of them closing!


My very last two tacos of the cruise . But so Yummy!


This picture came out really neat, I really love that fish eye lens.


That was the first time I noticed that table tennis.


untitled-247 untitled-248 untitled-250 untitled-251

Now onto Serenity.

untitled-255 untitled-256

It was empty for a sea day, don’t you think so?


Nice view down.

untitled-260 untitled-261 untitled-262 untitled-264 untitled-265 untitled-267

The pool was clearing up, maybe everyone was looking for lunch?


Still closed…


And your Carnival Breeze Whale Tail

Carnival Breeze Whale Tail

2 CC members were in the pool and waving at me 

untitled-280 untitled-281untitled-284

Inside Cucina


Limelight louge


Here is the video for that area

I kept on walking the piano bar.


And the entrance to the Liquid night Club. One thing I don’t think I have said, is that they always had security standing outside of this club when it was open. Also my group mentioned that some ladies were escorted out of the night club one day over some drama that occurred. I can’t go into detail since I am not aware of what really happened.


Here is the inside of the club, very nice inside.


RedFrog Pub


I am absolutely horrible with faces, but by God, I know those two folks to the left. I don’t know from where, or when, but I know them. I don’t think they were part of out role call.


Plaza Cafe


Internet Area



An the Casino, I am proud to say that Carnival did not get one dollar out of me 


The candy store.



These are really cute


Then I grabbed a long Island in the Atrium bar, I asked if it could be made strong. This picture is in the panoramic elevator, heading up. 


The waves were still breaking pretty strong. You could see people often walking through deck 5 just staring at the waves breaking. Very neat!


I actually watched the Lego movie, my friends kept telling me about it. So I figured it was a good time to relax and watch a movie. It was ok, definitely not the glorified movie that it is meant to be. But the thing to note is that Carnival does offer recently released movies. Just please Carnival, stop playing movie promos and just start a new movie after you finish the other one.


!!! Video Tour/Review – Must Watch !!!

Ok so I think this is a good place to put my video review. My video reviews pretty much sum up my entire experience and helps understand the flow of the Carnival Breeze.

You cannot read my review and not watch my video reviews. They are like the cherry on top 

So I invite everyone to check them out 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I take about 1 hour of each cruise to do these videos, and then some while editing and such. They are a lot of work, please watch them =). 

So back to the story I went back to the jacuzzi for one last time.


There were a few of us there enjoyed the view and some bubbles. I basically blasted some good tunes and relaxed while the world passed by.


The Lanai can be a very relaxing area, I really enjoy being in jacuzzis so close to the water. This is a first.


I deserved that jacuzzi time after all the walking around the Carnival Breeze, I think I must of toured the entire ship about 3-4 times that day. Maybe that is why I don’t gain that much weight on my cruises, because I definitely eat a lot more than I do at home. Not to mention I drink a lot more as well.

After that I went upstairs and talked to my room steward, told him he was the very best I have ever had and gave him a little extra. One thing that got me thinking is that these solo sales, must really affect their income. But I think I at least matched his portion of it to make into a 2pp sailing, I forgot how much goes for the room steward.

Then I had to run to Guy’s, and GUESS WHAT?!?!!?!?




I was so happy that they served me, I got there 5 minutes late and they were already closed. I pretty much begged him for one last one, and he brought me one from inside. I was so grateful, again most of Carnival service was absolutely fantastic! I never go late to venues, I understand how tired people are and they just want to close and get it over with. But honestly there was a miscalculation of time and I thought they closed at 6:30, but in reality they closed at 6:00. I got there at 6:05, it was very nice of them to serve me.


Bittersweet moments when you know the cruise is coming to end, but fortunately there will be many more.


I got ready and headed down to our groups meeting place for one last dinner together.

There was a party going on in the atrium.

notice the lady with the cane on her head, she was great, and she was having a blast dancing for the crowds.


I met up with them, and then we headed towards the MDR. For some odd reason we got sat in the middle of the dinning room, don’t ask me why . But it was the perfect place to see all the waiters sing and dance later on.

It was a pretty large group and while everyone was sad that the cruise was ending, but it was ending on a great tone. Oh I forgot, we never waited more than 3 minutes to be sat in the MDR. May I need to remind you of the wait times of the MDR aboard Breakaway? give or take 30-60 minutes and even on the Allure the waits were 10-25. Carnival has something right here, and keep in mind we had anytime. Carnival shines in many areas that I was not expecting her to shine. As a matter of fact this was one of the things that I feared since there were so many negative reviews about wait times.

Service that night was the fastest that I had experienced out of all our dinners. It was very good, but maybe too little too late. Really not sure why it was so slow the other nights, but like I said we were having a great time so it did not matter much. But I still have to point it out.

