Castaway Cay

Chapter 15

After snorkeling in Castaway Cay I went to apply another coat of sunblock and lay on the lounger to rest from the swim. It was then that Sarah grabbed the snorkeling equipment and went for a swim, I told her where to go to see the most fish.

I got a good video of Serenity Bay in Castaway Cay.

Castaway Cay Castaway Cay

The Castaway Cay resort attendant came and offered us a happy hour special it $3.75 for a mimosa, screwdriver or a bloody Mary. I got a bloody Mary it was SUPER SPICY, but tasty and my mom got a mimosa.

DCL DAY3-101

Here is Castaway Cay beach at full capacity that day, keep in mind we were sailing on a full ship.

Castaway Cay Castaway Cay DCL DAY3-104 DCL DAY3-105 DCL DAY3-106

My mom and I were pretty hungry by then, remember we had no breakfast that morning. So we grabbed our stuff and made our way to the Castaway Cay buffet.

DCL DAY3-108 DCL DAY3-109 DCL DAY3-110 DCL DAY3-111 DCL DAY3-112

The Castaway Cay buffet area is really nice, but I found a rather limited amount of items to choose from. But everything that they offered was really good and fresh. They also had sodas and ice cream just like the ship.

DCL DAY3-113 DCL DAY3-114 DCL DAY3-115 DCL DAY3-116

funny that they even name the potato chips.

DCL DAY3-117 DCL DAY3-118

I always enjoy seeing these fruit carvings.

DCL DAY3-120 DCL DAY3-121 DCL DAY3-122

They grill everything right in front of you, you can even tell them how you like your meats done.

DCL DAY3-123 DCL DAY3-124 DCL DAY3-125 DCL DAY3-126 DCL DAY3-128

This was the only picture of our Castaway Cay food that came out nicely, so I will spare you of the other two. But both Sarah and I had hamburgers.

DCL DAY3-129

After eating I though we were going to go back to Serenity Bay, but my mom wanted to head back to the ship. We decided to head back to the ship, but only after a quick stop in the other beach area.

DCL DAY3-135 DCL DAY3-136 DCL DAY3-137 DCL DAY3-138 DCL DAY3-139

Castaway Cay bicycles for rent.

DCL DAY3-140 DCL DAY3-141 DCL DAY3-142

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