Disney Dream Review

Chapter 6,

Our Disney Dream Muster was about average, ours was in the club. Nothing really to point out except that the alarm noise was excruciating loud. They actually tell to cover your ears and even the crew covers theirs. This picture was after muster was done.

DCL day 1-273

For our Disney Dream sail away we decided to stay in our balcony. Disney does have a sail away party by the pool, but as you can imagine it is packed and that is not exactly what I wanted for my cruise. I asked them if they wanted to go, but neither felt like going either. If you want to see the event just look for the video on youtube, type Disney Dream Sail away and you will see the video. I found out that it was a short show followed by a promotional campaign.

Something to note that is that Disney stream most of the events and Show performances live on TV. We found this out on the last day… lol.

I took a short time lapse of our sail away, I think it came out pretty neat. Check it out!

The pics for our sail away. It was your average sail away, Port Canaveral is surprisingly long, I was not expecting that.

DCL day 1-274 DCL day 1-275 DCL day 1-276 DCL day 1-277 DCL day 1-278 DCL day 1-279 DCL day 1-280 DCL day 1-281 DCL day 1-282 DCL day 1-283

They actually went inside before I could get a clear picture, I hope they lasted outside a little longer for the aft balconies to get a view.

DCL day 1-284 DCL day 1-285 DCL day 1-286 DCL day 1-287 DCL day 1-288 DCL day 1-290 DCL day 1-291 DCL day 1-292 DCL day 1-293 DCL day 1-294 DCL day 1-295 DCL day 1-296 DCL day 1-297 DCL day 1-298 DCL day 1-299 DCL day 1-300 DCL day 1-301 DCL day 1-303 DCL day 1-304

After sail away we went up to the lido deck for a little walk, we noticed that they were almost done with the cleaning from the party. We also picked up some food from the Disney Dream pool food station. I have more pictures later on, but basically there are 3-4 stations with food at tall times. Most of the food there was really good, the only one that I did not enjoy was the pizza.

Disney Dream pool and aquaduck DCL day 1-306

For those of you following my reviews, you might remember that my mom lost one of her crocks on the Norwegian Breakaway cruise. But no need to worry she went back to the store and ordered another pair of the same model.
DCL day 1-307

Disney Dream food stations and menu

DCL day 1-308 DCL day 1-309Sarah loved hers.

DCL day 1-310

That was a BLT with brie.

DCL day 1-311

DCL day 1-312

After we finished our food we decided to go for a little walk and finish exploring the ship. The main pool area was packed, and that is pretty much how it remained for the rest of the cruise.

DCL day 1-313

That current line in the Disney Dream aquaduck is over 30 minutes.

Disney Dream cruise ship pool area Disney dream water slide and kids pool DCL day 1-316

As for the Disney Dream Aquaduck, the line averages 30 minutes plain and simple. Granted I never did 30 minutes of line and I think I rode it 3-4 times. There are gaps when you can fully avoid the line. Late at night when the shows are going on is a great time. Also on Castaway Key from about 9am-2pm should be somewhat decent. But don’t expect to ride while on Nassau, that was actually our original plan. But we soon found out that about half of the ship had the same idea that we had of staying aboard in Nassau…

So How is it? We all enjoyed it a lot, but I just don’t think I would do the 30 minute line for it ever! But overall it is a great addition to a great ship. My mom loved it, because she can only go on rides that have a flotation device in them. They are usually too rough for her skin. They kind of bother me as well to. Needless to say she never went on any slides on Breakaway.

DCL day 1-318

We keep on walking towards the aft of the Disney Dream until we got to the mini golf, foosball and tennis tables. I won on foosball, but I soon realized that I was a complete disaster at mini golf. Both times I lost and Sarah won. We had a lot of fun playing up there. Personally I though that this mini golf looked so much better than any other minigolf on a ship I have ever seen. It is much easier for Disney to create a minigolf with charters that they already own. Although I think NCL should of used the sponge Bob theme on theirs, I am really not sure why they did not. As the RCCL should use the madagascar theme in their ships mini golf.

DCL day 1-319 DCL day 1-320 DCL day 1-321 Disney Dream Sports basket ball DCL day 1-323 DCL day 1-324 DCL day 1-325

Disney Dream Table Tennis table

DCL day 1-326

Disney Dream Mini Golf

Disney Dream mini golf DCL day 1-328 DCL day 1-329 DCL day 1-330 DCL day 1-331 DCL day 1-332 DCL day 1-333 DCL day 1-334 DCL day 1-335 DCL day 1-336 DCL day 1-337 DCL day 1-338

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