Cruise to the North Pole?

Do you have an inclination for adventure? For us cruisers it does not get more adventurous than arriving in remote locations that few other people will ever visit. When you board the Russian 128-passenger, nuclear-powered ice breaker, 50 of Victory. You will begin the cruise of a lifetime!


The voyage takes you to 90 degrees North, the geographic north pole. The itinerary also includes Franz Josef Land, an infrequently visited region in the Russian High Arctic.


And you can do all this for only $26,995 per person for a standard stateroom, all the way to $41,995 for the Arktika Suite. Yeah… Not exactly what I would call affordable. However, the cruise includes all shore excursions in a helicopter and zodiac,  5-star pre and post hotel, and all of the other amenities of an average cruise. Oh, and don’t forget the extra $1,750 for the charter flight to get to port.

Since 2001, Poseidon Charters has operated 29 voyages carrying more than 2,750 passengers to the North Pole aboard the 50 Years of Victory and the nuclear-powered Yamal. Quark Expeditions has also chartered 50 Years of Victory for similar expeditions.

Launched in 2007, 50 Years of Victory is 525-feet long, has a top speed of 21.4 knots, and can break through ice up to 16.4 feet thick with its spoon-shaped bow. The vessel is also a working ice breaker for scientific expeditions. The only cruises available are in the peak of summer in July and August.

140 crew members are hard at work maintaining the vessel and making sure it runs smoothly. The ship offers comfortable accommodations, and some public spaces. Including, a dinning room, an aft salon, a bow-facing bar and lounge, library and lounge, and a gym with two saunas and swimming pool with heated seawater. The ship also has a clinic and physician.


The Deck Plan




The Bridge of 50 Years of Victory


Each cruise lasts 3 weeks, in which the ice breaker will crush its way up to the north pole. The ship positions exactly at 90 degrees, at which point the passengers are allowed to disembark and explore the area. There are also a few activities planned, including holding hands in a big circle and spinning around the world.



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For those with the money ready, you book your cruise here.

Well folks I leave you with that. This cruise is definitely on my “to do” list, now where do I get $30k from…. Any Ideas?