Castaway Cay

Chapter 16

I also think that the Cabanas on Serenity bay on Castaway Cay were all closed, I am not sure why. Since they all showed sold out on the website when I looked at it.

DCL DAY3-143DCL DAY3-144

Castaway Cay Disney Store, it actually had a lot of neat items for sale. Wish I had bought one to keep it on our wall of traveled destinations.

DCL DAY3-145DCL DAY3-146DCL DAY3-147DCL DAY3-148

The had a little bar area with both alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drink.

DCL DAY3-149DCL DAY3-150

Castaway Cay bike rental shop.

DCL DAY3-151

Castaway Cay family beach Area, you can see that it is much busier than the adult only area.

DCL DAY3-152DCL DAY3-153

Castaway Cay Water slide, it is free of charge for everyone. Sarah wanted to do it, but the line was pretty long.

DCL DAY3-154DCL DAY3-155DCL DAY3-156

Castaway Cay main snorkel beach area. Here is where you can snorkel and see all the Disney artifacts sunk in there.

DCL DAY3-157

Isn’t the view gorgeous?

DCL DAY3-159

I wanted to go snorkeling in the Castaway Cay lagoon area, but I soon noticed that everyone was wearing vests. I thought about renting one, but the water was awfully murky. My guess is that there was a lot sunscreen in that water, so I decided to just skip it. So I went around and took some extra pictures of the area.

DCL DAY3-161

Initially Sarah wanted to go on the water slides, but she later said that she did not feel like getting wet again. Personally I had very little interest in getting in line for the slides. If there is something that I lack is patience, and waiting in line for a water slide was not in my plans that day :D, lol.

DCL DAY3-162

Castaway Cay waterslide

Castaway Cay water slide

Here is a short video of the watersides.

Then we started heading back to the ship.

DCL DAY3-164 DCL DAY3-165 Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay reef actually looks very nice from the outside.  DCL DAY3-167 Castaway Cay DCL DAY3-169

Castaway Cay Photos

DCL DAY3-170 DCL DAY3-171 DCL DAY3-172 DCL DAY3-173 DCL DAY3-174 DCL DAY3-175 DCL DAY3-176 DCL DAY3-177 DCL DAY3-178 DCL DAY3-179 DCL DAY3-180 DCL DAY3-181 DCL DAY3-186 DCL DAY3-183 DCL DAY3-182 DCL DAY3-184 DCL DAY3-188 DCL DAY3-190

And here we are heading back inside the ship.

DCL DAY3-189

I hope you enjoyed my Castaway Cay Review 🙂


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