Duval Street Ch 11

After Hemingway’s house we went for a walk in Duval Street, and search for some food.

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We stopped by in a french bakery right on Duval Street.

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Duval Street is a very colorful and active street.


So after that we left and started walking in Duval street, if you’re not familiar this is where all the stuff happens in Key West. A lot of stores, bars and restaurants. My mom purchased a couple of things, I am not big on shopping but I was able to stay busy taking pictures while they shopped.


This store was all about Key Lime products.

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I am sure everyone knows this by now, but for those who don’t. Key West is a very gay town, funny enough I have been there for any of their pride events. Actually I have never to any pride parade ever, lol. Not my thing I guess.

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Just a beautiful day to walk around Duval Street.

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They had amazing art work here.


I feel in love with that sting ray, but I knew not to even ask for the price. The entire store looked very pricey.


Key west has the oldest running theater or something like that. I remember reading something like that on trip advisor, but not even sure if its this one.


I took this one form the middle of the street 

Duval Street

Then mom noticed the restaurant that she had dinner the night before, it was all covered with dollar bills that past costumers had stapled on the walls. I asked her how the food was and she said it was good. Since it was getting close to noon I asked them if they wanted to grab a bite and they agreed, so we decided to head in and ask for a table.

Service was good, friendly and fast. The food was just ok, I got the grouper sandwich, I really think that was not grouper. That is my favorite fish, but it just did not seem like grouper. My mom got the same, and my aunt got a burrito which she loved.

Live entertainment, it can be seen by those just walking on Duval Street.

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Unique venues like this get a lot more traffic than the neighboring ones. I will say that I would not had eaten there otherwise. I actually had an amazing grouper sandwich once driving to Key Largo in a tinny shack in the middle of nowhere. Much better than this place and for 1/2 the price. But I guess you pay for atmosphere here?

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We finished our meal and headed back to Duval street walking towards the car.

Here is a short video of Duval street.


Overall it was a fun and relaxing lunch, we needed the break after all the running we had done. I was starting to get tired and worn out. We did a lot of walking that day.

untitled-265 Duval Street Duval Street Duval Street untitled-269 untitled-270

I missed it, but those people had a couple of ugly dogs. I forgot the breed name, the ones had have almost no hair.

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Mom purchased some jewelry, it was on sale. I think she paid like $4 for that bracelet, she also got a necklace.


After we got back to the car we headed back to port, I still wanted to go to the key west aquarium. The aquarium is located right there in port, that is why I left it as our last activity just in case we were running out of time. But we still had lots of time available.

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Here are more pictures of the statues.

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This is the shipwreck museum, it is right across from the Aquarium.

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My mom and aunt took a picture with the tour trolley.



Hopefully you enjoyed my Duval Street page 🙂

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