Disney Dream Review

Chapter 3

After visiting the Spa of the Disney Dream we decided to go and verify that we had a table for ourselves during dinner. So we went to the Royal Palace to confirm that. I took some pictures around that area, it is right by the Atrium. DCL day 1-105

This drummer was great! They had him in the adult pool area on several occasions.

DCL day 1-109

Disney Dream cartoon encounters.

DCL day 1-107 DCL day 1-108

Disney Dream artwork is fantastic.

DCL day 1-110

DCL day 1-111

After verifying that we had a private table, we decided to go to the adult area before our room open. On our sailing in the Disney Dream rooms were available at around 1:30pm and I needed to drop off my very heavy backup that was full of drinks .

These two were taken on the way to the adult area.

DCL day 1-112 DCL day 1-113

There is a really cool art gallery right before the District on the Disney Dream, they have some incredible art. I fell in love with several pieces. The prices range from $100-$3200, with the average around $500.

DCL day 1-114 DCL day 1-115 DCL day 1-116 DCL day 1-117 DCL day 1-118 DCL day 1-119 DCL day 1-120DCL day 1-121

Can you say AWESOME little dude? Totally….. This one is one of my favorite ones, I believe it was $795 or around that price.

DCL day 1-122 Disney Dream Art Gallery

Now this one is my absolute favorite one! You can see the Disney Dream there.

DCL day 1-124 DCL day 1-125 DCL day 1-126 DCL day 1-127

After that we went to the D Lounge this is where they host several events like bingo or dance classes. The venue is one of the larger ones on the ship and has a very neat concept. Unfortunately we never really went there for any event.

DCL day 1-128

A short video of the area.

After that we kept on walking towards The District, this area is composed of several Disney Dream bars. It has a rather odd design sort of compartmentalized. Personally I did not like this area, it is too dark and it lacked the ocean views that I love so much. Fortunately for me I never had a hard time finding quiet places aboard the ship. But yeah overall it was not my favorite area, simply put is too dark for my personal taste. However I am sure many will enjoy it and find its isolation from the other areas a benefit when looking for some relaxing adult time.

Keep in mind I am bouncing flash here, this area is very dark!

DCL day 1-129

Disney Dream bar

DCL day 1-130 DCL day 1-131 DCL day 1-132

Pink is the champagne bar of the Disney Dream, and you’re supposed to feel like you’re in a bottle with bubbles. Nice little venue.

DCL day 1-133 DCL day 1-134 DCL day 1-135 Disney Dream Adult bar

This is the Disney Dream club. They have it open at some times for family events, and I think later on at night it is just for adults. I remember walking there once and there where a lot of kids dancing to gnagnam Style. On another occasion they had a sort of meeting for adults, I think a sales conference or something like that. Our muster drill was in here as well, a very nice place to be locked away from all the exits in an emergency. I absolutely hate when my muster locations are in environments with no windows. But I guess they know what they are doing and I should just trust them and let them do their jobs.

DCL day 1-137 DCL day 1-137 DCL day 1-138 Disney Dream Adult bars

The Disney Dream does really well with colors, everything blends neatly.

DCL day 1-140

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