Gay Cruise Controversy

This all started when I was reading an article from the publication SFGN. One day a week we get a gay newspaper at my job, and this is usually how I stay up to date with all the worldwide gay issues. The publication is usually a decent, well-balanced source of information. Since I am quite detached from the “cliche” gay culture, this is an appropriate channel for me to stay informed of current issues affecting the gay community.


Two weeks ago I was reading the publication and one article immediately caught my attention; “Gay Cruise Returns to Port”. To sum it up, there was a medical emergency aboard Regal Princess during a gay chartered cruise involving two men, causing the ship had to return to port. The reason of the emergency is yet to be fully revealed, but good sources claim that it was due to an OD. Of course, this is all just speculation until proved otherwise. Anyway, here is the thing, the article was quite negative, and it had a tone that would lead the reader to believe that gay cruises are nothing more than a drunken orgy.

The information that SFGN got was from a retired orthopedic surgeon who spoke from the ship to them. Here are his statements: “It’s an all gay cruise and they’re all drunk,” “There’s three thousand gay men on this boat,” Gorin said. “You know what that means. There’s a lot of high risk activity associated with that.”

I was quite confused by SFGN’s decision to post such an article, to me it seemed a desperate attempt to get any information to the reader. I have to admit that I have yet to sail on a Gay charter cruise, but one thing is for sure, these cruises are not wild orgies! I know people who frequent them, and have nothing but good things to say about them. The entertainment is geared towards the gay population, and the parties as well. A good amount of the cruisers are monogamous gay and lesbian couples. They are simply trying to get away with their loving partner and feel like they are accepted for who they are without the need to hide anything or being judged. There are also those who choose to go out in drag, and have a great night out. As well as single folks who are looking to have fun. These cruises are simply designed to help us enjoy our vacation in a more relaxed way. Sure, there are sexual relationships happening and people drinking, but that is a given fact out of any cruise.

In the issue that followed there was an article called “No Deaths On Gay Cruise” aimed at repairing an clarifying a few of the misconceptions in the prior article written by another gay publication called The Agenda. I am not quite sure what the other article stated, but my wild guess is that they claimed fatalities. SFGN and the Agenda are not keen on each other. To me it seemed like SFGN was trying to mask the demeanor of the prior week’s article, and go after the Agenda for another flawed article. SFGN also posted an article from a reader called “Drunken Drugged Out Messes at Sea? Far from it!”. This was a much more accurate article, with an actual account from someone aboard who happened to be enjoying his RSVP cruise.

SFGN got more than their share of objections to the initial article, you can see it in the comments and subsequently on the articles released to repair the mistake. Fortunately SFGN clarified everything. However, it does leave a sour taste for those who read the original article, and failed to read the other ones. Shamefully, it also helped reiterate what the general population thinks of the gay community. While there are those who choose to live that lifestyle, there are many others of us who just wish to live as normal as can be. Far from drugs, casual copulation, and wild nightly outings. Sure, I enjoy drinking while on cruises, my reviews are the proof of that. Nevertheless, you will never find me acting in a way that is irresponsible or in a “high risk activity scenario”. I guess those fellow cruisers who have seen me aboard vessels can attest to that.

By the way the two men are said to have recovered from the incident. I guess that there will always be those rotten apples in a barrel…

Sorry, I just needed to vent, thank you for listening 🙂