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MSC Divina Kids Club Review

If you’re wondering the kind of ship activities for kids aboard MSC Divina, this page will help you look into the specific activities. As all of the other main stream cruise lines, MSC divides the kids by age groups and have age specific activities planned for them for the cruise. We found the kids club to be about average, the younger children have a more appropriate area with lots of Smurfs details and even a small play ground. But the area of the teenagers lacked the video game consoles that most other cruise lines are already offering. The area also seemed rather small in comparison to other cruise ships of that size. One thing I did note about the MSC Divina kids Club, was that they took the children out on ship tours and activities quite often. Including sleepovers, lunch, dinner and to play games in the soccer court. Much like Norwegian does in their kids club. Both areas offer ocean views that helps them remind themselves that they are on a ship.

I noticed several teens in our MSC Divina cruise, and from what I could gather they were mostly on their own. I really did not see many organized activities, but most of them seemed to be having a good time.

I have lots of pictures of the kids club in my MSC Divina review, feel free to look around to get a better feel of the area.

MSC Divina Cruises Kids Club MSC Divina Cruises Kids Club


MSC Divina Kids Club activities ages 3 to 6

MSC Divina Cruises Kids Club

MSC Divina Kids Club activities ages 15 to 17

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MSC Divina Kids Club activities ages 12 to 14

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The MSC Divina kids club had an overall average area, but they really seem to want to try hard at keeping the kids involved and allowing their parents to have a relaxed cruise.

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