Disney Dream Review

Chapter 9

We spend the rest of the morning relaxing by the Disney Dream pool and just talking. I guess at some point I went for a walk or something, because I have a few pictures here from that time. Disney Dream pool area



Those are the same loungers that we have on our Disney Dream aft balcony.


The Disney Dream Funnel Vision plays cartoons and movies all day.

Disney Dream Funnel Vission

Donald duck was shot into the funnel from the Aquaduck. Can anyone help him out?


We actually enjoyed the Carnival Sensation docking next to us, we could look at the ship all day from the Jacuzzis. That line of ships is really starting to look dated.


I saw some crew on the Carnival sensation catching some rays on the forward staff pool.


After some hours we made out way to the Buffet for lunch, it was very similar to the one one boarding day, but with the addition of a few items. At this point I also changed cameras back to Sony RX.

Disney Dream Lunch buffet video

Disney Dream Buffet restaurant DCL DAY2-101 DCL DAY2-102 DCL DAY2-103 DCL DAY2-104 DCL DAY2-105 DCL DAY2-106 DCL DAY2-107 DCL DAY2-108 DCL DAY2-109 DCL DAY2-110 DCL DAY2-100 DCL DAY2-99 DCL DAY2-98

By the way here are the phones that the Disney Dream gives you to talk to other in the ship. Each cabin gets 2 of them and they also work on castaway cay, very neat.


After lunch we made our way to the room to have some drinks and relax in the balcony for a few minutes. We noticed this little guy on the bed and the pirate bandanas for the party at night.

DCL DAY2-149

Soon enough we went back up to the adult pool area to relax a little more 

DCL DAY2-146

Look at the Aquaduck line!

DCL DAY2-146

Disney Dream Funnel Vision

DCL DAY2-148 DCL DAY2-150 DCL DAY2-151

This one was taken inside the jacuzzi looking down through the glass floor.

DCL DAY2-152

I also ordered my mom a Miami Vice, she really enjoys those fruity drinks. Neat picture from the Olympus camera.

Disney Dream poolside drinks

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