Carnival Victory Review Ch16

The lens cover of gopro was wet. Happens from time to time, just keep an eye on it.

Two long island Ice teas, yum!

I guess someone could not make it home. They had to get pulled.


Mom almost tripped after the last stair, I guess she was not expecting the sand so soon?


They had some event going on, I don’t remember which one it was.

Sexy legs?

Selfie sticks changing the world, one picture at a time

People cheering at the guys in the event.

We made it back to the umbrellas and I rushed into the water. I had been out of my element for way too long .

Buda stance.

That is what’s so nice about that water. It is like a lake, you can relax there for hours. And best of all, it does not have that standing water smell that you smell sometimes on other private islands.

At some point I was running low on booze again. I noticed one of the many sales personnel and I got a couple of beers. I am usually a beer kind of person, but I had no desire on walking all the way to the bar. Next time I will set my umbrellas closer to it.


I believe it was around 12:30, maybe earlier. My aunts chose to go back to the ship. My uncle was thinking about going back with them, mainly because they were nervous about going by themselves. But he was water deep with mom and I. He had no desire of getting out of the water, and I was intending to close the island. If I remember correctly, the ship was there from 8am to 2:30pm, and I planned to make the most out of that limited time. I wish that the ship would have been able to stay there until 5pm.

The beach slowly started thinning out, I remember my uncle bringing me an additional drink at some point. As the beach thinned out, some water toys started floating around. We took ownership of one of the floating mats. They are actually incredibly comfortable. Maybe next time I will rent one.

We were trying to get a picture of him, well, you know, just don’t make me type it

This was the best shot I could get of it.

Mom took my drink, someone stop her! Believe it or not, I think that is why my drinks run out so quickly. Everytime I let my drink float around, she would grab it and drain it!

I have to get a little string and tie it up to my leg, muahahaha. Then again sharing is caring =)

We started feeding the seagulls with the matt. They were everywhere.

I think we placed some chips on it, either that or bread, can’t remember.

It is pretty neat to watch their control flight. I have seen them walk on water back here at home. We usually bring a bunch of seeds and spread them around us in the ocean. The next thing you know, they are walking on the surface of the ocean. It is a really cool sight.

Look at that beauty! Animals are truly magnificent.

At some point my uncle left to head back to the ship, I am not entirely sure why he left. But I had no plans on leaving just yet. He also took one of the umbrellas with him.

Before he left my mom asked him for $5 to give to one of the assistants that was cleaning the island. I think she had spent all her money shopping, and I did not bring one cent of mine.

My mom struck a conversation with him, and he told her that he lives on an island nearby. Mom wanted to make sure he got something extra for his hard work. He said they leave the island around 6pm to head back home.

Then the beach really started clearing out.

Now this is paradise! It is beyond me why everyone went back to the ship so early. We still had 30 minutes left. But hey, much better for me, so no one is complaining.

It was just us and a handful of other people.

Here is one of my favorite pictures, it was taken with my phone. Unfortunately, I had to download it from FB, because I lost the original file. So it lost some of its quality in the process. My phone actually takes some of the best pictures that I have seen from a phone, and yes they destroy the iPhone 6 ones. That is one of the reasons why I bought this phone. But again, Android… You can’t have it all I guess.

Look at those colors!

One more thing about HMC vs Castaway. The water is actually also more clear in HMC than it is in Castaway. I am still at odds, on which I like best. They are both solid islands with tons to offer. Both are highly recommended.

Eventually we saw one person walking from the far end of the island. He was warning everyone to get out of the water because the last tenders were leaving the island. I think that was good enough. It was maybe 4 people plus mom and I in the water by then, my mission had been accomplished. Well, I actually did not have a mission in the first place, lol. But I really wanted to make the most out of that Island. Especially considering the lack of activities of the prior day due to my unpleasantries.

High tide was moving in.

I am just glad that Carnival is taking good care of one of my favorite private islands.

Mom and I packed our stuff, and started heading to the tender area.

I think that was the fellow mom gave the money to, although I could be wrong.

“”Line Land”” , I will never get tired of saying that. But I am sure some of you are … sorryyyyyyyy

Gosh, I forget how hot it was that day. I think I do so, mainly because I spent most of my time in the water. Otherwise….. , I’d be like this . Nah, there is no way anyone can be mad on Half Moon Cay

These are very convenient.

Mom cleaning her feet.

Gambee’s turn!

Some people enjoying the bar for a few more minutes. I attempted to get a drink, but it was a no go, they had cleared everything.

I just noticed the guy looking at me. Actually, there are so many stories in this picture, Love it!

Gorgeous eyes by way.

The staff goes on one line, and the passengers go on the other line.

They have some nice misters.

We made it into that tender.

Mom and I got the best seat in the house! Underneath the A/C! Life does not get any better than this . Well, unless I had a few more hours in this paradise.

Anyone for contraband booze?

Bye bye Half Moon Cay, until next time.

And hello Carnival Victory!

I can see my balcony! I actually think my uncle was there when I took this picture.

The process was quick and organized.

Mom went to her room to get changed, and I headed to mine.

I ate some of the left over popcorn that my uncle had from movie night before.

After a quick change of clothes, mom and went out looking for the others. It was a quick trip to the aft pool to our assigned table . They were there waiting for us.

Why more people did not enjoy that area of the ship is beyond me, but hey the more space for Gambee!

They had eaten some food from the buffet, but it was closed when I got there. I was quite hungry if may add. But I was not hungry enough to get in line for the pizza.

I got myself some ice cream to cool down a little. As always, it was yummy.

The ship started moving soon after we got there. For some odd reason I had left my sandals in the room, so I asked my aunt if I could wear her purple ones to go up one deck and take some pictures. The deck above the Lido is always exposed to the sun, and the floor is hot beyond my tolerance.

Trust me, I can tolerate an immense amount of abuse on my feet. I guess this comes from we were young and spent most of the time barefoot on an island that my uncle used to own in Colombia. We went there most of our vacations, and rarely used any kind of shoes. They were just a burden to wear. Plus, we were kids back then, so we could care less if we got injured. In the end it represented more time off from school, LoL. But you name it, and it most likely happened to us. We stepped on glass, rocks, animals, etc. Lots of damage done to out soles.

So, yeah, I have learned to endure a lot of pain in my feet. But 90+ degree weather will heat floors beyond my tolerance level.

Anyway, don’t I look pretty? It matches my personality

Holly Crap! Those sandals are so dangerous! They have no grip, and they flip over so easily. I am not sure how she walked all day with them.

Yes, you got it! That is a perfect table for your mojito! I am sure the person in the deck below will enjoy it, Muahahaha, LoL.

Hasta luego Half Moon Cay, nos vemos pronto =)