Key West Aquarium Review Ch 12

The Key West Aquarium is on the smaller side, actually one of the smallest I’ve seen. Still they have a decent selection of animals and it should keep the young ones entertained for an hour or two. They keep it nice and clean and they run tours every so often. I would suggest to join one of the tours as you can learn much more than just walking around like we did. 

Key West Aquarium untitled-290 untitled-291

That is pretty much the inside section of the Key West Aquarium, they also have 2 smaller outside sections.

Key West Aquarium

You could touch those.

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I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Stingrays, but you could not touch these ones. Can you guess what shore excursion I did in Grand Cayman? 


The Key West Aquarium had a nice feel to it, and even better is the proximity to the Carnival Breeze.

Key West Aquarium

They had a feeding the turtles event later on that day, you just have to ask the Key West Aquarium crew for the times.

untitled-301 untitled-302 untitled-303

This was my favorite tank of the Key West Aquarium by far, you get so close to the nurse sharks and there are no railing or anything to stop you from falling. Now I know that nursing sharks are not supposed to be that aggressive, but to someone who has a fobia of sharks this is huge deal. I think I spent most of the time near that tank. My phobia is also combined with obsession for them, go figure that one out , lol

Some of them were very large.

untitled-304 untitled-305 untitled-306 untitled-307

They are just gorgeous animals!


By the way that was a very confined space for all those sharks…

vuntitled-309 untitled-310 untitled-313 untitled-314 untitled-315

This in the outside of the Key West Aquarium.

That turtle almost looked dead, it was actually very funny with her bottom up 


And here is the big boy, they had two of them.

untitled-317 untitled-318 untitled-319 untitled-320

You could see the ship

untitled-321 untitled-322 untitled-325 untitled-326 untitled-327 untitled-328

Feeding the small fish, in the shark tank.


Here is a short video of the aquarium


untitled-330 untitled-331 untitled-332 untitled-334 untitled-335 untitled-338

Back inside the Key West Aquarium.

untitled-339 untitled-340 untitled-341 untitled-342 untitled-343

I was extremely tempted to touching them, but it was impossible. They had workers walking around and keeping an eye on this tank at all times. I know it would not be the most intelligent act, but they were right there!!!!!

untitled-344 untitled-345

How cute is he?

untitled-346 untitled-347

You not so much…

untitled-348 untitled-349

I really don’t like these guys, they just look creepy

untitled-350 untitled-351

They had some baby gators.


They also had another outside section, with some large barracudas and other fish.

Key West Aquarium untitled-354 untitled-355

And an albino python.


For more information on the Key West Aquarium click here.

Right outside of the aquarium there is a little store, mom went in there and I just sat on a bench and waited while they shopped around for a little while. A few airplanes flew over me, but I did not have the zoom lens with me to get the pictures.

After that we went to a little sweets store near the ship and enjoyed a soda and a key lime on a stick.

untitled-360 untitled-361

I really don’t like went rust shows, but I guess it comes with the territory. I remember the Silhouette was showing some rust and they were cleaning it on labadee.


That key lime pie was way too sweet for me, I took a bite and gave it to them. But you can’t go to Key West and not try one right?

untitled-364 untitled-365

I decided it was time to start heading back to the ship, I had to consider that mom and my aunt had a 5 hour trip back home, 4 with good traffic. I did not wanted them traveling late at night alone. So we said our good byes and we each headed our way.

It was a very rewarding day, I really appreciate the fact that my mom could join me in this trip. Even if it was just for a few hours. They had a great time and they really loved their hotel. My mom said service was awesome and the hotel was just perfect for them. Oh, it had more pools that it really needed, so plenty of space for everyone in the water .

Walking back to the ship…


Hopefully you liked the Key West Aquarium review 🙂

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