Carnival Breeze Review Ch 7

Day 2

Ok, lets see day 2 aboard the Carnival Breeze…. This was a very special day for me, why you ask? Well I have been lying to you. This was not entirely a Solo cruise, the truth is that when I said that mom was going on a road trip the day before. She was actually driving down to Key West to meet up with me. Since her Birthday was going to land on my Grand Cayman day, I asked if she wanted to meet me in Key west and I would take care of the expenses for her and my aunt. So its needless to say that there was no budget for that day, if we wanted to do it, it would get done. It ended up being an insanely busy day, but like I said amazing memories were made. We have been going through some rough times this year and we both needed this to get away from all the chaos.

She of course agreed and I got her a nice hotel in downtown Key West. The Hotel name was the Nyah and it is a new hotel, so everything was insanely clean and new. As soon as I woke up I called her to check up on her and to see how the day before went and what she did. She was really excited to be there and enjoying her short stay in the Keys. My aunt is a total blast, she is the kind of person that you bring along in trips just because of the amount of energy that she adds just by being there. She has no shame (not saying this in a bad way) and always finds the best possible thing out of any situation. I was very happy that she was able to drive down with my mom, I would not have felt ok with my mom driving alone from Miami to the keys.

The plan for that day was to get off the Carnival Breeze as soon as it docked and I had a full day planned with tons of fun activities that we could all enjoy together.

Anyway I woke up and checked my emails and what not.

I love this channel, it was a really easy way to checkout what was going on the beach pool


We were still sailing towards Key west.


Why in Km?.. it is a US based ship, with most of the travelers being US based…. I understand that they should display it, but not during so much of the time… Anyway,


As the Carnival Breeze got closer to Key West I headed out to my balcony to get some nice pictures.

untitled-5 untitled-6

Not to keep beating a dead horse, but there is significant color difference between this NEX picture and the rest of the set. Then again the picture was taken with a few minutes lapse, not sure if maybe that changed the setup a bit.

untitled-7 untitled-8 untitled-9 untitled-10 untitled-11

There is a lot of activity in that area, very neat.


I love fisheye pictures!


Since mom was running a little late with her breakfast, I decided to go have breakfast at the buffet. That morning the food selection was rather weak, then again I think I blame myself for not walking a little further looking for other selections. But overall I have to say that breakfast in the buffet is not carnivals strongest attribute.

I usually love eggs Benedict and for some reason the ones in the buffet are actually not that good, but funny enough if you got to the MDR they are fantastic. I am not sure why, just does not make much sense. And I am not talking about them being fresh, I am talking about them tasting completely different.

Anyway here some pictures of the breakfast buffet.

untitled-14 untitled-15 untitled-16 Carnival Breeze Breakfast

I have read in several reviews that the eggs are synthetic, but I cannot attest for this because I did not try them. The Allure had some great eggs and some really horrible ones as well.

untitled-18 untitled-19 untitled-20

Not crazy about this, just let me grab what I want. I guess maybe there are people who over do it, but for folks like me… Well, w/e, just saying.

untitled-22Carnival Breeze breakfast options

Coffee here was good, but the quality variates throughout the Carnival Breeze. I forgot which one but it was horrible, the MDR one maybe, oh no no no, it was the room service one.

untitled-24 untitled-25 untitled-26

Here is a short video of the Breakfast Buffet area on the Carnival Breeze.

hmmmmm, I never tried the orange passion fruit guava cocktail.


This was my breakfast for the day. Like I said it was just ok. Wish they had a few more selections. But I find other options later in the cruise, no worries. Oh I forgot, the lemonade is very tasty, while the OJ just tastes like tang (do they have tang in the US? not sure, pardon my ignorance). I am not a fan of OJ anyway, it raises my acidity and messes with me. Just noting it though. Wish they offered the lemonade for breakfast as well.


Soon after that I received a call from mom and she told me to start heading down to exit the Carnival Breeze. So I did that 

Carnival breeze Atrium untitled-30

Carnival Breeze Docking in Key west.

Carnival Breeze Bridge untitled-32 untitled-33 untitled-34

Getting off the Carnival Breeze was painless and very fast. The port in Key West is very easy to navigate and pretty close to everything, for those who don’t feel like getting a cab or bus. But there are many options to get around key west, such as hop on off bus, you can rent the golf carts etc.

I kept on walking to meet mom by main entrance, she was parked there.

You can see my room on the Carnival Breeze from there!

Carnival Breeze in Key West untitled-36 untitled-37

That cat was gorgeous


The jet ski tour about to depart, that must be fun! I have never done one in the USA, plenty of times in Colombia but never here. I think my obsession with sail boats, will deter me with doing these type of shore excursions. I saw that the Carnival Breeze offered that shore excursion.


This is the shopping area near where the Carnival Breeze docks.

untitled-40 untitled-41

There a bunch of cool statues here, its a great place for taking family pictures that are fun and silly. My mom and aunty got a few there. I think they are part of a closed museum, but not sure.


Huge statue!


And there was mom waiting for me, with my aunt and our limo for the day . Having a car really made our day very easy.

Took this picture while they were modeling with the statues =)

untitled-44 untitled-45  We took of and headed toward the southernmost point. There are sooo many wild roosters and chickens in Key West, I did not recall that.

untitled-48    untitled-52

Since it was so early in the morning finding parking was extremely easy, but after 10am it gets quite crowded and a long line forms to take pictures with the marker. My mom had already purchased the 24hr parking and that is valid throughout the public spots in key west.

By accident I purchased another one…


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