Disney Dream Review

Chapter 7

We went to the room to get changed to go see the Disney Dream show prior dinner. I am not exactly keen about the traditional seating for dinning. I enjoy my meals around 7pm, and the options here are at 5:15 or 8:15. I believe on all days I ended up having a snack to hold me up until 8 pm, maybe that is part of why I got so fat…

Anyway, like I said we stopped by the room to get changed.

DCL day 1-344 DCL day 1-345

I really loved that little lamp, with the nautical theme.

DCL day 1-343

Disney Dream Evacuation map

DCL day 1-346

After changing we made our way to the Walt Disney Dream Theater. The port holes are really really neat. We took a few pictures there posing.

DCL day 1-347 DCL day 1-348

We all went in, but I soon realized that I once again was out of my environment. A lot of people and charters (I called them puppets one occasion) dancing and prancing around. Not my cup of tea by any form or means. It took me about 1 minute to decide to just leave and walk around the Disney Dream a little bit. That said, both my mom and Sarah said their shows were the best ever on a ship, they keep commenting how many times they changed sets, etc. So I will take their word here and score Disney high in that area.

So back to the story, right outside the Theater are all the Disney Dream shops nicely located of course (Sarah noticed that). lol, so I decided to go check them out. There are only a handful of stores, but they have some very neat items. I will admit that this ship is actually one that I wanted to buy several items for myself. I actually did ended up buying the model ship, and to my surprise it was nicely priced at $32, who would of though so. After the unreasonable $50 that NCL is charging for their Norwegian breakaway model ship. The funny thing is that the Dream model is now the nicest ship on my collection. It is actually made of a different material that my other models.

Disney Dream Model Ship

Disney Dream Model ship DCL day 1-349 DCL day 1-350 DCL day 1-351 DCL day 1-352 DCL day 1-353 DCL day 1-354 DCL day 1-355 DCL day 1-357 DCL day 1-358 DCL day 1-359 DCL day 1-360 DCL day 1-361

Sarah used to collect these, she has tons of them at home.

DCL day 1-362 DCL day 1-363 DCL day 1-364 DCL day 1-365

Sarah did not last long on the Disney Dream show, she could not find a seat (we got there late) and she came out and looked at the store for a little while with me. Right before the show was over my mom came out and we went for a little stroll on the promenade to burn time prior dinner. I believe the promenade wraps around the full ship.

DCL day 1-366 DCL day 1-367

Disney Dream Promenade

Disney Dream Promenade DCL day 1-369 DCL day 1-370 DCL day 1-371

Then we stopped by the Disney Dream adult area, I took some pictures of the drink lists. By the way Disney has the cheapest drinks of any cruise line that I have been on. Not only that but they also offer happy hour. On Castaway Key I bought 2 drinks before 11am (I know Horrible) for $8 total.

We noticed that we still had sometime to kill so we went to Disney Dream 70’s trivia. The event was on the adult area, I believe it was on the 687 lounge. There were very few people there, I want to say maybe 10-15 if that. Of course we got some snacks before going in.

DCL day 1-380 DCL day 1-381

Needless to say our knowledge about the 70’s was rather limited. Don’t get me wrong, we knew all of the songs, just did not know their name… We left just a little before it was over.

DCL day 1-387 DCL day 1-389

Amazing sunset aboard the Disney Dream.

DCL day 1-390 DCL day 1-391 DCL day 1-392

Soon after we left it was time to head over to the Disney Dream Enchanted Garden. I think this is my least favorite venue, paired with the my favorite food of all restaurants. The venue just feels odd, almost like an old picnic environment. I am not sure how to put it, it just did not feel very much like Disney. Out of the 3 of us Saran liked it the most. Mom felt similarly to how I felt. By the way there was never a wait be seated, it was a very efficient process and went quick.

DCL day 1-393

Disney Dream Enchanted Garden

Disney Dream Enchanted Garden DCL day 1-398

Here is where we met our Disney Dream servers, this is my first time with the same servers during the entire cruise. They were all very nice, fast and efficient. They learned our eating patterns and tried to adjust to them throughout the 3 days. I do have to say that the Head server did creep me out a little. He was very polite, but I could just not put my finger what it was. Anyway just because I felt odd did not mean I was going to cheap him out on his tip or anything. I believe we tipped all of them the same amount extra over what they charge you already.

For appetizers we got the tuna tower x2 and lobster raviolis. Both items were very nice, but the tuna was much better. The sauce of the raviolis was rather weak not sure why put them in a broth.

DCL day 1-403 DCL day 1-404

For dinner we got the scallops and the seabass X2, Sarah and I shared the seabass and the scallops. The scallops were good, but the couscous was actually really bland. The seabass on the other hand was just PERFECT! It was sooooo good, and the risotto just melted on your mouth. This is the dish to get in this restaurant on the Disney Dream, no question about it.

Disney Dream Food DCL day 1-406

By the time dessert came we were all stuffed. But we still had to try them. We got the banana sunday it was great. The non sugar added fruit tart was really good and the sancher it looked very rich. They also brought us a plate of dessert cubes, I forgot their name. My mom hated them, while I love the chocolate ones, I think I ate like 3 of them.

DCL day 1-409 DCL day 1-410 DCL day 1-411 DCL day 1-412

I took these 2 photos leaving the enchanted garden on the Disney Dream.

Disney Dream Enchanted Garden Restarurant DCL day 1-414

Overall it was a great meal, this was the fastest one, I believe we were out in under 50 minutes. We then headed to the room to and found this little guy on the bed. He had stolen my glasses and take possession of them. Every night they left us chocolates, actually on the last day they gave us the chocolate coins.

DCL day 1-415

We decided to try the aqua duck, unfortunately right before my mom was going to ride it, they closed it. However sarah and I both went on it once, it was really neat.

We also went to Jacuzzi and relaxed there for a little while.

I took two underwater videos at different times, but I will just post them here.

Overall it was great day, although very tiring. The drive just adds much more to it… After sometime in the Jacuzzis we headed to the room and went straight to bed. That night I slept like a baby, I was exhausted.

Day 1, Ending

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