Harmony of the Seas

I never understood much of the idea between the debates behind naming ships. Considering that I mainly sail the ship for what it is rather than for the it’s name. Nonetheless, I follow closely all the debates online, and enjoy myself by reading some of the comments that people make online.

Harmony of the Seas

As I continue to blog, the more I notice how rude and unpredictable people are behind a keyboard. It is almost like all of their humility and rightfulness is taken out of their souls, and a new pugnacious person is born.

Anyway, so RCCL has finally come out publicly and stated that the new Oasis class vessel will be named Harmony of the Seas. I actually think that this name fits the ship perfectly. The Oasis class is truly an amazing one, I find it really hard to truly compare any other ship to that class. Harmony seems to convey a perfectly choreographed orchestra that yields a soothing and pleasing experience.

The ship is currently being built in STX France, and it is set to be delivered sometime in April of 2016. I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see where this ship will be home-ported, the itineraries, and the new features that it will have. This ship will also be the largest of the class, exceeding the Allure by 2 meters in length and 5 in width.

A fourth Oasis class ship is set to be delivered in 2018.