Holland America Drink Prices

Welcome to my Holland America Drink Prices webpage. Here are all the updated prices for the HAL fleet, all the drink lists were given to me by Holland America themselves. It was very kind of them to share this information with me. From what I can tell Holland America seems to have their drinks priced slightly lower than the average for the main cruise lines that it compete against. HAL also offers a beverage package, the holland america drink package costs $44.95 per person, per day and it is limited to 15 drinks a day. Keep in mind that they also add a 15% gratuity to your final cost of the package. The package includes a wide selection of drinks such as wine, beer, cocktails, spirits, coffee and sodas. It is very similar to the other packages offered by all the lines, but at $45.95, the cost is slightly less just their drinks.

holland america drink prices

Holland America Drink Prices – Coffee prices

holland america drink prices

Holland America Drink Prices – tropical cocktails

Signature Cocktail Menu - 2014-1

Holland America Drink Prices- Martinis

Signature Cocktail Menu - 2014-2

Holland America Alcohol Prices – Poolside drinks

Signature Cocktail Menu - 2014-3

Holland America Drink Prices – Signature Cocktail List holland america martini drink prices

Holland America Signature Drink Prices

holland america drink prices

Holland America Drink Prices – Alcohol free

Signature Cocktail Menu - 2014-6

Holland America Drink Prices – Spirits

Signature Cocktail Menu - 2014-7

Holland America Drink Prices – Signature Drinks Signature Cocktail Menu - 2014-8

Holland America Drink Prices – Wines

Holland America Drink Prices

Holland America Drink Prices – Soft Drinks

Holland America Drink Packages

Holland America Drink Prices – Creamy drinks

Holland America Drink Packages

Holland America Drink Prices

Holland America Drink Packages

One thing that I did noticed the large amount of crafted drinks, I have really come to enjoy well done drinks after my Celebrity cruise on the molecular bar. There is really nothing that compares to siting down at a bar relaxing and trying to figure out the taste explosion that is happening with certain drinks. Some of the signature cocktails that Holland offer remind me very much of the ones aboard Celebrity. I look forward to the time that I finally get to cruise aboard a Holland ship and experience the cruise line for myself.  For more information on Holland America Drink Prices you could try to contact HAL directly, but I think that they will give you this list since this one was given to me a few weeks ago.

Holland America ms Amsterdam, Holland America ms Eurodam, Holland America ms Koningsdam, Holland America ms Maasdam, Holland America ms Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland America ms Noordam, Holland America ms Oosterdam, Holland America ms Prinsendam, Holland America ms Rotterdam, Holland America ms Ryndam, Holland America ms Statendam, Holland America ms Veendam, Holland America ms Volendam, Holland America ms Westerdam, Holland America ms Zaandam, Holland America ms Zuiderdam.

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