Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta Review

Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta.

The port is all about tourists with plenty of shops and restaurants, I have never been a fan of either of them. But I know for a fact that many love it as does my mom.

I guess now I can tell you what shore excursion I picked for Cozumel this time, although I am sure by now you know. I picked the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta sail boat racing, this is one shore excursion that I have been wanting to do since before I was born.

I waited a little longer and then when the group was all there we went to the pier to catch a small tender that would take us to our Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta sailboat.

Our groups also got separated there into 2 teams, I ended up in the Canadian team. Most of the group wanted to be in the US team, understandably so. But I had no biased, I think I read that the Canadian boat was faster on a forum , lol. They also asked us what position would you like from very intense to zero intensity.

The thing is that in our case it was only 6 people per sail boat, so we were lacking people who wanted the active position. I originally wanted to relax and take pictures and enjoy the race. So I asked for a cheerleader position , not that I make a cute cheerleader. He told that I should do a medium one, and I said that fine. The reason he said that was because most of our team wanted the cheerleader position, we were a lazy bunch.

untitled-104 untitled-110 untitled-112 untitled-115 untitled-119 untitled-121

We could spot the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta sail boats in the distance. So let me talk a little about this excursion. It is by no means a cheap excursion, but I have been wanting to do this since I was born. So anyway, these are retired sail boats, the owner is Canadian and has 2 of them in Cozumel and 3 of them St. Maarten. The ones in Cozumel are operated by two Australian brothers that act as captains for each of the vessels.

One sail boat is american and its called Start and Stripes and the other one is Canadian and is called True North IV. They are both around the same stats but I believe Star & stripes is slightly lighter. But remember winning does not depend on that, it really depends on how well the crew works together.

This is also a booze cruise, there is unlimited beers for those who want them. In our group only 3 had 1 beer each. Honestly this excursion is all about the adrenaline! This is by far THE BEST SHORE EXCURSION I HAVE EVER DONE!!!!!

Mind you I was a little scared of getting sea sick after seeing some videos, so I pumped myself full of ginger and bonnine and I also wore the bracelets. Although I think I would have been perfectly fine without all of that stuff. I think the adrenaline pumping through my blood would have been enough to keep me from getting sick, no question about it.

The crew is just great, there were 2 locals and the captain, plus us 6 tourists (in our case, the capacity is up to 12 I believe).


First we dropped off the Star & stripes folks.

untitled-128 untitled-130

And then it was our turn on True north, I have to say that star and stripes looks much better than true north. But I guess its just the color pattern.


But remember never judge a book by it’s cover. There is much more than that to life, and this race would prove us so!


That would be my position for the the race.

untitled-136 untitled-139

We had one AMAZING TEAM!!! And my partner was absolutely awesome!!! such an energetic person, he just seemed to love life as did his nice girlfriend.

untitled-140 untitled-141

Sooooo, once we all settled into our positions, the captain tells me. “I am going to upgrade you to main grinder” I go “Ummmmmm okkkkk, isn’t that the most active one?” he goes yeah, but you look really fit, you will be great. As skeptical as I was, I said ok. Let me tell you something, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Please note that I am by no means active, my arms are about as wide as a can of coke, ummm I am truly unfit. My partner on the other hand looked really fit, he claimed not to be, but he was in a much better physical stat than I was.

My first task was to raise the main sail, OMG!!!!!! It took 3 of us to raise it fully and we all ended up using our full body weight to pull it up. That thing is insanely HEAVY, by the end of that I had already done my monthly work out . I think I downed a full bottle of water after that, I kid you not. Anyone who has done this excursion can testify for me, while it was amazing, it was much more than Gambee’s muscles could handle.

Oh, by the way, free beers, sodas, waters and whatnot throughout the cruise. Well then again I think I already mentioned it. opppppps!


That’s our captain explaining our jobs.


The crew making last minute preparations.


Star & Stripes was already underway and waiting for us.


If you don’t think thats cool, I honestly don’t know what is. Gambee was in paradise!


