Carnival Victory Review Ch26

Day 5, Sea Day

Well, it was a bittersweet day for us that day. It was our very first sea day aboard the Carnival Victory, but at the same time it was also our last day aboard the Carnival Victory. We had no serious plans for that day, other than taking easy and celebrating my aunt’s birthday.

My uncle and I woke up early as usual, around 6:30 or so. I am not sure why, but I just can’t seem to get myself to sleep past 7am while on vacation. I guess I just want the most out of my time while on vacation, who could blame me. When we were kids, and came to the US on vacation, my family had a saying. “You don’t sleep on dollars”, the term comes how expensive it is making it to the US in the first place with the Peso devaluation and whatnot. Tradition holds, and it is something we still do while on vacation.

That night my uncle had a hard time going to sleep so he took his radio and went to the aft pool area to try to get a signal. Surprisingly, most of the cruise he got some kind of signal at night. He is exactly how grandmother was, they can’t go to sleep unless they have their radios under the pillow. Oh, by the way I am talking about the old style am/fm radios. They mainly look for news channels. His radio is actually quite fancy, and it searches through a bunch of frequencies not available on regular radios. I was quite impressed with it.

Anyway, we headed to the balcony.

It was a beautiful day =)

Land Ahoy!

Did anyone see the cable snapping on the Costa Ship? Scary stuff. (By the way I don’t like his site, but I could not find the news elsewhere)

My aunt did well for the most part that day. The Carnival Victory had some movement that night, but by then it had died down. She was still nervous most of the day, but I think the idea that she was getting off the ship the next day was calming her down. I am not sure if she will sail again, she really loved the experience, but she was very nervous during several occasions, who knows. I think new cruisers should really stick to 3 day cruises, just to test the waters.

Could you believe that this was the first time that I actually turned on my computer on this cruise? I kid you not. This means that this was the first time that I backed up my files . And that was a really stupid move, because my camera kept getting an error very similar to the one on the Allure review where I almost lost all of my data, which I kept ignoring.

I think one of the reasons why I failed to turn on my computer is because now all of my cameras can connect to the phone wirelessly. So there is no need for the computer to share the pictures ASAP. I guess we were also really busy during most of the cruise to really take it out.

So, I took my computer and worked on the files for the first time. I was trying to figure out how I would combine so many pictures from two cameras. I usually do so, but I never edited so many pictures. Both the GoPro and A6000 require editing. While I sat there trying to figure things out, my uncle was just playing with my binoculars.

He also showed me one of the string lights that they used for the party the night before. Since he had gone out the night before, he actually spent a fair amount of time next to the DJ booth. He loved it up there, he had a great view of everything.

I forgot my uncle had actually stepped out for the sunset. That is why I brought up the light sleep for that night. On the way back, he brought my aunt some waffles as her happy birthday bed in breakfast gift.

We all got ready slowly. There was no rush to do anything really. The plan was to head to the MDR for brunch as soon as it opened. I have had brunch on the Breeze, and I absolutely loved it.

By the way I just figured out that I never drank my complimentary bottle of water… I guess it is a good idea to check your benefits before getting off the ship

We made it to the MDR for Brunch.

We were sat promptly right by the window (just ask for one ).

Our table with an ocean view =)

The menu.

The birthday girl.

Mom had bought a few items to celebrate.

Brunch took 40 minutes for the food to arrive to the table since we ordered. Not a horrible wait considering they have to cook everything to order, but I still felt the need to point it out. On the Breeze it was quite faster.

Originally my mom had ordered only some fruit. My guess is that she was not feeling very good, but our server convinced her to order more just the fruit. It is a good thing, since the fruit came out 2 seconds after we ordered and she ended up sharing most of it with the others.

The coffee was ok. I still manage to drink 4 cups by the time the food came out

There were a few other people in there, but not many at that time. I guess everyone had partied hard the night before.

It is kind of sad, we missed the towel animal demonstration that morning, it was in the main theater. I much rather when they do it on the pool deck on the last port day.

My uncle and I both got the Steak and Eggs. It was really good! But I think the best part of it is that I finally saw hash browns again! Keep in mind that what I really wanted was the eggs benedict, but, well, you know. No, Thank you!

The french toast was huge! And Delish!

My aunt’s

And mom’s

Everything was really good, and well worth the wait. We stayed there for a little while talking and just enjoying the life go by. These are the memories that you remember for ages to come.

Other than the longish wait, service was impeccable!

On the way out we noticed a big leak from the roof, the servers joked that it was raining outside. Seemed like a pretty big problem to me.

We headed back to the room to get the party decorations up. My mom, my uncle and I went in the room and started decorating while my aunts waited in the other room.

They have Madagascar running continuously. One of my favorite movies, but I can only take so much of it.

Mom making the cake, with me helping


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