Disney Dream Review

Chapter 5

The Disney Dream offers a Spy game, we never played it, but I got a video of one of the picture frames.

DCL day 1-209 DCL day 1-210 DCL day 1-211 DCL day 1-212 DCL day 1-213

We also stopped by the Disney Dream Buenavista Theater. Here is where they play new movies and do special screenings. On our cruise it was all about Planes, Monsters University and a few others. Planes had just come out.

Disney Dream Theater

Once upstairs we relaxed for a little while in the Disney Dream adult pool. All 3 of us made great use of the adult area, I think this is one of my favorite adult areas of any ship. It was very relaxing and sheltered from the noise of the adjacent areas. The only issue I had with it was that it was far from our cabin and it required a long walk to get there. I am also curious as to how will this area work in sea days, it seems to me that there might be a problem with space and lounges. But at this point I cant comment on it. All I can say is that while the other two Disney Dream pools were completely packed, this one was a nice piece of heaven to enjoy.

A side story, the pool attendant in that picture was amazing. We saw him there every second we where there it was incredible. He worked none-stop, excellent work ethic! We made sure the he knew that we noticed how hard he works at his job. The thing is that some of the back stage employees don’t get the appreciation they deserve, I wish I was able to do more. But in this case since we spend so much time in the pool and saw him so often, we really appreciated the work he did for us. I am sure it helps his morale to know that guests really do notice all the hard work he does for everyone.

Disney Dream pools

All the Adult lounges on the Disney Dream are padded.

DCL day 1-215 DCL day 1-217

Since my bag was not in the room yet, I just went with my shorts in the Jacuzzi. Sorry I just could not wait, lol. By the way those things are kept crazy hot, the warmest I have experience of any cruise!

DCL day 1-218 DCL day 1-219At 3:00 pm they hold a raffle in the spa, and everyone that did the tour participates in the raffle. Since we were right there, we decided to go. I was soaking wet so I did not last long there. The minute that I noticed that it was just a speech of all of their services followed by a raffle 40 minutes later, I decided to leave. Sarah however stayed until the end. You have to be there to win, but our names did not get called.

She told me a funny story, one of the massage staff asked “Who here wants to get stoned?” and an old men yelled “ME” and his wife immediately hushed him and told him to stay quiet. lol, by the way the lady was talking about the hot stone massage, not what might be thinking about. So for those thinking that Disney carries ganga, sorry no go folks, lol.

DCL day 1-220 DCL day 1-221 DCL day 1-222

Then Sarah and I went for a little walking tour on the FWD of the ship. Here are the pictures I took.

DCL day 1-223 DCL day 1-224

By the way most bars are usually empty in the Disney Dream, with the bring your own alcohol rule, you can pretty much go and get a drink at a bar within seconds. I guess in way it lacks the bar atmosphere that some people enjoy.

Disney Dream Bar DCL day 1-226 DCL day 1-227 DCL day 1-228 DCL day 1-229 DCL day 1-230 DCL day 1-231 DCL day 1-232 DCL day 1-233 DCL day 1-234 DCL day 1-235

That is the teenager pool area, I heard other people saying that should be the adult area, but I would beg to differ. For me it is crucial that I get an ocean view while I am enjoying myself in the pool, and unless they figure how to implement windows down there I am not sure this area would have much appeal to me. None the less is it a very neat little area, I wish I had gone down there that day and seen it in person.

Disney Dream Teenager area DCL day 1-237 DCL day 1-238 DCL day 1-239 DCL day 1-240 DCL day 1-241

This is inside the concierge area of the Disney Dream.

DCL day 1-242 DCL day 1-243 DCL day 1-244 DCL day 1-245

I love the Disney Dream Funnels!

Disney Dream Water slide aquaduck

We went back down to the adult pool area, and I went to the Cove Cafe to get some pictures from inside the Cafe.

DCL day 1-247 DCL day 1-248 DCL day 1-249DCL day 1-257 DCL day 1-258 DCL day 1-259 DCL day 1-260 DCL day 1-261

After relaxing in the pool for a little while it was almost time for our Disney Dream Muster drill so we started heading to the room to get ready and the Muster. I took a few pictures on the way.

DCL day 1-267 DCL day 1-268 DCL day 1-269 DCL day 1-270 DCL day 1-271

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