Carnival Breeze Review Ch 4

The kids area, Camp Carnival in the Carnival Breeze. Is nicely decorated, I only took pictures this day of the top area, later on in the cruise I find two more areas and document those as well. I only visit this area for the review and so people can see what it looks like. But as you guessed I know nothing about this area, so I will let the pictures do the talking. 

Carnival Breeze camp carnival kids camp untitled-126 untitled-127 untitled-128 untitled-129 untitled-130 untitled-131 untitled-132 untitled-133 untitled-134 untitled-135 untitled-136 untitled-137 untitled-138

Carnival Breeze camp carnival events.


After that I went one floor up and checked out the rope course, I never tried it out, not sure why. The area is really neat with pool tables, tennis tables, mini golf, foosball, bar and even a hot dog stand. 

untitled-143 untitled-144

Carnival Breeze games area.

untitled-145   untitled-148 untitled-149 untitled-150

I have more pictures of this area later on, no worries you will see it under more detail.

I forgot to mention that my room card was malfunctioning so I went to guest services to get it changed. 

untitled-151 untitled-152 untitled-153 untitled-154

This tends to happen if I leave the camera in “Illustration Mode” and some times I end up taking pictures that I wanted normal in illustration mode. They still come out pretty neat, so I keep them. 


I will stop here and review the costumer service desk on the Carnival Breeze. BEST EVER!!!! After the rude customer service that I experienced in Breakaway, I vowed to try to avoid all costumer service desks unless it was necessary. Well there is not way I could deal with a key card that took 5 tries to open the door, and that was sober. Just imagine after a few drinks I would be locked outside of the room sleeping in the hallway , lol. Just being silly you know. Anyway, Carnival has the friendliest and most efficient front desk I have ever dealt with. I went there a few times for some other minor issues and every time everything was solved fast and with a smile. One of the guys who took care of me, actually remembered me and asked if the previous problem fully solved already. Again Carnival another customer service point for you here.

A few of the CC members had slightly different experiences than mine, but no one really complained about it. Well there was one case with a dirty dress, I am not sure how that end up, but Carnival was having a hard time getting a stain that was accidentally done by their staff.

Anyway, I headed back to the room to test my new card and Viola it worked perfectly.

untitled-156 untitled-157 untitled-158 untitled-159

Oh my bag arrived very early, I would dare to say the earliest of any cruise. Again more good points to the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-160 untitled-161 untitled-162 untitled-163 untitled-164

So with the bag in the room and all my work for the day completed, I could finally go and enjoy myself a little more. I had a little more to drink and headed out to try the blue iguana tacos.

Folks I am sorry that I am talking so much on day 1, but I figure if I get most of the this part out then the rest of the review flows much better.

Lets talk a little about Blue Iguana on the Carnival Breeze, I think this was my favorite place to have lunch out of the entire cruise. I am not crazy about burritos, but I do love tacos. Here is a little secret, well not secret, but something that I did. In the taco section, they only offer fish, pork and chicken, but I requested shrimp and steak from the burrito side and they always made them for me. Anyway, great tacos, I was obsessed with them!

untitled-165 untitled-166 untitled-167 untitled-168 untitled-169 untitled-170 Carnival Breeze lido deck pool area untitled-172 untitled-173

These were not my best, but once I figured the routine I nailed it. I am not sure what it is… was it the tortilla, toppings or maybe the liberty to put 5 pounds of sour cream into each taco =). But I LOVED THIS PLACE!!!


I sat there and enjoyed my food. 



Then I went on the lookout for some desserts on the Carnival Breeze, nothing caught my eye.


untitled-179 untitled-180 untitled-184 untitled-185 Carnival Breeze desserts untitled-187

I ended up just getting ice cream from the 24hr ice cream station.  I was really tasty.

untitled-176 untitled-177


I started walking back to the room while enjoying my ice cream. In the room I took advantage of the early bag delivery, changed myself and headed to the lanai jacuzzi.

The first one I stopped by was closed. 


untitled-194 untitled-195 untitled-196

Gambee in his natural habitat  on the Carnival Breeze.

Carnival Breeze Jacuzzis untitled-203


I enjoyed myself there for some time, but the sun was beating down on me, so I decided to relax under the shade for a little while.

untitled-206 untitled-207

Time flew by, because next thing I was hearing that it was time to head to Muster. So I grabbed my stuff and headed up to the room to get changed.

Once in the room I also posted my door decoration which was made by a fellow CC member , thank you. As you can see I am not very good with tape, something tells me if mom was there, that would had looked like it was built into the door .




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