I got the crab cake. It was not bad, but not good either a little too creamy for my personal taste. Very little crab and a ton of creme, on normal circumstances I love cream, but not on my crab cakes. Give me a plate of pasta loaded with creme and I am in heaven!!!


I forgot what kind of soup it was, it was from another CC member. 


I got the frog legs, they were pretty tasty. I think this item was the best out of all the things I ate in the MDR, well I lie, the chocolate melting cake wins by far. Another member got the legs, and she just stared at them for a minute or two. It was really funny, because she was not expecting to see legs. But she was a brave soul and tried them =). And just as expected she said they tasted like chicken, I think she only had that one bite though. Personally I will pretty much try anything, there are a lot of odd things that I have tried in the past. Some I liked and some I hated. 



Mahi… What can I say here, Mahi in itself a fish hard to keep moist. This entree was overcooked and dry, plain and simple. On the bright side it did not taste fishy, for being the last day of the cruise. I took maybe 2 bites of it.


Prime Rib, most said it was much better on the nights before. I was actually sharing this with another CC member and she took some of my Mahi. I was not crazy about it. And a funny note is that about 4 of us got it that night, and they brought 3 of them with sauce and one without sauce… Did they ran out of it? lol, not sure.

The one thing that I wish I got, would be the loaded baked potato. I think I would had enjoyed that the most by far!


Again I think that maybe my expectations were too high for the MDR, by doing the Steakhouse at first. But if even if you compare it to the MDR of the other lines, the Carnival Breeze just lags behind them. But again, no cruise line comes close to the Carnival Breeze lunch selections, and that really makes up for the lousy experience I had in the MDR.

He was the one in charged of the MDR, he sang every night, but this was the first time I saw him sing. He had a very nice voice, and you could truly see the energy coming from him. He had a great positive attitude and energy.


Then the good bye shows started.


I have seen these shows numerous times on CC/youtube and I will just come out and say it. I am not a fan… Why you ask? Well, on a lot of videos that I have seen you can really tell that some of the staff really dislikes doing this. I am aware it’s their job, however I am fully against making people do things that they do not want to do. It is just not nice to them, and specially considering their hard working life in a ship. I know I am going against the flow here since most CC members that I know off love the singings waiters. But I just happen to see the other side of the story.

That said, they sang two song. The first song got everyone pumped and we all had the napkins flying over our heads and just having a great time. At first I was flapping my napkin in the air, but then realized that I had stopped taking pictures. lol, So I stopped and started shooting pictures again.The second song, which is one of the two videos. Is actually kind of sad, I had seen a lot of videos, but never really sat and the lyrics. It is basically a goodbye song, I read people crying because of it. And while I did not cry, I did however know that the cruise was over. And unlike some very lucky CC members that were doing a B2B, I would be heading home the next day and right to work right after, lol.


Here are the 2 videos of the songs.

This one is really energetic

And this one is just nostalgic, but fun.

Oh, I forgot. On day 2 in MDR the servers came to our table with a cake and were going to start singing Happy Birthday. But guess what? None of us had the Bday on that day, lol. So it turned into a Happy Anniversary for a happy couple in our group =). I am not even sure if it was their anniversary ;-). But hey it worked and they got an extra dessert, I think.

What did I get? . For some reason I got even more ice cream that day.



Grand marnière souffle from another CC member. It actually looked pretty good, but she could not eat because of her gluten intolerance. Now that I think about it, I am not even sure why I did not try it. It just sat there.


A funny story is that remember that I told you that some girls got escorted out of the Liquid night club the other day. Well that night near us was another table with only the guys of that group, and how do I put this mildly… The had a bunch of bottles of wine at the table, lol. Not sure why the girls were not there, but the guys seemed to be having a great time!

We said our good byes and headed our way. I believe they were going to meet in the piano bar later on, I headed to my room to pack. I am not a fan of saying goodbye, not sure why, but I have never been. Maybe a fear of not seeing that person again? So tend to avoid good byes and hope that I get to see them later on in the future, that goes for pretty much any situation. It’s not good in several situations, but I guess it is simply the way it is for now.

Yup, not the best view.


In the distance another Carnival Ship? I tried getting this picture numerous times, but after 20 tries I gave up. Our ship was simply moving too much to get a clear shoot. This was the best result out of all of them. 


And sadly this review comes to an end, what a great voyage! Carnival definitely gave me a great first impression. All those lousy reviews, and media coverage exaggerating everything were simply there to jade my view about the Company. They offer a great product at an unbeatable price! But more on this in the conclusion section.

I packed and headed to bed, I also remember starting to work on the pictures that night. The funny thing is that I say packed, but ummmmm, how do I put this lightly. I just threw everything in the bag . It was a good thing that my mom was still in Home, she would fly back to Colombia later the week after.

Day 6, End =(


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