Disney Dream

Chapter 12

We then went to the Disney Dream promenade and attempted to play shuffle board, the main problem was that we did not know the rules of the game . So let it be said that the game was not successful!

DCL DAY2-268 Disney Dream

Disney Dream Promenade

DCL DAY2-266

I love the way the Disney Dream lights up the water.

DCL DAY2-267

There is a little area outside for smokers in the Disney Dream, but the wood paneling makes this area extremely hot and humid most of the time.

DCL DAY2-269 DCL DAY2-270

Disney Dream smokers section

DCL DAY2-271 DCL DAY2-272

Back inside we stopped in the Disney Dream skyline bar, this bar changes the skyline to different cities of the world every so often. This is really a small place, I actually expected it to be much larger when I first read about it. None the less it is a very nice area to have a drink, and enjoy some good company.

Disney Dream DCL DAY2-274

Since that night was pirate night, we headed upstairs to see the Disney Dream fireworks. The way Disney does it is that they do a small performance of the pirates taking over the ship, and then we gain control over the vessel again. After that the fireworks go off.

When we got up to the lido deck the place was pretty packed and most everybody had a good place. The fireworks go of the starboard side of the ship, so that is your best bet to get good views of the fireworks.

We were all waiting there for a little, and I then realized that we still had a good wait to go. I left the camera with my mom, and I decided to head over to the adult pool area to relax in the Disney Dream jacuzzi.

While I was in the hot tub, the show started. I could definitely feel the show going, the speakers were at full blast. My mom said that the show part of the Disney Dream fireworks was pretty boring, but Sarah did like it. As for the firework show, mom said that it was better than Breakaways. I saw bits and pieces of it and I have to say that it was better.

Disney Dream DCL DAY2-277

Disney Dream fireworks

Disney Dream DCL DAY2-279 DCL DAY2-280 DCL DAY2-281 DCL DAY2-282

After the Disney Dream show was over my mom and Sarah made it to adult area of the ship. We relaxed there for some time and enjoyed ourselves. I kept hearing really loud music from the main pool area so I decided to go check it out. It was a huge party, and they were actually playing some really good music!

Short video of the party aboard the Disney Dream.

DCL DAY2-283 DCL DAY2-284 DCL DAY2-285 DCL DAY2-286 DCL DAY2-287 DCL DAY2-288

The party was really happening, the Disney Dream turns into this huge night club with laser shooting into the sky. It was really cool, I never seen a party like this one on the deck of any ship. I do have to admit that this was one time when I would of loved that the party was adult only kind of situation. But it is understandable why that would be impossible on this ship.

I am not entirely sure how late we stayed there, but it must of been around an hour or so. When we had enough we decided to start heading towards the room. We also wanted to check out the Disney Dream midnight buffet. I have to admit that it was really impressive!

DCL DAY2-289 DCL DAY2-290 DCL DAY2-291 DCL DAY2-292 DCL DAY2-293 DCL DAY2-294 DCL DAY2-295 DCL DAY2-296 DCL DAY2-297 DCL DAY2-298 DCL DAY2-299 DCL DAY2-300

Disney Dream

DCL DAY2-301 DCL DAY2-302

And yes, I got a turkey leg… Only on a Disney cruise!

DCL DAY2-303

Once in the room I found out that I had definitely pushed the limits of my stomach and got somewhat sick . Fortunately it was nothing horrible, but I really should of stopped eating long before that Turkey leg…

DCL DAY2-304 DCL DAY2-305

We relaxed a little on the balcony and then watch a movie. It was overall a great day, mom got to ride the AquaDuck and Sarah and I had a good day enjoying the mini gold and Foosball.

Disney really do outdo themselves, you can really see why the cruise line does charge a premium for their cruises. I am really anxious to see if I could go on the fantasy in the near future.

Day 2, Ending.

Next up Castaway Cay on our Disney Dream cruise 🙂 


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