Carnival Victory Ch8

Day Two

Our very first port was Nassau. I have been quite a few times, and I not very found of the port. Add to the warning over violence by the US embassy and you are left with a port that I just don’t care for. None-the-less this was the first time for my uncle and one of my aunts, and they wanted to see what Nassau had to offer.

We woke as the ship was pulling into port.

I do have to say that pulling into Nassau is really nice. You can see Atlantis, and all the ships already docked.

The weather was supposed to be mixed that day.

Oasis and Majesty were already docked there.

Love the mixture of blue.

Junkanoo beach

The Hilton. Originally I had planned to go there, but decided not to towards the end.


Is that a crew or guest area?

I’ve always loved the cat and the sail boats there.


Directly behind us a mega yacht, you all know how much I love those =)

We got ready and decided to head out to the buffet for breakfast. The plans for today were just to walk around, and maybe head to Junkanoo beach for some sun time.

You can really see how clean the carpets are on this picture.

Once in the buffet, they were all staring at the magnificence of Oasis. Those ships are truly something else. I think that nothing compares in majesty and presence. I highly recomend them.

Venezuelan flag. I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to do this?

There was some action that morning.

And here it is, welcome to “Line World”

And here I am waiting at the end. The main issue is that the lines move so slow…..

Now, there are ways around this line. I highly suggest that you go to one of the express breakfast lines. Ironically, the item selection is nearly identical to the main two lines. Too bad I found this out later on the cruise.

Warning! The story ahead might be unpleasant for some. But hilarious for others. Be warned!

So here comes the lowest point of the cruise. You all know how I completely love eggs Benedict. I was dumbfounded to find them in the buffet. Especially since some cruise lines seem to be pulling away from serving them there. I think MSC, did not have them there.

Anyway, have you ever eaten something that has made you so sick, that you’re forever petrified to eat it again? It happened to me recently. I have always loved raw fish, but since I recently developed an allergic reaction to raw food, I have nearly ceased to eat all raw food. There are very few items that I could still eat, and one of them was oysters. So, about 4 months ago I was eating oysters, I don’t even know how many of them? Maybe 3 dozen… I know, not very bright, especially since the virus necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating virus) has been known to be linked to oyster consumption. Anyway, I got so sick (thank God not from that virus), that I had gastrointestinal issues for 2 weeks. I paid dearly for it. Now I won’t go near an oyster. I am absolutely petrified. I really should have known better, it was at a buffet

Well….. Carnival did not exactly do the same, but it did a number on me that is difficult to explain. I am not even sure why I kept eating those eggs. They even tasted funny. I think it was the smoked salmon, but I had eaten salmon the day before… Mom even tried them and put them aside. Uncle did the same. But being the idiot that I am. I ate all the way until I had a clean plate. Damn, I knew they were not good. Anyway the reaction was really quick, you name it, hot flashes, etc. I rather not go into details, but I will tell a more later on, because it links directly to me running like a maniac all over Nassau looking for a bathroom

Gosh, look at the eggs. They even look bad. Now I am so afraid of them that I have not had one since :-/

The view from up there is always enjoyable.

She may be old, but she is still gorgeous =)

So we all finished our breakfast, and started heading to the gangway. I used the bathroom a total of 4 times before exiting the Carnival Victory. I must have used about 3 different bathrooms. I thought I was cleared up, and I kept denying being sick. I really did not want to affect the trip, so I just told them I was fine. But it is quite obvious that someone using a bathroom 4 times in 20 minutes was quite ill.

Getting off the ship was quick and painless as predictable in this port. The sun was at full blast and we were already over 90 degrees. That certainly did not help my current condition.

They were unloading a bunch of stuff.

And there she is in all her majesty =)

The go pro is capable of some powerful shots.

Putting a brave face even during an impending disaster.

Can you believe that this is the first time I take a picture here. Thank you GoPro and Selfie stick!

Everyone asking people to get their picture, not this guy. Just get in, and get out, LoL

And here is our Victory picture.

All ships in port picture. Well, it is missing the mega yacht.

Nassau was as usual full of vendors.

This minivan almost hit uncle reversing (Spanish term, I guess I should say backing up) in the middle of the street. Everyone started yelling at the guy. It was nuts!

So that is pretty much when I realized that I better start running, or get ready to buy new clothes . And that is exactly what I did. I took off and just yelled at my mom “bathroom”. I figured that if I tried making it back to the Carnival Victory, I would definitely not make it. My chances were slightly better if I looked around the port. I entered one store and asked one lady if she knew where there was one bathroom, and she basically kicked me out of there. Ahhhh, the all well known Nassau friendliness and charm at its max .

I kept on running looking for a restaurant, but they were all closed, it was still too early. Then the heavens opened up and behold, there was a Starbucks! I think I had been running for 5 minutes or so. I am unable to put into words what I felt. That is when I really took off running like I was getting chased by a herd of rabies infected wild ponies ready to kill me (is that possible?) .

I almost tripped getting in, and then ran to the second floor. Once I got there, the male bathroom was locked, just my luck. And guess what? So was the ladies one. That was it, I was done. I felt like crying right there and then. I saw no other option than to start begging for them to rush out, the lady inside heard my cries and she rushed out. Dear Lord, I am reliving that entire situation all over again.

So yeah, I started to thank her, and she just yelled, “Just go!”. She could clearly tell I was in distress. After I made it out of the Starbucks, I took a picture, for the all time visual memory, LoL. Which reminds me, I did not even buy anything, I was just dying, and there was a line. I was ready to get the hell out of Nassau and back to the ship before something else happened.