Carnival Breeze Review Ch 5

As I was heading out for Muster I went to check out the “secret” balconies of the Carnival Breeze, which are located on the forward part of most upper decks.


This area is really nice, and they are particularly empty for sail away. Just saying ;-). Although I can very very windy up there, but that comes with the territory.

Carnival Breeze secret balcony untitled-219 untitled-220   Carnival Breeze Bench

So many different perspectives.   untitled-226  untitled-228        Carnival Breeze in Miami

I got ready and took a few pictures from the balcony, NEX CAMERA

 untitled-243 untitled-244 untitled-245  untitled-247 untitled-248  untitled-250   untitled-253

As you can tell I am good at spotting these exotics from far away =). NEX CAMERA


These guys are always having a blast! NEX CAMERA


It was time for muster so I headed down stairs, my muster was located on the Theater. I have stated in the past that I am not a fan of these type of muster stations. I much rather be on the outside of the Carnival Breeze in case of an emergency, but I guess the cruise line knows what it is doing and hopefully I am always sailing with a competent Captain that is looking for my best interests . I remember reading a review when they said the MSC Muster was so chaotic that they fear the ship sinking. Carnivals was pretty organized, just kind of slow.


As always the elevators are closed during this time, so if you rather not use the stairs then I advise you leave earlier to avoid this procedure. 


Muster drill on the Carnival Breeze was kind of long and boring, like all the other ones. I think we kept waiting for people who were trying to hide. However, something to note is that they never asked me for my name or cabin number. There was no way they could of told if I was there or not. RCCL, Disney and X have always asked me for that information in the past. 

 Carnival Breeze Muster Drill location

I think it was about the longest one I’ve ever had. I was a little buzzed so I guess it did not bother much. But yeah…. boring…… And shhhhh dont tell anyway, but I was actually listening to some tunes 😉

Eventually Butch our cruise director came over the speaker phone and said that it was finally over. However we all had to wait until people with special needs leave the area first. This is something that I am extremely respectful about, I was raised with the upmost respect for individuals with special needs. And actually two of my cousins are in that category. So when something like this is said, I will wait as long as it needed. Needless to say a few intoxicated people said “fu.. i.” and stormed out of there. What can you do….


Anyway, for sail away on the Carnival Breeze our roll call was supposed to meet up at the Red frog pub, however that area was not good for me to take pictures since the railing is so high in the lanai and it would damage my end result. So instead I decided to go to the aft balcony cabin of one of our roll call members and meet up with them there. They were nice enough to invite everyone there, they had a fantastic balcony that wrapped around, loved that room.

So I went up there and met with with a few of them, not many really showed up which gave me some space to setup my tripod and get this really cool video!

You have to watch it!!!

I am usually horrible at videos, but thought that one came out really nice. Hope you all enjoyed it.

  untitled-264 untitled-265

And here are the sail away pictures, we had perfect weather and great company. It was the perfect start to what would later become an amazing vacation 

I like the lower profile whale tail from the Carnival Breeze. Funny enough when we docked next to the Triumph on Cozumel both tails are exactly the same height. My guess is so that they can go under bridges. Of course the top decks of the Carnival Breeze are much higher, you will see later on, no worries friends.


Those large ships really make the water murky when departing. Feel bad for the fish chilling there, it must like “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??!?!” I can just picture Dory from Nemo .             untitled-286

That balcony was just amazing, thank you for sharing it with me that day =). Like I said I am not mentioning names, due to privacy. But if you want to chip in, please do so =).

untitled-287  untitled-289 untitled-290   untitled-295 untitled-296  untitled-298

All the small boats have to wait for us to turn, for a better understanding you should watch the video that I posted earlier.

untitled-303 Well hello there, I hope you’re having as great of a time as I am having! untitled-305  untitled-307

We had a great view from the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-308 untitled-309 I really hope you enjoy these pictures, because about 5-10% of the Carnival Breeze review contains them. Not to start that camera discussion again, but the Illustration mode is just amazing. I did a bunch of them on the Disney cruise, but I went all out in this cruise. untitled-314 You guys know me by now, I am yacht fanatic. Bugsy got me some amazing pictures of one in Nassau. They had 3 boats and a heli pad on board!!!!!! I mean come on, HOW COOL IS THAT? Did I mention one of the boats on board was a sail boat! DREAM YACHT!  untitled-317


Doing Yoga?


How cool looking is that boat? I can only imagine how much it costs. I have a thing for these type of boats, they look old but at the same time you know they can kick some ass!

untitled-321 Oh Oh. Someone is in trouble….  untitled-324

I have never personally been on one these, but I guess it can be added to the bucket list. Why not, right? I mean I live in south Florida, it should be easy to board one on a Sunday. I will wait for mom, and do it with her.

untitled-325The Fisher Island Ferry.   untitled-328 untitled-329 Speed boat!   untitled-333 Damn! Look how packed it is! I think this is why I avoid South Beach, those who know me know that I am not one for crowds.

The Carnival Breeze sail away was overall very exciting.

untitled-337untitled-340  untitled-342 untitled-345

I think this was some kind of oil vessel/structure, she seemed to be anchored there. The carnival Breeze passes very close by.

  untitled-347 Here is Bimini super fast, he does daily and night trips to Bimini island for about $100 round trip. I have to try it sometime, maybe in August.


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