Carnival Breeze Review Ch2

Ok, so lets see I think this is a good time to talk about Guy’s Burger aboard the Carnival Breeze. The venue is nicely located in the Beach pool area. I never really experienced a long line there, although I saw some lines at peak times, however they seem to move very fast and with no issues. The burgers are really good! One very important thing for me is that the burgers are not too thick and then they break apart when you eat them. Guy’s are just about the perfect thickness. You can add lettuce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, pickles and some other condiments and sauces.

I have to say that the appearance of the burger is rather lousy, it just seems to be thrown on a plate and thats it. Oh, by the way the plates are conveniently made of thin metal, they actually work really nice as they are wider and can fit a lot of food in there. So anyway, I guess in conclusion, they are great burgers that look kind of bad in opinion. I think they are definitely on my top 5 burgers, and this is coming from a burger snob . Maybe that is why I been getting fat lately, lol. Oh, the fries were just ok, I think most of the time I got old batches and that is probably why I did not care much for them.

Anyway, I got in line and then I noticed on of the CC members walk by me. I said hi introduced myself, and he told me were the group was.


untitled-19 untitled-20

I fixed up the burger the way I wanted it and headed toward the table. I met a few of the CC members there, I have to say the Carnival Breeze roll call was the best ever! Everyone was so friendly and nice, I had a great time with everyone every time we saw each other.

Please don’t mind the bite mark on the burger, I forgot to snap the picture.


I ate my burger, sat there for a little while and then decided to go to the room and drop off my 30 lbs carryon . It was heavy as hell!!! I had all the drinks in there and computer with camera equipment.

Ok folks so here is video tour from my cabin in the carnival Breeze.

Ok, lets see the cabin. I was overall satisfied with my cabin on the Carnival Breeze. I had a lido starboard balcony cabin, the location was just amazing. I have to admit that I did not understand the obsession over these rooms, but now I see why they are so popular. The location is just great, near the elevators, food, bars, serenity, water works… You name it and the odds is that you could get to that place in a minute or two.

As far as the room goes, please take this next paragraph with a grain of salt. This is only my opinion and nothing more. I honestly did not care for the room decor that much, I think of all my cruises this room was the one that seemed the most plain of them all. The bathroom decor was even worse, I did not care for the blue counter at all… However, the room is pleasant to the eyes and relaxing so that part is good. The one thing that I loved about the room was how spacious it was, I definitely felt that there was more space available when compared to X, RCCL and NCL. Disney however is still the largest by far!

But like I said, I did love my room. The fact that I did not care for the decor had no impact on the cruise, after all, I am not buying the room .

Oh I forgot, thermostats aboard ships work half of the time. They take long times to adjust and it takes me forever to find a temperature I enjoy. The Carnival Breeze was no exception, I think I adjusted the room temperature like 4 times a day , lol.

Carnival Breeze Stateroom Picture tour.

untitled-22 untitled-23 untitled-24 untitled-25 untitled-26 untitled-27

I hate that card light controller, but I knew about this so I just brought with me one of my old cards and left it in there the entire cruise. BTW it’s an NCL card, lol.

untitled-28 untitled-29 untitled-30 untitled-31 untitled-32 untitled-33 untitled-34 untitled-35 untitled-36 untitled-37 untitled-38

The Carnival Breeze balcony was fairly large, much larger than the new Royal/Regal and Getaway/Breakaway. But slightly smaller than Allure/oasis.

Carnival Breeze Balcony untitled-40

Thats Miami for you =)


Not crazy about the Door on the Carnival Breeze. The sliding ones are much better jmo.


untitled-43 untitled-44

The remote was malfunctioning, I never got around changing. I just worked around it, the problem was the with the power button.


The safe was pretty large.

untitled-46 untitled-47 untitled-48

I guess this is a good time to talk about my room steward… HE WAS THE BEST ONE I’VE HAD!!!! Let me explain, he was always ahead of me. It is almost as if he knew what I wanted every time, it was just crazy. Towel animals every day, my room was always impecable, I never noticed any imperfections (i have noticed some on all my prior cruises) and most importantly he worked INCREDIBLY FAST. I rarely saw him as I think that he had way too many rooms for just one person. But honestly, he was just great. He got things done right and fast. At the end of the Carnival Breeze cruise I took care of him, for his fabulous work. Unfortunately I forgot his name, I am just pathetic with names :/.

Since my Vodka that I had pre-purchased was already in the room I decided to mix myself a drink and chill in the balcony for a little while. I also called my mom since she wanted to facetime a little to check out my room and some of the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-49 untitled-50 untitled-51

Carnival Breeze mini Bar Menu.

Carnival Breeze mini bar menu

When I was on the Balcony I was lucky enough to catch a sea plane leaving and got the entire thing on video!!!!! Check it out!

After I enjoy some down time I decided to get back to work and head out to the spa.untitled-53

The spa was pretty nice, very mellow and relaxing inside. However there are two things to note, the first is that when I went in I saw a lady in the front desk and asked her if I could check it out. She said yeah sure, I waited there for for a few seconds waiting for the tour person and then she told me to just go in. Now, please note that I personally like it like this, that way I can walk slow and take a lot of pictures. And have no one trying to sell me products, while I am just trying to bring it in. But I am an exception. The problem I see with that is Carnival is missing out in a lot of sales. On all my other cruises I have had tour persons and they are there to try to sell products and some of them get a lot of sales. Throughout my tour I saw no one, to try tell me what they offered.

The other thing that I noticed was that unless I did not tour the entire area I only saw 8 heated lounges, just seems a bit low for a ship this size. But then again it is about how much X has on their Solstice class ships.

So here is the tour, like I said very nice facilities.

Carnival Breeze Spa.

untitled-54 untitled-55 Carnival Breeze Spa untitled-57 untitled-58 untitled-59 Carnival Breeze Gym


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