Ernest Hemingway House Review

Ch 10, Ernest Hemingway House.

Then we decided to head to Ernest Hemingway House, this was the first time I did this activity. As you know I am not one for museums and I tend to steer away from them as I find them boring. But mom wanted to check it out and we had plenty of time available.

We decided to tour the house by our selves, mainly because my aunt has very limited english and we did not want her to feel out of place. OMG there were so many cats there, later on we learned that all the cats are descendants of his other cats. There were about 45-50 cats in the property and the cats are 6 fingered cats. I guess I have to do some more research on this, but I am just sharing the pictures here so you can enjoy them.


The property was huge!!!

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This was his private boat that now sits in Cuba.

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The house had a great feeling, I would not mind living there 

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This cat was the star of the show 

untitled-169 untitled-170 untitled-171

He is helping preserve history 😉

untitled-172 untitled-173

Yup he did that for about 3 minutes, well or until I left, lol.

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And more cats!

untitled-190 untitled-191

They were all very friendly, they love being petted.

Ernest Hemingway House cats

And more cats!

untitled-193 untitled-194

His wife build this pool because she was mad at him for taking off with his mistress. To this day this is the largest privately owned pool in key west. The pool cost was a staggering $20,000, when he saw the bill, he grabbed a penny and pressed into the cement. He then said, well why don’t you just take all my money. The penny still sits there in the ground, I think I took a picture of it.

Ernest Hemingway House pool funtitled-197 untitled-198 untitled-199

Ernest Hemingway House polydactyl cats.

untitled-200 untitled-201

And a lot of the items in the store feature cats, they had some really neat ones. My aunt’s son loves cats, I think she bought him a couple of things.

untitled-202 untitled-203

This was the studio, it was located on top of what is now the store.

Ernest Hemingway House Ernest Hemingway House

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untitled-206 untitled-207

Ernest Hemingway House swimming pool.

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Those cats live like kings!

I just noticed that, lol.

untitled-217 untitled-218 untitled-219

Anyway, I am not much of a Hemingway fan. But I learned that he had sort of a dark past and eventually took his life.

You can also have your wedding reception at Ernest Hemingway House in the middle of 50 cats 

untitled-220 untitled-221

Here you can see that they have 6 fingers. 

untitled-222 untitled-223

I had a good time, but I m sure his book fans will appreciate this tour a lot more than I did. My mom used to be a huge fan and enjoyed being there more than I did. Then again I am not a big fan of museums anyway, I will admit that my favorite part of the house were all the cats. They were so friendly and cute.

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