Havana Cuba Cruise Review – Chapter 13

Day 4

I woke up feeling a bit ummmm, yeah, I am sure you can figure it out. So I just started studying while mom woke up. She woke up eventually and got ready. We were not due to arrive to GSC until 10am so I just decided to stay in the room and study. I did ask mom to get me some food, she got me my usual.

Oh, and please tell me how a fly managed to get all the way into my room? We actually saw 2 total. My best guess is that it happened through the air system.

Eventually we arrived to GSC. Mom had gotten us tickets to get off the ship.

We decided to go downstairs and wait by the lobby. They had an art auction going on.

We found some nice seats, and waited there.

The wait was short, but let it be said that our ticket was never claimed. So I am not sure what was the point of it, but there were more groups after us. Everyone wanted to get off the ship.

GSC has changed a lot since our first time there. Now they seem to be building little cottages at the other end of the island. They even look like they have AC and everything.

We found a nice spot under a palm tree, but I did regret not bringing my umbrella like last time. That seems to be the main issue on this island, there is simply not enough shade. And before people dragged the loungers under the trees in the grass areas, but they have now roped those areas to prevent people from doing that.

They are also working on the rum bar, although not entirely sure what it is that they are doing there. The bar is still open, but the main entrance is closed, you have to go around. This was actually good, cause there were never lines at that bar, the main bar however was a fiasco.

Here is the rum bar

They added those rocks there to divide the beach.

It ended up being our favorite spot.

It was still early, so I got us pina coladas as they are lighter drinks, and my stomach was not at its best, lol.

We pretty much just enjoyed our time there. I did forget to bring my iPad, and I was unable to study during my time there. Then again, that was a good thing, I think I spent most of my time in the water anyway.

I guess at one point I went to check out the buffet.

It’s your basic beach buffet food, although I do have to say the rice with beans was really good.

So this was the highlight of that day. The first time I went in the water, I noticed a lot of sergeant major fish comping around me. I immediately knew what that meant, they were looking for food. I made a dash to the buffet and grabbed corn and bread. All in all, I think I must of taken about 15 corn on the cob, and countless bread that day. By the days’ end, the fish were so full that they would not eat a bite. What was cool is that they stayed around us until the end, my guess is for protection from larger fish.

Anyway, it was really cool.

Here is mom feeding them

And me

Just if you are wondering, yes, they do bite. But they do it by mistake, and rarely draw blood. They only drew blood from me in one occasion, and I feed them all day.

I really liked our place, there were few people there. By contrast look at all the people at the main beach.

vs ours


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