Carnival Victory Review Ch 2

The aft pool with a retractable roof.

There are plenty of lounges on deck 10.

I headed back to the buffet area, and they were ready to leave and explore the Carnival Victory.

When researching the Carnival Victory I noticed that the setup of the lido deck is ascending. I did not care for the setup, when looking on the Internet, and neither did I when I boarded the ship. I much rather a flat lido deck that stretches the length of the ship. Then again this is only an aesthetic and not a functional problem for me, since I rarely go to that area of the ship. The only big benefit that I see from this is that it is truly in theater style to watch movies.


The Jacuzzis by the main pool, under the large screen

Looking upwards is the Serenity area by the water slide.

Then we decided to head up to the serenity area to check it out.

Curiosity killed the cat ehhh?

View from the top.

We did try the water slide.

We never went to Serenity, or at least I never did. I think the main reason is because our cabin was all the way back and Serenity is up on front. That said, the area looked really nice. The only issue I found was that the Jacuzzis were way too exposed to the sun.

Those matts directly on the left get incredibly hot, like burning hot!

Mom waiting with all the bags.

The DJ is stationed below the large screen.

After we noticed that a few rooms were open we decided to attempt to get into our rooms.

My room was FABULOUS! It was an L shape room. In the past I had read that the room was slightly smaller than the regular rooms, but quite honestly it was perfect for us.

The Tv needs to be upgraded, this thing is a dinosaur.

The A/C system is great as well. It reacts quickly and maintains temperatures steady. I found that during the day I lowered to it 4 blue dots, and at night I raised it to 1 blue dot.

The entrance hallway with a bunch of storage to the left. It was quite funny. Quite a few times I went looking for the bathroom in the hallway as it is usual with most rooms.

I have never been a fan of Carnival bathrooms, they just don’t look up to par with the rest of the industry. And the pink color scheme adds years of age, even if it does not reflect that age. That said the bathroom was very functional, with very hot water at all times, and great water pressure.

Here is the killer feature of the room, the balcony. IT WAS HUMONGOUS!!!! It is beyond me why people don’t book these rooms faster. When I booked the cruise, most of them were still available. The only downside to this room is that we were directly above a loud venue, and you could hear the vibrations late at night. To be honest, it did not bother me at all. You will never hear noise from the crew stairs either.

The other room was almost directly across from my room, so it was very convenient for them to access the room whenever they just wanted to relax on the balcony. This was a basic inside stateroom. Originally I was going to sleep with my mom, and the rest of the party in the other room. But my mom wanted to sleep with them, so my uncle and I sleep on the balcony room.

The inside room was kind of small, I think I’ve been spoiled by balcony rooms. My aunt actually had issues with claustrophobia in that room. I offered her to sleep in the big room, but she declined. The only pro that the interior room had, was that the TV was updated.

They claimed their water pressure was not the best, and the location of the shower head would better be on the other side.

We decided to pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy it on the balcony. We each brought a bottle of wine, and a bunch of cokes. I also brought some red bull.

Mom’s favorite wine, not my cup of tea, but it would have to do =)

Cheers! Just look at the size of that balcony, and remember the price was the same of the lowest grade balcony. The only thing missing there was a lounger, which I meant to get, but for some reason never got around doing so.

Love the reflection on that picture! LOVE MY GOPRO! Keep in mind the colors are manipulated a little. I more than happy to share my Lightroom presets for those interested


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