Carnival Victory Ch10

I decided to go to chopsticks and get some food there. The fried rice was about the same as before, not great, but not bad either. The fried roll was good, and so was the beef. I also added some mashed potatoes from the other options. It was an ok lunch, but I’ve had much better on other ships. I really wanted to try the pizza, but that would have been a mortal mistake!

For dessert I got an almond flavored napoleon, it was divine!

Then my uncle and aunt arrived. The tour lasted about two hours and he drove them around the island. He said it was fun and very informative. I was glad that they had enjoyed it, but at the same time this is not something that I would do. Just not my thing. Then again… Anyway, more on that later on.

Mom had been using my phone all morning, and had drained the battery. So I went to the room to get my portable battery, so that she could continue using the phone up there. By the way, I highly recommend these batteries. They are capable of recharging the phone about 3 times.

My uncle and my aunt telling us about the history of Nassau and their experience on the excursion.

We just stayed there and enjoyed the jacuzzi.

Then the Carnival Conquest arrived in port, a bit late if I may say.

We just sat there talking, and eating. I forgot who, but the topic was brought about the smell around the ship. There is a particular smell on the Carnival Victory. I am not entirely sure to what it is. But my closest bet would be vinegar. It is not a very strong smell, but more of a deep smell. Mom claims it smells like something else, but personally I noted vinegar in it. Mom did tell me that she had read about the smell on other reviews, but she had not told me.

I should also mention my dislike about the CD, Marcelo. Well not dislike, that is kind of a strong word for it. More like indifference, I only saw him once in 5 days, but I heard him about 10 times a day (I know I said 20 earlier, but I think 10 is more like it). He would come on the speakers and sell, sell, sell. It seemed like all he did was sell. Likewise the Funtimes lacked the fun activities that Carnival is famous for. During our last Sea Day, there was barely an activity in the FunTimes that I would consider fun. I am sure many might like him, but personally I just think he could do much better. I heard a little of the love and marriage show, and he even seemed to struggle to connect with the audience. Just my personal opinion.

Anyway, we just sat there and then my mom pointed to the Oasis of the Seas. There was a family staying in a suite, and one girl climbed on the foot stool on the balcony.

This is why people fall from ships! I cannot believe the lack of responsibility from the parents part.

After we all ate, we decided to go for a walk around the ship. And maybe explore areas that I had missed. Quite honestly, the Carnival Victory can be toured fast. Everything to see is basically in 3, maybe 4 decks.Some people having fun on the Flow Rider.

Then Oasis started leaving port. I believe I have commented on this before on some of my other reviews. But I guess I can say it again. The Eastern itinerary on the Oasis class ships could use some updating. You all know that I am not fond of Nassau, however, even then the Oasis only stays here from 8am-2pm. That really does not allow you much time to do anything, unless you wake up super early. There was a couple from the Oasis on my uncle’s tour, and he said that they were always really nervous about missing the ship.

We kept on walking, we went up one deck. This deck is really underutilized, they should consider doing something useful with this space.

The only thing there is the jogging track.

Does anyone know what used to be here?

On the Conquest this area has a roof that covers the buffet. You can actually see it in that picture.

My uncle thought it was the shuffle boards, but those were to the other side.

Notice the yellow umbrellas to the right? That is a really good area to relax with some shade, and often desolated.

The ocean was so still that day, really nice.

You get a really nice view of the Carnival Victory from up there.

I suggested that we play a game of mini golf. It was still pretty hot, but some clouds had moved in, so it was not as bad. There are plenty of putters, but you will struggle to find balls. My suggestion is to look in the gutters, you can often find them there. If there is none, then just wait for someone to finish a game. It is usually pretty quick.

It is a fun little course, with a couple of challenging holes. But most of them are really easy. One thing is for sure, I am a horrible golfer. I would go 2-4 over par in each hole

There is no basketball court aboard the Victory.

And there is the glass roof that I was talking about on the Conquest.