Disney Dream

Chapter 10

Continuing with my Disney Dream review.

There are also glass floors right next to the Jacuzzis outside on the Disney Dream. I remember this from Breakaway.

DCL DAY2-155

Sarah and I went to play some foosball and mini golf on the Disney Dream lido deck. The outcome was exactly the same as the day before , lol.

DCL DAY2-156 Disney Dream DCL DAY2-158 DCL DAY2-159 DCL DAY2-160 DCL DAY2-161

I saw the simulator there, but I never saw anyone inside playing on our voyage aboard the Disney Dream. I know there is a small fee to use it.

DCL DAY2-162

Disney Dream DCL DAY2-166

Then we noticed Stitch and mom made a dash to get some pictures with him. In the process he started dancing with her, you know how stitch is, he was not cooperating much . lol. This is just one of many character appearances aboard the Disney Dream.

Disney Dream DCL DAY2-168 Disney Dream DCL DAY2-172

In the mean time I went to get ice cream, the ice cream aboard the Disney Dream is just fantastic!

DCL DAY2-175

I have a bad habit of bitting the bottom of the cone, not a very intelligent move on hot days . My favorite one on the Disney Dream was the strawberry one.

You can see there the cut from cutting the crab claws from the first day. It healed nicely and fast =)

DCL DAY2-176

My mom noticed the Breeze leaving port and she took my camera and got some pictures and a short video of the ship leaving port.

DCL DAY2-178

So continuing with the story. My mom went to see the Breeze leave port.

DCL DAY2-179 DCL DAY2-180 DCL DAY2-181 DCL DAY2-182 DCL DAY2-183

It was getting rather late and they starting closing the pool area to organize it for the pirate party on the Disney Dream. We decided to go and try to ride the Aquaduck of the Disney Dream, since the line had finally died down we went for it. I guess most people were either getting ready for early dinner or the show for that night.

The line was about 5 minutes, not bad at all.

A short Video of the Pool area closing.

DCL DAY2-185 DCL DAY2-187 DCL DAY2-188 DCL DAY2-189 DCL DAY2-191 DCL DAY2-192 DCL DAY2-193 DCL DAY2-194 DCL DAY2-195

Disney Dream

DCL DAY2-197 DCL DAY2-196

I was told to put the camera in my pocket, good thing I had a zippered pocket. So no video, sorry folks.

Since it was getting close to sail away we all decided to go to our room aboard Disney Dream. Once I got there I decided to give room service of the Disney Dream a test run, and see the product that they offer. The menu is in the book with all the information about the ship, and the order has to be placed by phone. The food arrived in about 30 minutes I want to say, maybe a little less.

I will tell you one thing, the room service on the Disney Dream is among the best I have ever tasted on a ship!

The steak sandwich was outstanding, my mouth waters as I think about it.

DCL DAY2-206

Tomato, Basil, mozzarella pannini was really good.

DCL DAY2-207

The fajita was just ok

DCL DAY2-208

And to the big finale, you can get the Mickey bars on the Disney Dream room service menu. They are not on the menu, but just ask for them and they will deliver them for you. They are the same ones that are available at the parks, with the thick chocolate layer.

DCL DAY2-205

After a few minutes the ship started moving, I got a short video.

The sailaway was pretty basic, I have already sailed from Nassau once and there is not much to see other than Atlantis.

DCL DAY2-200 DCL DAY2-201 DCL DAY2-202 DCL DAY2-203 DCL DAY2-204 DCL DAY2-209

That lighthouse is pretty neat.

DCL DAY2-210 DCL DAY2-211

After sail away my mom and Sarah decided to go to the pirate show of the Disney Dream. I stayed behind in the room and started watching The emperor’s new groove.

Here are a few of the pictures that they took for me. They said it was an average show, I think it was a 15 minute short event. There were a lot of people dressed like pirates that night, including adults as well. It was a pretty cool experience.

DCL DAY2-215 DCL DAY2-216

Disney Dream

DCL DAY2-218 DCL DAY2-219

Disney Cruise

They came back to the room and we finished watching the movie before dinner. I took a picture of the sunset from the room.

DCL DAY2-214

And this one of the moon.

DCL DAY2-213

More on the Disney Dream on the next chapter 🙂


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