And then we started moving.


OMG JUST LOOK AT IT, my Blood was pumping! I really did not know what to do, take pictures, take it in, smell the ocean, it was an overwhelming event of emotions! I am afraid I cannot clearly describe it.

untitled-159 untitled-160

In case that you’re wondering what the main grinder does, he/she has to move this as fast as possible in 3 possible moves. 1st gear, 2nd gear and 3rd gear. It was insane! That controls the front sail each time the sail boat makes a turn, it was a lot of work! First gear was by far the worst as you had to move it forward really fast.

untitled-161 untitled-164

Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta


I am not entirely sure any of us understood very well how the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta race went. At first there was a lot of zigzagging and a lot of work for us grinders, I cannot tell you how much I sweat. All in while trying to get a ton of pictures. I think I must of drank like 3 bottles of water. After that, then the boats head out to sea. Most of the time we were loosing and we kept getting penalized. Please don’t ask me how that works because I have no idea till this day. But all I know is that we were working really hard, and still loosing. Kind of frustrating, at the time.


I will post a ton of pictures and hopefully they can translate the level of adrenaline that I had that day pumping through my body.

Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta

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untitled-177 untitled-179

Just look at our angle of inclination of our boat and how close the vessels come to each other. He said we were doing about 10-12 knots.

untitled-188 untitled-200 untitled-201

The really crazy part is that he would go “Hold on, big gust of wind coming our way” next thing you knew, you could stretch your arm and touch the water. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! You really had to hold on, I forgot to ask him if he has ever lost people. I bet you accidents have happened, there is just way too much inclination happening to fast. How did he know the wind was coming our way??? I think this was what I love the most, we would gain really good speed!

Oh I forgot, there is a judge boat that is always on the move, setting markers and such. They also serve as the camera crew.

untitled-202 untitled-203

Look how close the come to us, this was the only time that we had the edge in the race over them.

untitled-205 untitled-207

And here we are going full throttle (well not throttle, how do you say that?) and crashing into the waves.

Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta untitled-217

And do you want to know who won??????

Here we are on the final Stretch, very close race as you can see.



Granted I was actually bleeding by the end of the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta race, I got a couple of blisters on my thumb. But I would not trade that day for any other excursion, it was absolutely fantastic and wining made it all much more rewarding. Although I have to say we came close to loosing, they were gaining on us, you really have to see the video to see how close we came to loosing.

!!!! Go Team Canada !!!



If you’re going to watch just one more video of the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta is has to be this one! You can see the main grinders in action, this was after the race was over and I had retired. The crew took over.

Here are some additional great videos.

Here is me in action!

The instructions for the race.


After the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta race is over the crew takes over and you get to relax while they sail the boat for another 20 minutes. My partner and I were absolutely worn out, I kid you not, this is the most exercise I have done in a long time. And I was really out of shape, same for him. But we did an amazing job!

So just so you know after the race is probably the best time to get the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta pictures and not like me during the race. I almost cost my team the race, by pulling the camera every 5 seconds to take pictures.

Here are some of the pictures that I took after the race. This is a great time to sit relax and drink beers. Or in my case gallons of water!! 

untitled-223 untitled-226 Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta

Here was my station, you can keep your drinks there so they are not rolling everywhere.


Then the tender comes while we are still moving, they unload another group of people and we get on the tender. I gave the crew a tip for their great work, it was really a fantastic experience.

untitled-241 untitled-242 untitled-244 untitled-247

Time for another race!

untitled-249 untitled-250 untitled-254

What happens next is that they take you to the RCCL dock because that is where the Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta store is. Here you have the option to purchase Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta shirts, hats, pictures and whatnot. I was honestly planning on buying something, but I wanted a nice hat or a model ship. But I did not like the hat, and they had no model ships. Then you are offered to be taken back by boat, or you can stay there and walk to the Carnival pier. It is a short 5 minute walk.

I was not planning on walking and I was pretty hungry.

Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta store

Hope you like my Cozumel 12 Metre Regatta review,

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