Carnival Victory Review Ch18

Even though I was getting better, I continued to suck at it

Stories to be told

Love, love, love this one!

My guess is that it was a little windy, look at her hair Go! . Plus, I don’t think my uncle is bright enough, LoL. Now that I think about it, I believe that shirt was bought so he would not get lost.


This is possibly the hardest hole.

We finished our game and started walking aft to watch the sunset.

Just look at that formation.

Your time to try the water slide aboard the Carnival Victory.

Carnival Victory water slide


Not sure what was going on there. Some maintenance is in order

I stopped for a tiny scoop =)


Then we went to deck 10 to enjoy the sunset.

There was a large group of people there enjoying the peaceful evening.


Everyone trying to get the best pic.

Once again, the GoPro is capable of unbelievable results!

The sun dipped between two clouds. The sunset could have been much better otherwise. But it was fantastic nonetheless.


After the sun hid, we decided to go have dinner. Right when mom and went pass one of the electric doors of the buffet, a really loud alarm started going off. I was really confused. If it was an emergency exit, why would it open on its own? We came back out and one lady saw us all confused and then she pointed at the pool roof. The alarm was for the pool roof closing

Check out the pool changing colors.

It is really peaceful with the roof closed, and no blasting drunken music!

We stopped by the room. I need to change the glass on my camera for the night one.

On the way down we noticed that they had a kids event on the night club. Remember, you can see right through the glass.

It was quite funny, there was one kid standing still there. He was miserable. I am not sure why he would not just sit down like the other kids who did not wish to dance. Maybe he just wanted to be with his parents :/. I felt bad for him, but it was still funny. His face was priceless.

The Molecular bar…. Ohhhh, wait!!!! Sorry, I am not reviewing Celebrity. This is Carnival, The Alchemy Bar , Sorry….

One of the many backdrops. No thank you, I’ll pass.

Can you believe I just noticed the Puzzles???? It happens often actually. I take so many pictures that it is hard to keep track of.

There was a live band by the casino. Sometimes they played great music, and others not so good.


The family dancing to some great music!

Look at them go! And no, we were not going to get kicked out of the MDR that day! Over my dead body!

We walked by the candy shop.

I think you have to buy them first uncle , what the hell, let him have it, LoL.

It was quite busy that day. Hopefully Carnival was selling lots of pictures to help maintain my low rate