Carnival Victory Ch 6

Most of our bags had arrived already, but my uncle’s bag was missing. We decided to go and inquire about it.

On our way there we stopped by the taste bar.


What will we do with him =)


It was pretty good. I think it was pulled pork and tomato bisque? I posted the pic of the items above.

We kept on going to the guest services desk.

Some live music in the atrium.


And lo and behold, Wala, the bag was there with a few other bags.

Happy uncle!

I wanted to inquire about the room key for my uncle, but the line was substantial. So we decide to go and have dinner and check it out later on.

At some point we got lost looking for the MDR and ended up in a really nice lounge area.

Lots of boobs, but definitely not as much as in Divina!

We were sat promptly after asking for a table. At this point, I would like to point out that the service was almost always excellent on the Carnival Victory. We had one issue with one person, but that was mostly our fault. Although after the given issue was resolved the person in hand kept giving us dirty looks throughout the cruise. That was completely unnecessary from her part. I will get into that later on as the review develops.

Other than that, the service was impeccable. This is something that I have gotten used to with Carnival vessels. They really go far and beyond to make all wishes happen.

That little hat became a big hit! The night that he forgot to wear it, all the crew was asking about it. Not to mention that a lot of fellow cruisers kept telling him to party hard, and where did he buy it.

Here are some of the wine lists and the menus for that night.

I rarely eat bread in restaurants, but they were particularly good here. I had to have some =)

Service was EXCELLENT that day!

So let’s talk MDR. My experience of the MDR on the Breeze was lacking. The food lacked consistency and flavor. In addition to that the service was quite poor as well. Aboard the Carnival Victory the food on the MDR was almost always on point. I have to say that this is one of the strong points of the Victory. Those who read my reviews, are aware that I dislike waiting and for that reason sometimes I avoid the MDR, on the Victory you should not miss it. Great stuff!

The spring rolls were great.

I ordered both the duck and escargot. I usually do this to share with everyone. I end up eating very little of it. I am not sure why. But most of them dislike exploring, and then when they taste mine, they end up loving it.

The duck was really good.

And so was the escargot.

Cheese Dip? It was good I guess, never tried it, but it was gone in seconds.

And my uncle’s soup. Soups are a running joke for us after the disaster soups aboard MSC Divina. One of them got called dirty dish water soup by him, it really had no taste and was luke warm at best. And it really looked like dirty water!

The soups here were good, but he said it lacked noodles and other toppings. He was glad that the soup was much better than MSC.

The every day beef, was really nice!

Grilled chicken, good as well.

Grilled Salmon (I missed the focus on this picture, sorry :/) Tasty as well

And my lasagna, it was really nice.

The head server was one of the best dancers in the MDR. I have pictures coming up.

My family had yet to discover the warm chocolate cake, so I allowed them to order at their will without telling them about it. Quite honestly, it was an evil move from me, because it was mainly to get as many pictures of different items . I know, I know, but in my defense, I ended up donating the desert to the middle of the table for everyone to indulge in it.

Cheesecake, it was ok, I dislike cheesecakes, so I might be biased.

Black Forest, no clue, never tasted it.

My cheese platter, it was really good, unlike the Breeze one.

You all know this one.

Orange cake, no clue, but it did not look very good. I think it was a diet cake… I have never eaten anything diet that tastes good.

Dinner was great. It really displays the how different it can be between two ships within the same line. I can honestly say that I was not expecting this kind of thing at all. With our bellies contempt and full we departed the MDR. I noticed that this is possibly the first cruise that all the waiters said thank you to us when leaving the MDR. We made no extra purchases on most occasions. It was a nice added bonus, and it exemplified another remarkable point of Carnival.

Up in the room we had a little friend, of course uncle took no time to destroy it. This happened almost every night. In his defense, he was only trying to play with them.

Out on the balcony, we could see the sibling of one of my favorite ships.

Oasis of the Seas. It was then that I realized that we would be in Nassau together.

Then we decided to head to the aft pool for some water fun. How ironic, as kids we were always getting yelled at for going in the water too soon after eating. If I recall correctly, it was said that you could get cramps and drown from it. I could never verify such a thing, all I know is that now as an adult, not I only jump in the water immediately after eating, but I also eat in the water. Yet I am still here .

The aft pool became our place to go if we wanted water action. I guess mainly because it was close to the room. But there are other benefits. First of all the shaded areas provided somewhere for those to relax without melting to death. Then there is the closeness to the ice cream, pizza, and drinks.

The place can get really crowded on sea days, but it is still much better than the main pools or the Serenity area. There is also a great view of the wake.

Oh, I forgot, NO KIDS!!!! You all know that is a big selling point for me. It was reinforced by the crew. I saw in a few occasions that they were asked to leave, and most of them were quietly sitting with their parents.

As it is common with Carnival, the pools are salt water and the Jacuzzis are a concentration chlorine and germs, but mostly chlorine. Bring your nose guards . All jokes aside, it is a good thing that the pools are salt water, because you need something strong to wash off all that chlorine. Sometimes even showering at night would not help, and I would wake up smelling like bleach!

As my ex used to say, you’re sitting in a petri plate, LoL. Yes I am, and it feels soooooo good.

Sorry this post took a little while. I was just called downstairs by mom telling me that she could not open my car. Well, it is a bit hard to open the wrong car with my set of keys

This is a really nice place at night, we unless they have that damn loud music blasting in my ear while there are only 3 of us there. I am almost sure they did just that on a couple of occasions to get us out of there. The thing that I never understood was the variety of music in the aft pool, it could go from DJ Tiesto, to Celine Dion, to Vicente Fernandez, to Supertramp, then the Beatles, to Zhu, to Odesza in a matter of minutes. It seemed like they had 3 drunk DJ’s fighting for the turning table behind the scene.

While I loved pretty much all of the music, it was really irritating to switch from one music to the other and change the mood so abruptly. I would love it if when it is busy have some nice party music, and then at night something mellow for the few who go to relax and talk. They even had some great country music that they would ruin the second it was over, with some Spanish music. Pick a theme and stick to it!

The aft view from up there.

Uncle and I.

Tell me that is not amazing, and the water temperature was lovely.

As far as the jacuzzi goes, it was really hot that night. But some other nights it was cooler, the temperature seemed to fluctuate a lot. The chlorine made it really hard to breath, so we ended up turning off the bubbles. Then again the added chlorine makes me feel more safe.

We relaxed there for an hour or so. While the girls used the internet and chatted.


Love how the pool changes color, I am a fool for colors.

After enjoying the pool for a good time, we decided to head down and get changed. The girls went to their room to get ready and we to our room to do the same.

For the longest time I was planning a joke on my family with a horse head.


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